Banner says McCoy won’t be released, could be traded


In the aftermath of the Browns’ acquisition of quarterback Jason Campbell, it’s clear that someone eventually will have to go.

That someone eventually could be Colt McCoy.

Refuting a report that McCoy will soon be released or traded, CEO Joe Banner said in an interview with ESPN Radio Cleveland (the Browns’ new flagship partner) that McCoy won’t be cut — but that the Browns could be willing to trade McCoy.

The market for McCoy could depend on whether and to what extent teams find quarterbacks in the draft.  While McCoy is unlikely to get a chance to compete to be a starter elsewhere, teams like the Bills, Bears, Saints, Buccaneers, and 49ers could still be looking backups.

As to the starter in Cleveland, Banner said Brandon Weeden will enter training camp at No. 1 on the depth chart, but that Campbell will compete with the 2012 first-round pick.

Of course, there’s still a chance that the Campbell acquisition primarily was aimed at providing the Browns cover for taking a quarterback in one of the first two or three rounds of the draft.  With Weeden and Campbell under contract, no one will suspect the Browns of making a play for a another passer.

If, for example, the Browns eventually decide to take Geno Smith with the sixth overall pick, it’s important that the two teams immediately behind them (the Cardinals and Bills) don’t see it coming — or they may try to leapfrog Cleveland in the draft order.

21 responses to “Banner says McCoy won’t be released, could be traded

  1. A trade with the Eagles makes sense. Eagles needs can still be satisfied at number six and we could use the extra pick to solve another need.

  2. My heart stopped when I read this. I just woke up and I thought Banner was still with the Eagles and they were talking about LeSean. Good thing when I clicked the article I saw Cleveland Browns. I’m all spun up now!

  3. Given the dearth of QB talent in the draft, I have to believe the Campbell signing is more about covering their asses if Weeden implodes than about creating a rather expensive smokescreen.

  4. Jesus, for a second there I thought Banner was still the Eagles GM and he was talking about Lesean Mccoy. Glad I’m not the only one who thought that hahaha

  5. We absolutely don’t plan to release Colt McCoy. He might be available for a trade, though. Call us up and make an offer. Seriously. We’ll take a washing machine. Nobody? Really, not even you Arizona? Alright, guys. It didn’t work. Let’s cut him.

  6. Name a real good qb that Banner had with the Eagles…and don’t give me McNab. Only thing he did was a soup commercial!
    Weeden is a bum and he should go. The clown they just signed is another bum.McCoy is at least a serviceable backup.You should go out and trade for Flynn or Mallet. Cleveland is bound for the cellar again…and the Pound doesn’t deserve it!!!

  7. People keep asking why trade for him when you know he will be released. This is ignorance. It was even written on this site yesterday.

    If he is released he can choose ANY team he wants. If you want him as a backup then you will have to fork over a pick (6th or 7th probably) to ensure that he will be on your team.

  8. Someone let the Browns know that it’s not mandatory you draft a QB every year.

  9. I love the rivalry between Cleveland print media and Cleveland radio media.

    Print media: random unnamed source says Colt McCoy will be cut

    Radio media: Colt McCoy won’t be cut and here’s Browns management to actually confirm what we said in their own words.

    It just sucks that poor PFT is stuck reporting much of the print BS that gets put out there. They’re the national enquirer of sports. There’s more articles about cutting and adding QB’s and bringing back Lebron James than actual sports news on stuff actually happening.

  10. Banner is like a guy who just drew 4 cards in poker and is trying to bluff that he has a great hand.

    BTW, Texas would have beaten Bama is McCoy hadn’t gotten injured early.

  11. Due to the media, which has east coast bias, one does not hear or read much concerning the teams from the old rust belt. An article about a third rate QB being put up for a trade, when he has almost zero value, confirms the situation out there. The teams away from the coasts cannot compete against the rich cities of east and west. Colt Mc Coy makes news in Cleveland when he does nothing.

  12. If I were GM. I would keep McCoy in the fold through training camp if I do not get a decent offer. See if he is viable with real coaching. Then before game 1 there may be an injury a west coast offense team has that would drive up his value. Why release him now for nothing, hold your cards as long as possible, if you are forced to release him in August for nothing, then the only damage you have had is an extra arm for training camp, preseason, and a west coast QB to run the practice teams offense.

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