Cowboys’ 2009 draft class is no more


Maybe Cowboys owner Jerry Jones should have fired Cowboys G.M. Jerry Jones, after all.

According to Calvin Watkins of, the departure of linebacker Victor Butler closes the books on the team’s 2009 draft class.

All 12 players taken that year by Jones the G.M. are now gone.  The draft yielded no starters, and only six made it onto the 53-man roster.

Watkins has the full list of selections.  A couple of names will be familiar.  Most won’t.

The only good news for the Cowboys is that they wouldn’t have had the cap space this year to re-sign any of them, anyway.

101 responses to “Cowboys’ 2009 draft class is no more

  1. Wow! This is even worse than Eric Mangini did in Cleveland in 2009. None of his THREE second round picks are still with the Browns, but at least his first rounder (C Alex Mack) is still there and starting. Glad Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys back in the day and not the Browns!

  2. Build through free agency Jerry. Just trade your picks for other teams stars. After real talent evaluators have recognized and drafted the players!

  3. Way to go, Jerry! I wonder if Jerry ran his energy holdings the same way if he would fire himself, too.

  4. Players drafted in 2009 would have been in their 4th season in 2012. That’s typically when players enter their prime after developing their first 3 seasons.

    The Cowboys with their 12 picks from round 3 to 7 in 2009 addressed LB, OT, backup QB, DEx2, CBx2, Sx2, K, TE, and WR with those picks, and none of them worked out.

    Failed drafts have long-term consequences – for example, the 2009 draft had 4 failed picks devoted to the secondary (CB+S), and unsurprisingly, the Cowboys secondary was thin last year.

  5. I advocate implementation of a failure tax, here’s how it works:

    Teams that make bad decisions should have to pay monetary fines jeopardizing their ability to financially sustain a team. The market prices of ownership should be reflected upon the availability of intelligently-invested dollars only. Let the cream surface to the top, and suffocate the losers.

  6. Cowboys fans everywhere are praying they don’t have to sit through Al Davis II before they start turning things around.

    Not that I’m implying Jerry knows even half of what Al knew about football.

  7. Teams have bad draft classes. it happens. Obviosly the Saints like Butler. And Beuhler was a gem of a find until he started getting hurt.

    Let it go man.You need Jerry to make a living, not the other way around. I dare you to go 2 days without mentioning the guy

  8. Would be nice if this story included how many other teams have any players left from their 2009 draft.

    This article becomes relevant only depending on that number.

  9. Makes you wonder how Jerry, became a billionaire, if he can’t manage money any better than that? Hey Jerry, you ain’t the government and you can’t really print money, legally. You don’t win playoff games with a crew that’s old and heading toward senior citizen status.

  10. That’s it? The Raiders drafted 30 players between 2006-2009, and only two remain. McKenzie didn’t draft any of them, and didn’t cut all of them, but still gets all the blame. And some Raider fans still believe Hue Jackson is a fallen hero.

  11. Jerry Jones is a great NFL owner and business man but boy does he suck as a GM…Watch as he now makes Romo one of the highest paid QBs in NFL history…. Hahahahahaha….

  12. Pats fan here, and here I thought we’d be the first team to unload all of our 2009 draftees.

  13. Well I remember that draft and everyone on the cowboy website crying about intelligent fans saying that whole draft was a bust. All I read was give it a few years you’ll see and now here we are the real fans knowing how bad it was saying I told you so. The rest of the football fans of other teams laughing at us lol the only thing I can say is since that draft we have been very solid drafting players. With that being said we learned a lesson now go cowboys

  14. If the Cowboys pick great players and can’t win it’s the coaching…fire the guy that picks the coaches.

    If the Cowboys fail to win because they have they don’t have the right players to succeed despite great playcalling/coaching/schemes fire the general manager.

    The Cowboys have been 100-100 the last 200 games (or something close to that)

    Explain to me how the guy that picks BOTH still has his job and expects to run an organization with something resembling accountability…

  15. The best part is that the Cowboys will always suck as long as JERRAH thinks he’s a personnel genius and keeps being in charge of who the Cowboys draft. Keep doing the drafting JERRAH…the NFC EAST loves you for it.

    You and the Iggles will be fighting it out to see who finishes dead last behind the Giants and Redskins for the next 50 years.

    The funniest part is that after the draft Jerrah always predicts that the Cowboys will win the Superbowl now that Jerrah has made the picks.

  16. Jerry jones is the dumbest man alive!! Even as a giants fan he itritates me how are cowboys fans not rioting in the streets calling for his head?? This moron wouldnt last one day in NYC all i can say is the cowboys will continue to horrible until this lil boy lets someone else manage his toy. But cant complian keep sucking cowboys and let the glory days become more and more irrelevent. Whats it now 20 years?? Funny how most of the fans that talk about those days were just learning to walk when that happened

  17. Jerry and Stephen Jones are such a disgrace to football. They know absolutely nothing. Hand over the power already. Obviously you guys suck at your job

  18. This is why i dont look forward to draft days cause of the really stupid picks he comes up with smh. I remember that draft too… What they need to do is start developing their young talent something other teams do and we dont

  19. Pathetic. The GM needs to recuse himself at this point, a group of office workers picking NCAA bracket style would have better results.

  20. Based on the picture above and draft techniques, I’d say Jerry Jones is slowly morphing into Al Davis.

  21. With regards to the last sentence of the story – I think you’ve broken the code on King Jones’ draft strategy….

  22. That has to be the worst draft in history. 0-12 and a 1st rounder for Roy Williams? I want Jerry in my FFL. His annual donation would be most welcome.

  23. Is it the gms fault for drafting them or the coaching staff not being able to develop them? Don’t get me wrong I also think Jerry is the dumbest GM in the nfl

  24. 2009 draft class for the patriots…..2 guys left on the team with only one starter out of the bunch. I am willing to bet there were other teams that ended up with a bunch of duds. While I think Jones shouldn’t be running the draft. I think that the draft can be a bit of a gamble sometimes on talent.

  25. Wow… it’s just embarrassing. I actually had faith in him until I saw him jump up and down in the War Room when we drafted Quincy Carter back in 2001 like it was a steal or something.

  26. This is hardly a bad thing. Let’s be honest, the entire 2009 draft class sucked. The best player that year, Arian Foster, didnt even get drafted!! Luckily for the Cowboys, they didnt have a first round pick to waste on one of those bums.

    Plus, he rebounded nicely the following year, drafting Dez and Sean Lee.

  27. JJ is driving this team to the ground. He will never admit he is wrong, therefore never will he fire himself as GM. It’s soo sad to watch this spiral, and yet soo amusing.

    For the record, there is a separate rookie salary cap of 10 million now in the league.

  28. Jerry Jones the GM has been declared infallible by Jerry Jones the Owner. THEREFORE, those picks must have been made by someone other than Jerry Jones the GM, and Jerry Jones the Owner has given Jerry Jones the GM a pass on that draft.

  29. The title of this story may just as well be “Cowboys’ 2013 draft class is not to be”, seeing the the Cowboys have no cap space to sign the picks.

    Maybe they can have a yard sale and trade their picks away for a ‘2 for 1 sale’. 2 picks this year for 1 pick next year, when hopefully they have some money to pay the rookies.

  30. Is this guys oblivious to whats happening? When an entire draft class isn’t on the team 3 yrs after, somethings up. U r bad at your job…. I think is what it means.

  31. In that same draft class the Giants added Hakeem Nicks (#1 receiver), Will Beatty (starting LT) and Andre Brown (RBBC with David Wilson). The Cowboys will never compete for another title as long as Jerrah is in charge of their drafts. Which is just fine by me.

  32. The Ravens had 6 picks in the 2009 draft and only two players are on the roster, Michael Oher and Ladarius Webb. Paul Kruger left in free agency. So it isn’t as bad as it looks. We think that we had a pretty good draft that year. We have only 2 players left from the 10 picks in the 2008 draft, Flacco and Rice. Zbigkowski and Nakamura are backup players somewhere else. And we have the best GM in football.

  33. As a Eagles fan it’s good to know that Dallas is also clueless when it comes to evaluating talent. Keep up the bad work Jerry.

  34. worst draft ever. 2010, 11 and 12 were much better thought (Sean Lee, B Carter, D Murray). Things seemed to get better when Garrett took over a head coach and W Phillips left….its not ALL Jerry, lets be honest

  35. I love this article. As a cowboys fan MOST of the news is about Dallas. I don’t see a THING about the other owners and there draft decisions. Cleveland? Step on up… Tennessee, grab a mike,
    J E T S – We all know they are incredible right? Anyone else? Miami? Oakland?Rams?

    Because you are the biggest franchise in the business (financially speaking), you are also going to get the bad articles. Spread the love you cowboy haters, you cheapen your journalistic credibility by only slapping Dallas – easy target or not. Their last 3 drafts have been way better, but throw a dart if you can find one, right?

  36. This is what the Lions fans have endured except Millen didn’t own the team. I see no light at the end of this tunnel

  37. They had an opportunity to go after a lot of great players, but I guess he HAD to have Roy Williams! LOL! Traded the first, third and 6th rounds for him. I think got a 7th for it? Could have had Mike Wallace or LeSean..oh well. GO SKINS!

  38. Ignorance is a horrible thing when the ignorant convince themselves that they are not ignorant, but smart!

    THE worst owner in pro sports – by a wide margin. But that is fine with me because I’ve never liked the Cowboys or their self proclamation of being “Americas Team”.

  39. dcapettini says:
    Mar 29, 2013 5:54 AM
    The Ravens had 6 picks in the 2009 draft and only two players are on the roster, Michael Oher and Ladarius Webb. Paul Kruger left in free agency. So it isn’t as bad as it looks. We think that we had a pretty good draft that year. We have only 2 players left from the 10 picks in the 2008 draft, Flacco and Rice. Zbigkowski and Nakamura are backup players somewhere else. And we have the best GM in football.

    OK, but not the whole story, you also have to consider compensatory draft picks awarded when those drafted players sign elsewere. For example Ravens got two 2012 draft picks for Nakamura and Zibby (and will get one for Kruger next year). Players slected with those two 2012 compensatory picks are on the roster, including one (Thompson) who is expected to compete for a starting safety position. I’m sure other teams have similar trails. Don’t know he story wth Cowboys.

  40. This is irresponsible “journalism”/hating at its worst…it ignores the context of the NFL and the team’s goals that year.

    First of all, I don’t understand why this particular bust draft gets so much press. There are many (good) teams that have suffered a fairly recent bust draft, often with much better picks in play, and yet this is the one we hear about the most.

    Second, why don’t people remember that the team didn’t have any pick until the 20th selection in the second round? A bottom-half round selection, without a first rounder, does not set a team up well to begin with. Yes, Jones deserves (lots of) blame for the terrible Roy Williams trade, which cost the team the pick, but that doesn’t affect the draft class itself (let’s not forget that nobody in the football world though the trade would end up that much of a disaster).

    Third…doesn’t anyone realize how bad the 2009 draft was? One of the worst of the past decade or two. Easy draft to do poorly in.

    Finally…apparently nobody remembers what the Cowboys tried to do that year. They were only one season removed from 13-3, and still viewed themselves as championship favorites…but the team lacked depth and had TERRIBLE special teams. So Jones, with his limited ammo, traded even further down to add picks to try and round out depth and special teams. The team didn’t get a lot out of those picks, but they had a different goal from the start than teams usually do for the draft. The team had a lot of picks, BUT THEY WERE NOT GOOD SPOTS anyways. It’s not like the selections included multiple second rounders or anything.

    I’m not saying the draft wasn’t a bust, or that Jones deserves no criticism for it…but there are plenty of worse draft classes out there, and they get far less press than this one. Grow up, trolls.

  41. Jerry’s ego will never allow him to leave the draft room. I know I’m going to catch some heat for saying this but as far as evaluating talent, Jones is almost as bad as Al Davis was in his later years.

  42. As Cowboys fans were KNOW that, so WHAT’S your point???? We know we have a knucklehead owner (Al Davis II) who doesn’t have a clue about talent and is trying to win NOW (which he won’t do no time soon)!!!

  43. wow….Maniac/Old crazy out of touch Al Davis had a better draft class in 09 than Jerry Jones.

    Smh… Can’t blame Romo when the GM has consistently failed him.

  44. The last time someone else was making these decisions Jimmy Johnson drafted the framework of a dynasty. Jerry is a great owner but I can’t disagree with the mass collective of Jerry haters on this one. This is unacceptable and everyone knows it.

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