Steve Spurrier wants more coverage of South Carolina Pro Day


A couple of big-time college football programs, the University of Southern California and the University of South Carolina, are having their Pro Day workouts today. South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier noticed something about the way those workouts are being covered.

Both ESPN and NFL Network are offering live coverage of Southern California’s Pro Day, while both gave only passing mention to South Carolina’s Pro Day. Spurrier, noting that his team was in the Top 10 last season while Southern Cal was unranked, wasn’t happy about that.

“I noticed both USCs had their pro timing day today. One of them finished No. 7 in the country, the other was not in the Top 25, yet ESPN decided to go out to the one in California which did not finish in the Top 25 and televise their day live,” Spurrier said, via Josh Kendall of The State.

Don’t worry, coach. Next year, when Jadeveon Clowney is in the draft, your Pro Day won’t be lacking for media coverage.

14 responses to “Steve Spurrier wants more coverage of South Carolina Pro Day

  1. Heres the difference, your SC and they are USC!! Once again you are SC and they are USC…..

  2. ESPN and NFL Network aired pro day coverage of a QB that won’t be in the Top 10???

    Sports networks are ass backwards!!!

    Do all of the major ones!!

    ESPN pays so much $$$ to schools and they’re too lazy to go to on campus pro days??

  3. Last time I checked, ESPN doesn’t have a lucrative TV deal with the Pac12 while they have or about to sign with the SEC the most lucrative contract of ANY conference. Southern Cal still gets love from the likes of ESPN but they’ve earned it. They’re the biggest football draw in SoCal & before Kiffin got here, they were one of the best programs in the nation…and are still LOADED with talent. I don’t have a problem with Spurrier sticking up for his team, but TV coverage is for he fans…not the scouts…so it sounds petty.

  4. While I do wish they had more coverage of other teams. Why does everyone seem to forget that its a hell of a lot easier to send TV crews from downtown LA (where there is an ESPN LA) to USC than it is to go to South Carolina from wherever the nearest major office is there.

    Sure they have a lot of money, but every penny counts and if they net close to as much $$ from USC as South Carolina then why the hell send anyone other than the intern’s cousin to South Carolina. Any repercussions, ei Steve’s comments, will only bring more publicity to ESPN.

  5. University of Southern California established 1880

    University of South Carolina established 1801

    and we still debate who the real USC is?

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