Fred Davis cancels Jets visit


Tight end Fred Davis won’t be playing like a Jet in 2013.

Well, he could be playing like a Jet, but he won’t be a Jet.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Davis has canceled his visit to New York.  He has narrowed his choices to the Bills and the Redskins.

Both teams have made Davis an offer.  Davis surely would like one or the other to sweeten the pending packages in order to close the deal.

Davis has spent five NFL seasons with the Redskins.  He suffered a torn Achilles tendon last season.

83 responses to “Fred Davis cancels Jets visit

  1. He must have gotten a call from RINGLING BROTHERS and BARNUM&BAILEY CIRCUS!! I guess they pay more!!

  2. Even the Jets fans are canceling the Jets. Nobody wants to be a part of that joke of an organization and freak Head Coach

  3. decides he rather lose with the………………………….. Washed-up-ington Failed-skins

  4. Fred would be a terrific fit in Buffalo and their fans are second to none. 13 years and no playoffs and they sell out game after game.

  5. I’m already starting to think of Fred Sanford every time I see Fred Davis’ name.

    That should be his TD dance, the Fred Sanford “I’m coming to join you honey” heart attack shuffle.

  6. Fred called out “Do I hear SEVEN years…gimme…gimme…anyone gimmee seven..just seven years….do I hear a seven? C’mon folks, it’s just two more than five.Who gives me seven… I hear a SEVEN?”. But John Idzik remained seated, with his hands folded in his lap.

  7. “The Buffalo Bills have arranged for you to be able to rent a sub-compact for the week-end rate, 365-days a year.”

    “How’s that for making it a great deal, Fred?………Fred?………….Fred?…….Is he still in the building?”

  8. Argh! This cap penalty is very frustrating. I watched just about every game he played at USC (was USC fan prior to moving to Blacksburg 3yrs ago). Then, my favorite team draft him and he blossoms into a star. RGIII could really use a guy with his abilities. I guess we are suppose to be use to this and expect it, but it still just sucks.

    Thanks Fred, you could have ran a little tighter ship but your efforts on the field for us were greatly appreciated. I will root for you burgundy and gold or otherwise.

  9. Foolish if he goes to Buffalo and catches 32 passes for 430 yards being double teamed due to a poor supporting cast and a faceless QB.

    Dude should invest in himself, post solid numbers on a one year contract with Washington and take advantage of single coverage as a result of the weapons they have. He could, if he wishes, team up with RGIII for the next 6-8 years. Needs to quit playing games and focus on his rehab.

    He goes to Buffalo, fizzles out, probably done in the NFL.

  10. I’m an Eagles fan in DC and have always been impressed by this guy, though he’s never quite put it all together. If he can, the dude will be a beast.

  11. Yeah, he canceled the visit because the Jets are so bad, but he’s still considering Buffalo, consistently one of the worst teams in the league. Right.

    Do you guys think before you post? It’s all about the $$$.

  12. nfc east champions, Rg3, Alfred Morris, Pierre Garcon, Santana Moss & playoff team vs. No qb, unproven coach, suspect o line, Stevie Johnson then what? If Fred really means it’s not about the money he will still be in a Redskins Jersey this season.

  13. Let’s way Fred’s options: RG3 vs ??? , Shannahan vs Marrone, large market vs small market, Daniel Snyder vs Ralph Wilson.. I mean Russ Brandon. LOL! The Bills must be offering double the money, So I guess the question is, is more money worth falling into obscurity

  14. The only question that matters is whether the Bills are willing to pay him enough to convince him to go up there… DC is nice and warm, it’s a great city, politics, very special place, and Fred is accustomed to nice warm weather and beautiful scenery from his USC days… Show Fred the money or he’s going back to the Skins, end of story.

  15. One team is up and coming with room for improvement and has a proven QB, the other underachieved yet again and have been confused at QB since Jim Kelley. This will show if Fred is about the short term money or long term success.

  16. His best bet is to take a 1 year deal with the redskins and prove he can stay healthy and get paid next offseason. He knows the offense and it features his talents better than buffalo there and knows who will be throwing him the ball. Look at what Latin Landry did…takes a one year deal with the jets and becomes a pro bowl player then he gets his big deal from the colts.

  17. Not a fan of either team, but get off the powder Bills fans. Catch passes from RGIII, or catch passes from…um…uhh…yeah. Exactly

  18. For Redskin fans:

    The Redskins’ offer is on the table and probably not changing. They like Fred and appreciate him, but are unwilling to (over?)pay for a TE who has not yet demonstrated recovery from a serious achilles injury.

    Rumor is that TEs are high on the Redskins draft board whether Fred stays or not. The Niles Paul Experiment should probably consider purchasing some stickum.

    That said, the ball is entirely in the Bills’ court due to the fact that Washington has almost no cap space remaining, but the Buffs will need to overbid the Redskins by more than just a smidgen. Davis likes the DMV area and will only be enticed to go elsewhere if the price is right (ie – a mil or so more per year and/or a longer term deal than Washington has offered).

  19. As if the moron chorus even knows what the actual story is. Jets probably came to their senses & told him not to bother to come.

    You skins fans act as if you actually won the darn playoff game! Losers! Ha Ha! Lucky if you make it back for another decade.

    And don’t even get me started on the Chargers. At least we have a SuperBowl win in 1969. What’s your claim to fame the 1963 AFL Championship? You haven’t even been in a playoff game in 3 years. Looks like the charging is going in the wrong direction. Ha Ha! Losers!

  20. 1. Fred was suspended for smoking the drugs

    2. Fred threw his juice on a female pimp (allegedly)

    3. Fred has over 20 moving violations since moving to DC from USC

    4. Fred hurt his foot last year early in the season

    I still want you back, Fred. You can get as many speeding tickets as you want and throw all the juice that Minute Maid can make. We need you in DC.

  21. DAVIS: Wait, you mean Rex Ryan is still the coach?
    AGENT: Yes, Fred.
    DAVIS: and you said WHO is the QB?
    AGENT: Well, we’re not to sure yet.
    DAVIS: cancel that flight.

  22. Buffalo is a nice city. been there once stood next to Bruce Smith in a nudie bar. which was ironic because all the girls had clothes on. ba da bing. Don’t worry Fred will wear burgundy and gold in 2013. I’m almost sure of it. too many clubs that serve pitchers of beer to walk away from.

  23. Be awesome to see him with Peyton and the deadliest WR trio in football out in Denver. Tamme and Dreessen were underwhelming at best last year…

  24. As a Skins fan, I’m at a crossroads with Fred. On one hand he’s a really nice and cool guyand you can tell he loves playing in DC on the other hand he’s been in the league for 5 years now and hasn’t hot that level we expected. Last year he was looking good but then he gets hurt, and that’s a pretty serious injury. He could break out though with RG3, they looked good together. If I was Fred, I’d stay in DC on a one year deal on the low and prove myself. He knows we have the cap penalty, and he knows if he plays good, he will get paid next year. I mean come on Fred, who wants to go to Buffalo? Haha seriously, DC is a better city.

  25. good go play for the bills so we can beat u twice a year. Last year’s final game was the first time they won in… 6 try’s. Commence hate, we love it

  26. Does he go for the dough or the ring? I say he chooses the much better team- RG3 will make him a pro bowl TE.

  27. Fred got paid when he got franchised last season and ended up injured. He is a dynamic player who if he can be a complete tightend if he improved his blocking. He will surely be an asset to the Bills and an upgrade for sure, regardless of who’s @ qb. I think the Redskins is who he wants to be playing for. He would have better stats and after seeing him struggling learning the redskins offense/playbook, combined with his off the field issues, should just take the 1 year deal and get paid hansomly next season when Snyder can open up his check book (stupid mara and the cap penalty).. if he does pick the bills I still hope the best for him and think he could be great (after he learns the pb).

  28. Davis is on record saying how much he liked Coach Marrone. Called him “down to earth”. That certainly doesn’t describe shanahan.

    Don’t count your eggs too fast ‘skins fans.

  29. I don’t see either contract offer being outstanding … But if the $ is near equal I could see him choosing the skins.( I’m obviously a Bills fan) But with the Bills most likely drafting a QB he would be a great outlet for a young player. He would make a pretty good TE duo with Chandler. There is talent on the roster with Stevie and CJ. I think this would make it a lot easier for a young QB to adjust with a good running game and a couple good targets inside the hash marks. My main question with his injury history and suspension issues would he be the optimal place to spend?

  30. Not many passes to TE’s in the read option. How many passes did RG3 throw to TE’s? Come play with CJ Spiller and Stevie Johnson. Buffalo is a great city and place to raise your family. We finally got the coach right this time!!! DC is a den of thieve, politicians. You don’t want to play for the Foreskins!!!

  31. skinsfansince71 says:
    Mar 28, 2013 10:37 PM
    I think he would rather Redskin then be a Deadbeat Colt.

    **********************************************Your post makes about as much sense as your team…NONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Redskins suck Go COLTS!!!!

  32. Must be a low offer. Scott chandler is no pro bowler but I thought he was functional.

    Actually Chandler was under consideration for the Pro Bowl before he got hurt. You should do some research before you post.

  33. Come down off it Redskins fans………try this on for size 1 good year, Quarterback with serious knee injury, 1 receiver, Santana old, suspect o-line, chance to be the team savior, Dan Snyder, oh yeah, the Shanahans, it seems to me the BILLS are the better choice. Go Bills. @footballady52 🏈

  34. No doubt he saw some of Sanchize’s passes and figured out that they don’t have anyone on the roster that can throw a football. Seen better arms and passes in the park on Sunday mornings thrown by 40 yr olds with beer bellies!

  35. IBleedBlueBitchez says: Mar 29, 2013 7:46 AM

    skinsfansince71 says:
    Mar 28, 2013 10:37 PM
    I think he would rather Redskin then be a Deadbeat Colt.

    **********************************************Your post makes about as much sense as your team…NONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Redskins suck Go COLTS!!!!

    If I remember this right the Bolts(Colts) were in Baltimore for along time. they had one of the greatest fan base in the NFL ,but the owner moved the team in the middle of the night in order to avoid the fans that supported his team. Just like a thief in the night he stole the fans money and ran away.

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