Colts trade Clifton Geathers for Stanley Havili


A player-for-player NFL deal!

The Eagles have traded fullback Stanley Havili to the Colts for defensive lineman Clifton Geathers, the Eagles announced Thursday.

The Eagles drafted Havili in the seventh round in 2011. At the time, now-Colts general manager Ryan Grigson was the club’s director of player personnel. The Eagles are making a major schematic switch on offense under new head coach Chip Kelly.

Havili played 15 games for the Eagles in 2012, starting two. He rushed for 22 yards and one score on six carries and caught 7-43-0. He spent the 2011 season on the practice squad.

The 6-7, 325-pound Geathers appeared in eight games for Indianapolis in 2012, notching five tackles. He projects as an end in a 3-4 scheme. In addition to his time with the Colts, he previously had stints with the Browns, Dolphins, Seahawks and Cowboys.

21 responses to “Colts trade Clifton Geathers for Stanley Havili

  1. Good move for both teams. Havili is a decent pass catching fullback, but Chip doesn’t really use fullbacks. Eagles needed another defensive end, and traded for one.

  2. OMG!! Can you believe we just stole this dude from the eagles, we are a dynasty now, this definitely puts us over the top. No one can even compare to the awesomeness that is now the Indianapolis Colts. This fullback is the best fullback in the NFL, Definitely, clearly the smartest football move ever made. If you are still reading this then you have never read a ravenator post. Go Colts!!!

  3. Guess chip is committing to dropping the fb position and adopting multiple tight ends or h-back role. Havili was really coming along and could be a good player for the colts in 2013.

  4. I still can’t believe the Eagles are switching to a 3-4! Our defense is going to suck!
    How does Trent Cole or Brandon Graham project in a 3-4?

    They don’t!

    Chipper is an idiot and a liar! So much for his pledge to adapt his schemes to his roster…More like the other way around!

  5. Geathers is really big and really slow. Watch the KC-Indy game from last year. He failed miserably to contain the edge. Did a lot of chasing.

  6. Dear logicalvoice,

    Alfred Morris ran for a total 176 yards on the Eagles last season. Please be factual.



  7. Glad to see the Chipper haters have come out of there holes or basements. Where is FlavorDave? I need him to make me smile. This is just another move by Chipper to get some depth on defense and give a solid young guy a chance to prove himself in the league. Nobody thinks this dude is gonna be a pro bowler. Just a guy, that’s gonna try to make this team. Good move, glad all the local shlocals can turn this into a move to rip Chippers head off again. In Chipper I trust. Lets go Birds.

  8. It’s funny how we read stories like these everyday, but we have no idea of the far reaching consequences. I wouldn’t be surprised if Geathers becomes the next DeMarcus Ware. Chip Kelly knows how to bring out the best in his players.

  9. I see from the delusional comments of some of my fellow Eagles fans that the “Cult of Chip Kelly” is alive and well.

    Wonder when that false god will fall from his lofty perch….I’m guessing week 4 of the 2013 season when the Eagles are 0-4.

  10. Cult of Chip Kelly? Try the guys who give the guy more than a month and a few free agent pick ups before we say that he is the worst coach ever. Give the guy a chance. Hate other teams, hate Andy for going 4-12. Hate Lurie, hate Roseman. These guys you can all hate cool. Give the new coach a chance. Y’all are tools.

  11. So glad to see a change in mentality..
    No more tiny defensemen, and failed schemes..

    Size size size. Seeya there.
    5/1 eagles make the playoffs

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