Suh gets bounced from diving competition

One of the more bizarre and inherently unsafe reality competitions involves celebrities diving into a pool.

Fortunately for the Lions, they won’t have to spend much more time worrying about the health of one of their star players.

According to SportsBusiness Daily, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was eliminated from ABC’s Splash in only the second episode of the show, after losing in a “dive-off” to retired soccer player Brandi Chastain.

Per SBD, Suh bloodied his nose during a practice dive, and he then said, “Yo, cut the f–king camera, man” while wiping blood from his face.

At least he didn’t kick the cameraman in the nuts.

29 responses to “Suh gets bounced from diving competition

  1. Lol he signs up for a reality show in which he jumps off a high dive with zero experience and then gets angry when he hurts himself. This guy has some serious anger issues.

  2. He should have tried dancing with the stars, a little less risk…If he would have hit hard enough he could have easily damaged his neck and/or back….football career over! Big guy like this needs to learn to think!

  3. What a dumb EP/Production company. Should’ve rigged it to keep Suh in as long as possible. Fat guys diving into pools next to fit chicks is what America wants. Not that I would ever watch this show anyway. Well, maybe if they subbed in Hope Solo or Katy Perry for Brandi Chastain. Chris Christie or the dude from the Miller Hi-life commercials would also be acceptable.

  4. Seriously, who actually watches this garbage? Even better, who are the idiots that sat in the board room meeting and decided “Yea, a celebratory diving competition is exactly what we need to boost our ratings”? I’m shocked this isn’t an NBC show considering how horrible their primetime slots have gotten as of late.

  5. The first episode they went from showing Katherine Webb looking down right perfect to Louis Anderson needing an hour to get out of an apparently ladderless pool. This show is an embarassment and should be called “Falling Stars” 1. because that’s what they’re doing. It’s not diving, I promise and 2. because short of Suh no one will ever think of these people again.

    And Joey Lawrence….buddy…funny guy…we know that hair is painted on and quite frankly…it’s creepy.

  6. Considering he stomped on a player’s head on national tv on Thanksgiving day…him cussing at a cameraman on a celebrity diving competition is actually an improvement.

  7. The great irony of that show is that most of the participants’ careers have been doing nosedives of their own.

    All jokes aside, I’m not much of a Suh fan, but I can’t really fault him for getting pissy with the cameraman. When I have a bloody nose, the last thing I want is for people to be paying attention to me. Especially people with cameras. I would have told the guy to f- off myself.

  8. Believe it or not, over 9 million people watched this episode. NBC couldn’t be happier. Compare that with the hugely popular “Dancing with the Stars” who pulled in 19 million viewers just after this dunk-fest. Selling ads and lots of flesh – sounds like a winner to me.

  9. Diving is not for the weak at heart, is a young person’s sport (like gymnastics) and is better suited to small people, so I give him credit. This show is a total joke because it lets the audience “vote”. Big guys like Suh can’t really employ the hystrionics used by other female contestant to gain points from the judges and audience. In a real competition divers would be gone if they started crying and couldn’t cleanly just do their dive without drama. While I’m not particularly a Suh fan I respect his willingness to try something totally foreign and risk ridicule as he struggled to push himself. Hitting the water face first at the wrong angle is like hitting cement and most people don’t keep going back. He did better than Louie Anderson who the show kept and far better than Kendra Wilkinson who I wanted to slap! It’s rigged so Suh can now get back to the real business at hand…football!

  10. He got the bloody nose because when he dove into the water he kept his eyes closed, then hit the bottom of the pool. I think it was actually his upper lip, just below the nose. Either way, cancel the show and fire the people who created and approved it.

  11. You’d think Suh would be staying out of the public eye given all the drama that’s befallen him.

  12. Too bad, I’m all for any activity that will keep Suh from focusing on training for his true profession. The Lions can’t be happy that he even started down this path but since when did the Lions impact the behavior of their players in the off season?

  13. The ever increasingly desperate search for content continues.

    This crap is on tv only because of the proliferation of networks and the internet. I never watch any of the so called ‘reality’ shows. They’re all awful.

  14. Have you people who are using this as an opportunity to yet again bash Suh, have you all listened to your children lately?? Especially when they are with friends or sitting in front of that video game??? LMAO…..Do they have mental issues too? Get a life people!

  15. clssylssy said: Big guys like Suh can’t really employ the hystrionics used by other female contestant to gain points from the judges and audience.
    I think Mr. Suh wouldn’t appreciate the use of the word “other” before “female contestants….”

  16. lol…you are correct and I should have said, other contestants who are female! Whatever…it takes brass ones to go off a ten meter board if you don’t know what you’re doing!

  17. The horrible dumbing down of America continues. The celebrity worship is downright pathetic. They could have celebrity nose picking and the braindead morons would watch the show.

  18. This nut job will flame out……sooner or later…..the only question is how badly will the other driver/reporter/opponent/waiter/clerk/tv host/owner/commissioner/coach get hurt?

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