Team-by-team cap space, as of March 26

Bengals:  $28.9 million.

Browns:  $28.7 million.

Buccaneers:  $28.8 million.

Jaguars:  $26.6 million.

Eagles:  $26.3 million.

Packers:  $18.3 million.

Bills:  $16.8 million.

Dolphins:  $15.7 million.

Cardinals:  $14.0 million.

Patriots:  $13.4 million.

Jets:  $13.0 million.

Colts:  $11.7 million.

Titans:  $10.7 million.

Broncos:  $8.8 million.

Lions:  $7.2 million.

Ravens:  $7.2 million.

Chargers:  $7.0 million.

Seahawks:  $6.8 million.

Falcons:  $6.2 million.

Bears:  $5.3 million.

Vikings:  $5.1 million.

Texans:  $4.9 million.

Giants:  $4.5 million.

49ers:  $4.5 million.

Saints:  $3.3 million.

Redskins:  $3.2 million.

Chiefs:  $3.1 million.

Raiders:  $2.8 million.

Steelers:  $2.5 million.

Rams:  $1.0 million.

Panthers:  $936,000.

Cowboys:  $51,000.

59 responses to “Team-by-team cap space, as of March 26

  1. Oh but I thought the eagles buy everyone each year? How could they have so much money left…..right?

  2. What is very scary is the fact that the NFC team that has been assembled to dominate the league for the next dozen years still has 6.8 million in cap space available.
    This team is coached by the games true genius. Is lead by the games best QB. Is cheered on by the games best fans. Is feared for it’s league best defense. And is represented by the games most elite CB, who is better at life and better at shutting down opposing receivers than ANY other CB.

  3. Matthews and Rodgers will take at least 12 mil of that on thier next contract. Green Bays gonna be hurtin or rebuilding soon. Cap space hell is where thier headin!

  4. Panthers need to cut somebody or restructure some contracts. Not getting what they are paying for.

  5. When I started reading it, I was under the assumption that they were listed alphabetically, what a coincidence lol

  6. Lol the steelers with 2.5 million in space and they have the nerve to talk about the ravens. Who do they really have that would cause them to only have 2.5 in space?

  7. Kindof funny the Redskins started with 18 mill less then everyone and yet still aren’t the last team in cap space. That’s smart decision making and a good front office there guys.

  8. As I understood it, the whole reason for initiating the salary cap system in the first place was to provide parity for the teams from the smaller market cities, with the richer teams. But if those smaller market teams aren’t even coming close to their limits, what is the point of stifling the better located teams? What’s next? Cincy and Cleveland demand that the cap ceiling be reduced, so they don’t come off as total cheapskates?

  9. Chiefs: $3.1 million.

    Andy will have them in the top five within 3 years.

  10. The reason why the Cowboys are trying to sign Romo to an extension is to lower his $16.8M cap number to be able to sign their draft class and practice squad.

  11. Jaguars: $26.6 million.

    Constantly begging fans to spend our money to see a 2-14 team when it appears they don’t want to spend any of theirs. The actually raised ticket prices….smh!

  12. People need to remember that teams GAINED cap space from losing their free agents. They didn’t stay at the same cap number from last year and then go spend a bunch more. Sheesh. It’s not rocket surgery.

  13. Just goes to show you what a moron JJ is. And his “Cap Managing” son. Still refuses to hire a real life GM. Thinks he can do it all by himself. Too late to realize he can’t. As a Cowboy fan, I hate to admit they will languish in mediocrity as long as Jerry does what he does. And after he fires Garrett next year for another 8-8, maybe 7-9 season, someone will snap him up. And the Cowboys will continue to flounder, for years and years and years.

  14. Glad the Giants filled their spots already. Any other signing is gravy. Time for Jerry to work his magic in the draft. Go Blue.

  15. One good year and the Seattle fans come out of the woodwork. No worries, you’ll be back to irrelevance soon. It’ll last about as long as a drought in your city.

  16. The bengals are in great shape, made the playoffs and still have $28.9 million bucks! They are in position to….. Just kidding, the are the bungals! (everybody joins in laughter!!!)

  17. Whether or not you believe that Dallas and Washington “cheated” during the uncapped year, it’s inarguable that Oakland and KC “cheated” in the same way. Dallas and DC were docked 18 million in cap space, but how did the Raiders and Chiefs manage to find their way into the bottom six as well?

    Not a Raider fan, but I hope McKenzie is able to turn that ship around soon.

  18. Taking a snapshot of the cap space at this time of year is pretty stupid. The numbers right now don’t mean that much. Teams have to plan money for draft picks as well as easily reachable incentives and bonuses. On top of that, they have to set money aside for the injuries that will happen between now and the end of next season.

  19. Yes, those Shehawks are so good that they were able to finish second in their division. Maybe ‘uknownothing’ would be a better name.

  20. Might as well take about 9 million of the Packers because Rodgers will have a new deal in less than a month making him the top paid player in the league.

  21. I just laugh at the fans screaming for their teams to sign someone in FA. When does that work. The Redskins did that for years and what did it get them? The NFL is a draft and develop league, that is how you win.

  22. Raiders have 23 million going towards players that are not even on our team this year!! Trying to help out other teams first before big reg and the new look nation start taking over.

  23. The Bengals need to spend. They have a decent team and using some of that money could seriously make them contenders. As for my Cowboys…wtf Jerry. Will there even be room to sign our 7th round pick? Overpaid for Austin and Free for sure. The Bucs look to be spending smartly and Jags fans….it will turn around soon for you I hope.

  24. Jets couldn’t hire a cab for $13.0 million right now. Who in their right mind would want a piece of that mess?

    Watch them cut Reevis, he goes to the Bucs for 1 year $28.8 million. I’m calling it now.

  25. The reason why the Cowboys have basically no $$ is because they still have 5 million cap penalty on top of that they have some bad cap hits Anthony Spencer with his Franchise Tag is taking up $10.6 million, Romo is take up $16.8 million and garbage can Doug Free is taking another up like another 7 million.

    So if they can rework Free and get an extension to romo and maybe spencer it’ll free up some money.

  26. bengals are spending resigning all their FA – like the idea – plus enough for draft picks and bib bucks will be needed next year for Geno Adtkins and Carlos Dunlop and after that AJ and Dalton!

    keep a talented team together and resign your own – different and not a bad concept, let’s see what happens

  27. Hey, Cowboys, how exactly are you going to sign Romo to an extension? Twenty grand up front, then five grand a year for six years?

    That will leave you a grand left over to “make it rain” at The Mens Club of Dallas.

  28. Like usual, the Bungals are the cheapest team in the league, congratulations.

    What a joke of a franchise.

  29. A look at the top five, no wonder those teams always suck – spend some money! or don’t and keep sucking.

  30. Of the teams with top 5 space remaining, how many were playoff teams last year? Of the teams with bottom 5 remaining, how many were playoff teams last year? Just because ppl spend big, it don’t condone winning.

  31. So, GM Jerry Jones, I remember, wanted to get credit for when/if the Cowboys ever won a Superbowl, cause he’s the GM. I don’t see him saying anything about getting credit for having 51k in cap prior to the draft.

    GMing isn’t a 1-way street.

  32. Draft picks are not extra.

    If you recall, the limits on each tier of draft pick is known and defined.

    Each team’s draft and compensatory picks are known and factored into the cap. As the teams can’t pay more than what is laid out for each level of draft pick as per the CBA, there is not an unknown factor for drafting anymore.

    Sam Bradford came into the league at the right time with his no limit contract. Hence, the cap treatment of draft picks is comically referred to by some as the Same Bradford rule.

  33. I can understand why people would revel (schadenfreude) about the current Dallas cap situation, but why are so many of you begging to be called out as fools?

    You do realize that if/when Romo and Spencer sign extensions that the team will gain a decent chunk of cap room, yes?

    Dallas still allowed itself to get too tight to the cap, costing the team some needed FA pieces, so that’s a fair criticism…but it’s not as if there’s no way for the team to drop its cap.

  34. Dang too bad there is a league minimum on salary. The cowboys might be able to get a couple players at minimum wage. Man I feel rich today! I have more money in savings than a NFL team has in cap space. I feel sorry for whoever they draft. I bet there will be a lot of money flying under the table in jerry jones office.

  35. As bad as the cowboys look for having the least cap space, isn’t it worse to have lots of salary cap space and lose?

    What’s your owner trying to do to win some games for cryin’ out loud? Talkin’ to you Eagles, Jags, Bills etc.

    The name of the game is to win championships not have the most money left over.

    Say what you will about crazy uncle Jerry, but at least that cray cray fool is using all his money to try to win.

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