Browns add punter Jake Schum


The Browns have added another punter, signing free agent Jake Schum. The club announced the move Thursday.

Schum, 24, posted a 39.0-yard average in 2011 as a senior at the University of Buffalo. He went undrafted last April and did not play in the NFL. According to the Spectrum, the university’s independent student paper, Schum worked out at Buffalo’s pro day earlier in March.

The signing of Schum (seen holding in the photo here) gives the Browns two punters under contract. Spencer Lanning, the other punter on the roster, has kicked in six preseason games in the last two summers. Like Schum, he hasn’t kicked in an NFL regular-season game.

Reggie Hodges, who punted for the Browns last season, is an unrestricted free agent.

12 responses to “Browns add punter Jake Schum

  1. “The Browns have added another punter, signing free agent Jake Schum.”

    Great idea to carry an extra punter into the season, nothing else a team the caliber of the Browns could focus on adding to improve their impeccable roster.

  2. i’m just going to get this out of the way before that other guy comes in here….HOW COULD THE BROWNS SIGN JAKE SCHUM INSTEAD OF PURSUING RGIII, THE MAN WHO CAN WALK ON WATER (and occasionally avoid blowing out his knee while do so.) MIKE SHANAHAN HAS THE MIND OF A GENIUS (and the face of an old potato)!!!

    it seems that other teams’ trolls feel the need to get on and talk smack about every bench player and insurance guy the Browns sign, mostly because their teams are doing nothing but standing pat and getting older (Steelers fans, I’m looking at you.) They’re afraid, and they should be, because the Browns are building a winner.

  3. @boyshole25 considering you called the school UB and not Buffalo you obviously knew that as few outside of the WNY area know what UB stands for

  4. Most of you shouldnt be allowed for voice your opinions seeing as u Have no clue what youre talkkng about. Not sure If u know this or not but nfl teams need a punter. Fyi 39 know college isnt a bad average at all. Plus dude has some hang time. BROWNS are doing more than any team in league yet all ppl do is bitch and moan cant do It all in one off season be realistic. Im sure most of u Would prefer themdraft a punter in the first round . Fact is this is a no lose signing and It could work out worse case scenario he gets cut. Not every signing has to be potencial pro bowler. Guess we could sit back and do nothing like the rest of our division and give our overated qb way way too much money so It handicaps us for a decade. Do some research before u post online wjere ppl can see it because to Those of us that understand the game u ppl look stupid

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