Domonique Foxworth thinks multiple gay players will come out


This week’s story that a gay NFL player is considering coming out was met with an interesting reaction from Domonique Foxworth, the former NFL cornerback who is now president of the NFL Players Association.

Foxworth said that not only does he think it’s inevitable that a gay player will come out, but he believes multiple gay players are going to come out. Foxworth said on WNST in Baltimore that there are already multiple gay players in the NFL, and that when one of them comes out, others will see that they have nothing to fear.

“It doesn’t have to be one player,” Foxworth said. “When one player comes out, multiple players will come out, because they are in our league right now.”

Foxworth said an openly gay NFL player would be a much bigger deal in the media than it would be to other players.

“When the public finds out about it, it’s going to be a media storm and it’s going to be a lot of press and a lot of attention, and probably not all of it’s gonna be positive,” Foxworth said. “But the NFLPA, as long as I’m president of it, is going to be behind that player and providing support.”

The first gay player to come out will be making a difficult, courageous decision. But if Foxworth is right, the second gay player to come out will already know he’ll be supported within the fraternity of NFL players.

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  1. Honestly, there is likely already a sub-set of gay players that other players are aware of or suspect are gay.

    There may be some vehemently anti gay players, but I’m sure for many putting it out there on the table won’t actually be a big deal.

    You’re gay? Well, I’ve got 10 children by 7 different baby mommas. This guy over here is a male model. This guy runs a chicken joint in the offseason. This guy is celibate. So what. Either you can play the game or you can’t.

  2. As the advocates like to ask, “how does it affect you? Why are you against it?”.
    They’re right. It doesn’t affect me. I try to pay no attention to it, and don’t much care.
    But it would be easier if they’d stop trying to jam it down my throat at every opportunity.
    Ok…. Back to ignoring the whole thing.

  3. Oh, the reporters are going to go after the next ‘shiny thing’ like a Bass goes after a spinner.
    ESPN and the NFL Network will be covering this 24/7 and talking it to death from every conceivable angle.

  4. These players will ultimately realize that nobody cares as much as they do. Come on out guys, it will open your life in new ways that you can never realize while you are in the closet.

  5. Who cares I am tired of hearing about this. If a player is gay then he shouldn’t care what other people think iam tired of these people who feel they have to let the world know their sexual preference.

  6. Demanding your rights isn’t shoving down anyone throat. Not allowing someone to exercise their rights by not caring, is shoving it down their throat.

  7. The coverage of the Heat winning streak, while annoying, is almost welcome back now that we will get browbeat with coverage of this seemingly daily for perpetuity.

  8. Who a person dates or sleeps with is the least of my concerns watching a game. If you can play, I could care less what your orientation is. And whoever comes out, I’m sure they aren’t the first gay player.

  9. I do believe multiple gay players will come out but it will not be in the prime of their careers. It will be when their career is on the tail end. I believe players will have to weigh the reaction teams will take if they come out. Teams hate distractions and what bigger distraction is having a gay player come out just before, the middle or towards the end of the NFL football season. It will be a circus.

  10. This whole thing is getting more tiresome than the Tim Tebow onslaught. I don’t care if there’s gay players in the NFL and whether or not they’ll come out of the closet. I don’t care who it is or what the media is going to think or what the other players are going to say or what the media is going to say about what other players might say if they said anything at all.

    I just want to read about the game, watch the game, and get away from all this socio-political stupidity.

    Can we just move on now?

  11. Again, what’s the media agenda? Players have to talk to the media, but you don’t have to answer all their questions. Go play football, and let your teammates deal with their own off the field issues. A shame the NFL isn’t this proactive when it comes to rapist, domestic abuse, and children out of wedlock.

  12. I don’t care is a football player or anyone else is gay or not gay. I also don’t like particular social agendas shoved in my face over and over again.

    Perhaps NBC Sports can set up LGBTQ Football Talk as a forum for such issues.

  13. “Here’s an idea. Why don’t’ we discuss this when it happens instead speculating about this issue.”


    Or, how about we DON’T discuss it when it occurs. Let’s act like adults, allow consenting adults to live their lives how they see fit, and cover the on-field play.

  14. I”m glad someone already went ahead in the comments and made the veiled, bigotted statement suddenly worrying about HIV because we’re talking about gay people.

    You do now that mad straight people have HIV, right?

  15. elwaysmilehighdenver says:
    Mar 28, 2013 2:53 PM
    When will sports reporters and networks quit pushing their gay agenda on viewers?
    There are much more worthy stories out there to be covered.

    Because it’s an issue among the American people. It’s a problem that needs to be addressed either way. You don’t sweep your problems under the rug. That doesn’t help anyone.

  16. amthefootballjerk March 28, 2013, 11:20 AM PDT

    I cannot believe that it is 2013, and this is still an issue. This isn’t the fifties. I blame religion

    Your right it is 2013 and many in this country has lost all morals and the one thing that reminded people to have morals (religon) Trust me that is not a good thing.

  17. The only folks that will really make a big deal about it are:

    1. The media
    2. Folks that hate

    Everyone else will continue to be more concerned with whether the player sucks or not and cracking bad jokes. See what I did there?

  18. HIV, concussions, being hit-on in the shower, women in the locker room,,,,etc, etc
    The things an NFL player now has to go through. daysend564, buddy, u and me both are going to be called bigots by someone who believes he’s/she’s enlightened.
    And yes it probably is religion. But, on the bright side, only less then 15% of the population of this country has the morals of a billy goat.

  19. I think most NFL players are mature enough not to make a big deal out of an openly gay player.

    NFL fans are a different matter. Any gay player who plays for a rival team will have to endure stupid remarks from idiotic fans.

    Look how many “Tom Brady is gay” comments you’ve seen get posted here at PFT. And that’s a guy married to the hottest, richest, super model in the world, having previously dated two hot Hollywood starlets, having fathered multiple kids with two different beautiful women.

    Apparently those haters aren’t quite familiar with what being gay really means. That might explain why they consider themselves heterosexuals.

  20. Fun facts:

    Gay and bisexual men are more severely affected by HIV than any other group in the United States .

    Among all gay and bisexual men, blacks/African Americans bear the greatest disproportionate burden of HIV.

    From 2008 to 2010, HIV infections among young black/African American gay and bisexual men increased 20%.

  21. To everyone complaining about why this is even being discussed:

    Because it exists in the NFL. Anybody who thinks that a gay player coming out won’t cause ripples throughout the NFL is an idiot. Of course it will cause problems. And that’s irrelevant.

    It doesn’t matter if it causes problems. It WILL happen someday and I think it’s better to get it over with rather than let the issue keep festering for no other reason than the fact that gay players are there having to deal with being in the closet.

    It doesn’t matter that we might be a bit uncomfortable with the subject matter. The question of “why does this have to be addressed in the NFL?” is obvious. It’s a matter of civil rights. They’re called civil rights because they apply to situations in ALL areas of society. The NFL, as much as we love our football, doesn’t get a special pass on the issue.

    Finally, I’d simply suggest to those of you are complaining about “why can’t we just talk about football” that you hit your back button until you get back to the main page where you WILL find MANY articles devoted to strictly on-field topics. Did somebody just accidentally press the enter key on your computer without you knowing it? YOU clicked on the article. Why are you complaining about “having to read about it”?

  22. heymister24 | Mar 28, 2013, 12:08 PM PDT
    The issue is about “showering” with someone that is gay, not if they play football.


  23. I wonder if the NFL will be forced to have cabana boys and mani-pedi stations for those who come out.

    Also, will personal foul such as, ruffing a gay quarterback, have additional circumstances.

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