Barwin would have stayed in Houston for the same money

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News Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin, one of the few free agents this year to get good money, would have stayed with the Texans if they’d merely offered him more of it.

Barwin said on Wednesday’s edition of Pro Football Talk that, if he’d gotten the same offer from Houston that he received from Philadelphia, he wouldn’t have changed teams.

“I think I would’ve [stayed],” Barwin said.  “You know it’s a very hard decision and things get complicated, but Houston was who I came into the NFL with and who I had made very close relationships with and something we thought that we started four years ago and still haven’t finished.  But I’ve made a lot of progress since I’ve been here, but obviously things didn’t work out that way and I’m very excited about my future in Philadelphia.”

For the Texans, Barwin becomes the latest quality player who has to go elsewhere to get paid big money.  It won’t be a problem as long as G.M. Rick Smith can keep drafting quality players who eventually will attract big money elsewhere.

And in fairness to the Texans, when a roster has too many quality players, only so many of them can get big money.

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18 responses to “Barwin would have stayed in Houston for the same money

  1. Let’s talk realities, in essence you could have stayed in Houston and made more. Taxes in PA are higher, Higher cost of living further more your not dependable.
    #IknowwhatI’mtalking about

  2. Why FA players changing teams say the same thing over and over? – He should respect the Texans decision of trying to keep him at the right value, which was in the line with the 5M per year that Dumervil got from the Ravens, and instead focus all his comments on the value He will bring to his new team.

  3. I wish he would have but instead the organization decided to overpay Matt Schaub for another season.
    As a Texans fan, our team will be improved once Matt Schaub is no longer the quarterback and Gary Kubiak is no longer the head coach.
    Luv ya blue steel.

  4. Did he just say that? Houston was smart and looked at first hand reality. Barwin failed to produce, and failed in a contract year. Even when more attention was focused on Watt, and Cushing, he failed. Tape will show two of his sacks were blown assignments by the offensive line, where he came in unblocked. If he was really a “Houston” guy, and looked to win a championship, you would have given them a discounted chance, understanding their cap situation. The Texans are much closer, than his age would permit, being with the Eagles. Players can sign and stay where they want. Tell the truth, I went for cash, security, and fame. Most fans can understand that truth, not the lie.

  5. This guy is a major turd. In his mind he thinks he is some great football player and tries to make a market for himself. He said he wanted to play for a winner but when nobody was calling, the eagles come along and bail him out.

  6. The next thing you know he’ll be saying that JJ Watt got to the QB so fast, that he never had a chance at the sacks. Handicapped by the Defensive Player of the Year.

  7. I will never talk bad on a player for taking the money over championships. At the end of the day it’s your job to provide for your family and give them a better life.

    But, there’s a reason why the Houston Texans refrained from giving Connor Barwin the money the Philadelphia Eagles did. The Texans had four years worth of time to determine what dollar amount he deserves.

    The Eagles are coming off of a terrible season and a fired coach. They are in desperate times and need to overspend to land the pieces they need. But, the largely overpaid for his services.

    If the Texans organization thought highly of Barwin they would have matched the offer, but, they let him walk. That speaks volumes.

  8. The sign of a bad organization, is to not overpay guys that are not worth it? The only position, even if the guy isn’t top 3 to overpay, is Quarterback. Schaub may not be Brady, Manning, or Rodgers, but he’s not Gabbert, Sanchez, or Kolb either. Finding a franchise Hall of Famer, is tougher than most think. Quick……who are the current Super Bowl winning quarterbacks in the league right now? Bet that list is really, really short, and I bet they come from stable organizations. Houston is getting there quicker than most.

  9. From what i read he got the same amount of money from the Eagles that Texans offered him the last year of his contract and he turned it down thinking he would have a monster year and get paid a lot more. So what he is saying isn’t technically the truth. I dont know why the Eagles over paid for him after the year he just had but i guess they see something in him that the Texans dont anymore.

  10. u know he covered tight ends more last year right? the year before he had 11 sacks rushing the passer. its how he was used. im hoping for good things from him as an eagle. i dont care if he has a sack as long as his cover skills are prime

  11. diegiantsdie says:
    Mar 28, 2013 3:37 PM
    u know he covered tight ends more last year right? the year before he had 11 sacks rushing the passer. its how he was used. im hoping for good things from him as an eagle. i dont care if he has a sack as long as his cover skills are prime

    You obviously watched zero Texans games last year. He may have covered TEs a few more plays than he did the previous season but that could be attributed to the fact that his snap count increased tremendously. Fact of the matter is that Barwin got mauled in the running game frequently and on just about every pass rush, got pushed 5+ yards past the QB by whatever LT he was going up against. No spin, no swim moves ever, but he’s solid at creating a massive pocket.

    If you have Watt, Reed, and Antonio Smith wreaking havoc on the strong side and the best you could do was 4 sacks while playing the most defensive snaps on the team, you flat out suck.

  12. @therealganxt I watched plenty of Texans games, and he was used to cover the TE a LOT more, not just a “few” more times. He was used poorly by a poor head coach, that is all.

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