Some see RG3’s statement as a shot at Mike Shanahan

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When Robert Griffin III released a statement on Tuesday, the news that most people took out of it was that he won’t rush his recovery from reconstructive knee surgery. But some people are also reading into Griffin’s statement a shot at the Redskins for the circumstances that led him to need reconstructive knee surgery.

Griffin said in his statement, wich he sent to Trey Wingo of ESPN, that everyone who is responsible for Griffin getting hurt understands his responsibility.

“I know where my responsibility is within the dilemma that led to me having surgery to repair my knee and all parties involved know their responsibilities as well,” Griffin wrote.

Griffin didn’t name any other parties who were responsible for his injury, but he could have been referring to Redskins coach Mike Shanahan, who left him in the Redskins’ playoff loss to the Seahawks even though Griffin’s knee was clearly bothering him. Or he could have been referring to Redskins team doctor James Andrews, the renowned surgeon who works on the Redskins’ sideline and allowed Griffin to play. Or he could have been referring to Redskins owner Daniel Snyder for the sloppy playing surface at FedEx Field that day.

A USA Today story on Griffin’s statement noted that it suggested there’s blame to go around within the Redskins, and on ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption on Wednesday, longtime Washington, D.C., sports media figures Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon both said it was clear that Griffin was ripping Shanahan with his statement.

“This is a thinly veiled direct shot at his coach, Mike Shanahan,” Kornheiser said.

“It is direct, it’s bold, it’s a heavy shot and it’s deserved,” Wilbon added.

Calling it a “direct shot” at Shanahan may be an overstatement: Griffin could have actually mentioned Shanahan if he really wanted to take a “direct shot.” But if Griffin isn’t pleased with the way the Redskins handled his knee injury, he isn’t alone.

85 responses to “Some see RG3’s statement as a shot at Mike Shanahan

  1. come on mr logicalvoices,its your time..all of us the pft readers are waiting for your appareance..

  2. Ultimately the only person that’s to blame is Griffin. It’s his body. Pointing the finger now at other parties just comes off as whining. The best thing for Mr. Griffin is shut up and rehab.

  3. What? He’s surprised that he was taking snaps as a runningback? That’s his job, he’s a QB/RB hybrid, so he shouldn’t complain, especially with his huge paychecks!!!!

  4. This is not a shot..Mike and Tony are just trying to start something up for .tv ratings..It’s their Jobs…HTTR!

  5. Why does this guy get so much analysis? If he can play 16 games in a season, then maybe I’ll care about what he has to say. Until then, I’ll assume bob posts are logic playgrounds.

  6. And logicalvoice somehow turns this around to say the redskins are the best team of all time how??

    Im sorry but ur QB will not be around for too long with his playin style. Its a shame because he is pure talent and I wouldnt wish that on anybody, regardless the team.

  7. An ACL tear only happens in a body that is undernourished. He tore it with no contact and to blame to playing surface is asinine beyond belief. I run in the woods and if playing surface could be blamed I’d have 50 ACL tears already. I don’t and its because I spend 100 bucks a month on supplements and focus heavily on the stuff that keeps my tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and joints unbreakable (barring freak injury like Lattimore suffered)

  8. Cry about it won’t … Nobody knows it better than the players themselves, on whether or not he is ready to go back in.
    Most players lie to go back in regardless; the tough man syndrome, or the, I don’t want to lose my job syndrome (a la Alex Smit)… There’s a million reasons why players lie to go back, rarely, even though it does happens on occasion, does a player tells a coach he can’t play because his pinky hurts.

  9. Why are Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon listed as relevant sources on this story?

  10. And that’s the end of the red skins dynasty. Shanahan has lost the trust of the supposed savior. RGKnee won’t play his heart out for him. The team will be torn. Snyder will have to fire shanahan. And there’s no guarantee that IR3 will ever perform again like he did. If I’m a dead skin fan, this has to be really painful. It would have been better for them to have remained in the basement than to have gotten a tour of how the other half Ives, only to have it snatched away before even viewing the upper floors.

  11. I don’t know… “all parties… know their responsibility” … Who says this isn’t toward Dr Andrews, You are a Dr, it’s not your job to be the PR spokesman for RG3 & calling his recovery “super human”. In other words… Shut up!

  12. Player tells coach he can play, and wants to play. Coach plays said player (in a win or go home playoff game), then 3 months later player rips coach for letting him play.

    Makes perfect sense for others to criticize shanahan, but RG3 was the one telling him he can/ wants to play.

  13. Don’t forget Will Montgomery, there’s a spot under RG3’s bus for everyone!

  14. He’s the best of that rookie class, I’m sure he will have another great season

  15. Let the soap opera begin in DC if it hadn’t already. And buy the way – RG3 – your health is ultimately your responsibility. You are grown man – no?

  16. What is bold is RG3 taking shots at anyone.

    How many of us truly wouldn’t know we were hurt to an extent that we could physically perform.

    Someone got in RG’s ear, he is setting him up for a lawsuit when RG3 cannot continue his career after his next knee injury.

    If I am team Dr. Andrews, I am increasing my malpractice insurance and updating my resume.

  17. Griffin is caught in camera telling a teammate not to tell Shanahan that he tweaked his knee. That alone puts the majority of the blame at Griffins feet for his current situation.

    Shanahan gets a share too, but when your franchise QB is withholding important health information what is Shanahan to do?

    Shanahan won’t make that mistake again, and hopefully for us Skins Griffin grows up.

  18. I am surprised, it was not a worse injury.
    He is rather small, for a NFL player in that position.
    He must slide, run out of bounds, throw quicker. etc or he is dead meat

  19. RG3 said it perfectly – it was a shot at the organization without calling any oneperson out or being too dramatic or harsh.

    I think the Skins don’t need to be so desperate; keeping RG3 in the game like that smacked of desperation either by the staff or the organization or both.

    He is very good and he is the future, build around him properly and you will be in the playoffs for years to come. No need to be desperate; your fans have stuck with you through thick and thin, don’t wager the future on one game again.

  20. How can Snyder be blamed? Griffin hurt his knee running against the Ravens on a non-designed scramble. The LCL and PCL were sprained…probably the ACL too. He should have come out of the game against the Seahawks but he talked his coach into letting him play. Dr. Andrews already said that Griffin sprinted back onto the field before he could examine him. Griffin bears the brunt of the blame for the torn ACL as well as bad luck on the bad snap.

  21. all not well in skins counrty!!!!!!
    ravens rule maryland!![could not resist]

  22. The responsibility lies with RGIII.

    It’s not like he told Shanahan he couldn’t go but Shanahan forced him out there.

    A simple “Coach I wanna go out there but I just can’t.” would’ve sufficed.

    Everyone knew you had knee troubles so no one was going to question your toughness or your desire.

  23. Bob Griffin is already setting up an excuse not to play an early game against Kaepernick if the NFL schedules it. Kap is the real deal.

  24. Redskins nothing but a bunch of buffoons to treat their ‘star’ player like that & have a field surface that risks injury to their investments (players). Just churn them out… grind & dic’em up.

    RGIII is pretty dopey too not to have pulled the plug to safeguard his career.

  25. Fed Ex field has more divots than a public golf course. It’s a knee shredder like the old Philadelphia Vet.

  26. It’s ridiculous to think he was taking a shot at Shanahan. Not only has Griffin said multiple times “I’m the one to blame, I thought I could play,” and are you forgetting he loves Mike Shanahan? He was a Broncos fan as a kid and loved Shanahan and the Broncos. Stop trying to make some feud that isn’t even there.

  27. RG3 might as well just give up football and choose a career he’ll be good at. I’ll be sure to tell him how great he was when I see him behind the counter at Tires Plus.

  28. they are only in year 2 of rg3 and there is already termoil? well Luck is sitting back thanking the Lord above that he didnt go to that train wreck of an organization called the redskins

  29. NYG fans have made a career out of laughing at their less-fortunate division rival.

  30. My Gosh. Didn’t anyone., anyone at all tell him that the NFL hit harder and made tackles? He seems to get the idea that this is college ball and everyone misses him.

  31. No judgment either way, just a quick opinion survey: thumbs up if you want Griffin to come back healthy and have a successful career, thumbs down if you don’t.

  32. Snyder is responsible for FedEx Field & RGKnee & AP’sL/MCL.
    Evidently, coughing up the money for Kentucky Bluegrass seed is not.

  33. Shanahan know . . .

    Shanahan says he’ll stake his reputation on Grossman, Beck, er . . Uhh . . .
    RG3’s other knee , in a meaninless 4th quarter !

  34. And thus begins the beginning of the end for coach Shanahan. Coach killah has spoken. Redskins. Are. A. Train wreck.

  35. I loved RG3 leadership, I really did and still think the world of him as a talented young player. But you can through people under the bus. I mean a leader takes responsibility even when it’s not fully on him. That’s part of the cost being the alpha. You can’t get all the spotlight when its good and start pointing fingers when it’s not looking so great. But one thing that should be asked more why Dr. Andrews is so revered yet he was on the sidelines letting RG3 go back on the field after 2 or 3 ” check ups” when his ACL was hanging on by a thread.

  36. This sucks. RG3 needs to get healthy quick, our QB situation is alright though. It could be worse..we could have Tony Romo at QB

  37. Dr. Andrews clearly stated that in the game in which RG3 was injured that he put himself back in the game before they could properly evaluate him. While Shanahan should have taken a longer term view on the health of his franchise quarterback it is disingenuous for RG3 to blame anyone but himself. He was vocal about insisting he wanted to play and now he is passing blame. You can’t have your cake and eat it too!

  38. Although he should have used a better term than “cornball brother” the dude on ESPN that got fired is being proven correct. He tried to warn us that RG3 was a Republican, and is shown here he is like the rest of the Republican Party in that when things go wrong he has a line of people to throw under the bus.

  39. Well I’d say we can take Kirk Cousins getting traded out of the Rumor Mill.

    People are reading the “shots” being fired, but I definitely read it as though RGIII is going to make sure his career isn’t in jeopardy before he takes another live snap.

    Get ready to start Kirk! … unfortunately won’t be long term with Wash. I for 1 was hoping he’d get his shot elsewhere.

  40. Reminds me of Pedro telling Grady Little he could come back out in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS.

    He failed miserably, and Grady was fired.

    Lesson learned: Don’t trust an athlete with a decision a competent manager should be making.

    Grady Little was fired for being a dumb jackass, by the way….and the Red Sox won the World Series the next year without him.

  41. Yeah if rg3s knee hurt too bad to play he shouldn’t have gone back in. the media wouldnt have been fair just ask cutler from the nfc title game couple years back

  42. I like how he blames himself, yet you pathetic gossip queens take that as a “direct shot” at his coach. And to set the record straight, tony k doesn’t know jack about football after 1991 and Wilbon lives and breathes Chicago sports, while constantly pooping all over the skins. Hope you enjoy your speculation over the offseason ill enjoy another divison title and hopefully more next season. F Mara.

  43. Once RG3 got injured (and he clearly was injured) the onus is on the HC to protect the players from themselves.

    Shanahan blew it.

  44. The creativity amongst you mouth breathers is truly astounding. Calling him bob is really so insulting, way to go. You know it wasn’t that funny when Osi said it first but the thousands of times you big blew it fans have repeated it has caused it to grow on me. Also the IRG3 thing is very original and well thought out. You know considering how the guy has missed one game, it’s a very appropriate title. Keeping praying that knee doesn’t heal jerk offs.

  45. “Griffin said in his statement, wich he sent to Trey Wingo of ESPN, that everyone who is responsible for Griffin getting hurt understands his responsibility.”

    Might want to check for typos next time, Michael David Smith.

  46. I’m glad we have media and Internet posters to tell us what RGIII means when he talks so we don’t have to interpret his words for ourselves — or Heaven forbid take them at face value.

  47. RG3 should take some leadership lessons from the 2x SBMVP in his division. Can’t see Eli Manning ever throwing his coach under the bus. This is not a good sign.

  48. Well his H.C. is an idiot plain and simple. You have to save these players from themselves. Any logical person can see RG3 had no business playing in that playoff game no matter what he said. RG3 is a player aka a pawn in the game of professional football. None of you would care who he is unless you see him on tv. All NFL players are disposable and over time will always be forgotten. Talk about his “millions” and that he insited he was ok to play. HE said that because he has to! None of you would ever understand the pressure they go through . So dont bash a guy while you sit in your cubicles criticizing people you will never understand, and a business you cant comprehend.

  49. When are they gonna change the racially inapropriate team name? Where the he11 is that crazy logicalvoicesays, anyways? That green dirt field has to go.

  50. I am all for blaming Shanahan for anything…but there is a world of blame to go around, starting with a grown assed man that refers to himself as RG3. He knows his body better than anyone, yet has continually tries to fool everyone into believing that he is Superhuman. By not sliding, by taking the extra hits, by trying to stay in games while injured, by trying to tell everyone he will be ready week one next year. He should take his own share of the blame. I am just glad he is not my teams franchise QB.

  51. This is a non-story. Wilbon hates the Redskins ever since they sent his beloved Ditka Bears (including Sweetness) packing two years in a row in the playoffs in the 80s.

    And I am glad to once again see peytonsneck18 trolling yet another story about the franchise he so envies.

  52. The Redskins aren’t winning free agency this year, I’m thinking that’s a good omen. I’m also thinking a last place finish in the NFC east will end Mike and Kyle’s run in DC.

  53. somewhere ratface is huffing and puffing, steaming mad at his golden boy, bob three sticks!

    you’ve only got yourself to blame though bob! Learn how to 1 slide, 2 run out of bounds, and 3 pull yourself out of a game if you have a FEAKING ACL TEAR!! he knew he was screwed and he kept playing… warrior metality, right bob??!

  54. well maybe this idiot should have told the coaching staff he could not continue, instead he tried to be a superstar and is now paying the price. man up dude, your not gonna be around more than 5 years anyway.

  55. And RG3 didn’t have any input to the coaching staff as to how he actually felt during the game? If he knew his knee was not right and/or he was risking a major injury, he should have volunteered to take himself out for his own sake as well as the team’s. It wasn’t like Shanahan gave him an ultimatum to play or else.

  56. The most important question here is why the hell is he releasing a statement regarding blame and responsibility for his injury. Who does that? Seems inappropriate.

  57. Unreal, so much hate for the Redskins… In any case, this is the stupidest crap I’ve ever read… All RG3 was saying is, “look, we all get it, I get it, Shanny gets it, the doctors get it, we all know that what happened was unfortunate and that we all deserve some blame… So, no need to be concerned that we’re going to put me in unnecessary danger, and therefore there’s no need for you all to keep obsessing about it, we’ve all learned and we’re moving forward.” But, everyone else can say whatever they want to spin it and make it newsworthy.

  58. Take all the time you need, jerk. After watching you kill all chances of the Redskins’ victory against the Seahags with your selfish play, you need to sit out a season to remember you play on a team. There is no army of one in the NFL. You are an arrogant jerk and need to find some integrity.

    And the team can win without you. You see, unlike you being a running back who thinks he can throw, the Redskins drafted a real QB who should be given a season to mature like you were given. And the team knows they can win with him without resorting to a gimmick offense.

  59. move along folks… nothing to see here. RGIII first and foremost accepted blame for his part of things, after that he’s allowed to spread it around. Still this is a business and all parties involved know this. each and every time any player takes the field he is risking injury at the very least. that is why the paychecks are so large. with the stakes as high as they were that day everyone dismissed common sense and pushed the envelope. it’s over now and RGII is doing fine. everyone is looking to the upcoming season with high expectations for the team. That being said it should go without saying that everyone will be more than aware of the health of RGII from here on out. HTTR!!!

  60. I think the fans and media have every right to blame Shanahan since it was obvious RG3 should have come out. If RG3 wasn’t willing to come out it was Shanahan’s responsibility to take him out. I don’t see where RG3 can pin responsibility on anyone else unless Shanahan made it clear that RG3 had to continue to play. Which doesn’t make any sense to me why Shanahan would have forced him to play. It seems like the only reason Shanahan would let him to continue to play was because RG3 refused to come out. Unless, of course Shanahan was just to stupid to realize that his star QB was too hurt and too ineffective to be playing in that game. There was no reason or justification to keep RG3 out there unless RG3 was refusing to come out. Even then it shouldn’t be seen as a justification by the fans since Shanahan is the coach and leader of the team.

  61. With one exception – Steve Young – IMO it’s always been true that a running QB, defined as a QB for whom running is an essential part of his game as opposed to the QB who only runs when he has to, is doomed. When he takes off on a planned run the defense is going to hit him extra hard. When ANY QB runs the defense is going to hit him extra hard, which is why QBs are so good at hitting the dirt when necessary.
    Tom Brady is starting his 14th season, including 2008, Peyton Manning (the guy in all those silly TV commercials) on his 17th or 18th, including 2011, and one of the reasons for those stats IMO is the fact that they known how to slide.

    I fear we’ve already seen the best of RG3, as electrifying as he is.

    And Andrew Luck scares the s..t out of me.

    I am a Pats fan.

  62. U guys seem to forget rg3 wanted to play in the cleaveland game but mike wouldn’t let him.. he didn’t want him to play in the dallas game but rg3 insisted that he should play..take responsibility and own up to your mistakes not pointing figures around the lockeroom..the media likes to flip these storys around so I would like to hear with my own ears before I even beleave any of this..

  63. Or he could have been referring to 350 lb Ravens DT Haloti Ngata, who knew his responsibilities in the open field during Week 14.

  64. As usual the haters take the story out of context. I don’t read into it more than it’s worth. Everyone that allowed RGIII to continue to play has to accept responsibility, not blame, for not pulling Griffin at the needed time. And who are we to say when that time should have been. Nor do I believe THAT RGIII was taking a “shot” at Shanahan. He was being honest when saying everyone knows their responsibilities.

  65. RG3 can sit out this season and rehab his body and come back next season fully recovered.Kirk can get the job done.RG3 is our FRANCHISE,we need him for the future and he should think about his body after football is all over.We as fans know what we think should have happened last season,but it is over.RG3 has the right to speak his mind and we should respect him for that.None of us went thru his football injuries and we should be glad we have him.After his complete rehab and he feels that he is ready and maybe he wants another Doctor to check him and they both agree,he will be back and better than before.HTTR HV BOTW FFODC!!!!!!!

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