Get ready for another Carson Palmer drama


When owners and teams treat football like a business, media and fans shrug.  When players do, it’s regarded as an affront to the integrity of the game.

It’s not fair, but that’s the way it is.  And Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer needs to brace himself for that reaction as he tries to force his way out of Oakland.

It’s obvious Palmer wants out.  Two years ago, he finagled his exit from Cincinnati by feigning retirement.  The strategy looked to be a failure until Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell broke his collarbone and former Raiders coach Hue Jackson lost his damn mind, giving up a first-round pick and a second-round pick for a quarterback who isn’t the guy he used to be.

Now, Palmer is turning up his nose at $10 million from the Raiders, which sets the stage for the Raiders eventually to cut him — and for Palmer to play for someone else.

As Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports explains it, Palmer wants to play for a contender, even if it means being a backup.  (Cough . . . Seahawks and Pete Carroll . . . cough.)  Of course, Palmer won’t get $10 million to be a backup, but his willingness to walk away from football in order to get out of Cincinnati proves that he’d be willing to walk away from $10 million in order to get a shot at winning.

Palmer’s posture also reflects a belief that, despite the hiring of G.M. Reggie McKenzie and coach Dennis Allen, Palmer doesn’t see the silver-and-black bus getting turned around in the immediate future.  Otherwise, he’d gladly take $10 million to stay put.

The problem is that the Raiders currently hold all the cards.  With no seven-figure trigger in Palmer’s deal, the $13 million doesn’t become fully guaranteed until Week One, which means the Raiders can cut him much later in the offseason, if they draft a quarterback early — or if they eventually decide Terrelle Pryor can get the job done.  The only risk the Raiders are taking is that, if Palmer drops a dumbbell on his foot or pops an Achilles tendon in offseason conditioning drills or otherwise suffers a season-ending injury while on the clock, the Raiders will owe Palmer his full salary.

That could set the stage for a Steve McNair-style lockout.  Even without Palmer being barred from the building (which would violate the CBA), Palmer is making his second power play in two years.

When a team does it, we applaud.  Fair or not, Palmer should prepare for the jeers and the boos and the accusations of being a chronic quitter.

175 responses to “Get ready for another Carson Palmer drama

  1. I sure was ready to welcome him with open arms to Arizona to QB the Cardinals…

    But then I saw that he wanted to come to a winning team 😦

    At least we could offer the opportunity to throw to Larry.

  2. Again, I’m bothered by the riding-the-coattails logic of this if Palmer is indeed content to go be a back-up. I understand wanting to win after so many years of losing, but exactly what level of satisfaction is to be gained from heading off to Seattle or wherever and winning when you don’t even play?

  3. Carson Palmer should do the Raiders and NFL fans a solid, hang up his cleats, and sit back and sip a nice Arny Palmy.

  4. Why would anybody want this interception factory. I used to love this guy as a bengals fan but now I hope he cries his way to the cfl

  5. The Raiders only made sense for Palmer if Hue Jackson had been retained. Getting rid of him was Davis’ son showing his insecurity and trying to comically assert himself from under the shadow of his father and those associated / close to him

  6. Who cares? This guy has been irrelevant for years. The only drama is what the media will make it. Normal football fans like myself won’t give a poo and won’t follow this “story” or “drama”.

  7. I thought Oz would be kicking himself for wasting $20M/yr when he could have Palmer, a better QB, for much less.

    But then I read Palmer wants to go to a contender, so moot point.

  8. NFL teams need to come to an agreement just like they did when they decided to destroy the players hopes during this free agency period and not draft USC QB’s anymore.

  9. How many kids in the greater Cincinnati area have been named Carson between 2004-2006? Man, this guy was the Mesiah of Queen city, now he is the Bay City Bawler!

    Send him to Canada, I heard the Argonauts in need. They can pay him in 13 mill canadian there. Maybe a wider field will = < int's?

  10. ‘Palmer is making his second power play in two years.’

    Getting cut is a power play?? Buh-bye Carson, take your bad decision-making and inaccurate passing elsewhere.. Who is going to pay $10M for that? Dang glad it wont be Reggie and company..

  11. Palmer is a punk! What a F’N loser, I thought it was not about the money! Did he not say he had 80 mil in bank ? Did he not say its all about playing the game that he loved? This guy is a piece of garbage but I will love to bang his wifey!

  12. You disappoint me Palmer. If reports are true that you’d rather ride the bench to be on a winner, then play and compete……

  13. Carson should stick to his guns. He shouldn’t be perceived negatively for not taking a pay cut when the organization has not clearly thrown their support behind him. If he gets cut, he could end up being the starter in a place like Arizona, he’s still a capable QB in this league.

  14. Perhaps the teams you’re on dont win…because you’re the starting QB? Just look at the Bengals before your knee injury and then after you left. It all starts with the QB.

  15. “The problem is that the Raiders currently hold all the cards. With no seven-figure trigger in Palmer’s deal, the $13 million doesn’t become fully guaranteed until Week One, which means the Raiders can cut him much later in the offseason”

    “You can go my way, or you can go the highway!”
    -Al Davis

  16. Can you media-types please stop automatically linking every ex-USC player to the Seahawks. Pete Carroll doesn’t want some rickety version of Carson Palmer for a few cents less than what they’re paying Matt Flynn. He didn’t want Taylor Mays or Mark Sanchez either. They make personnel decisions based on players’ ability and scheme fit, not near-ancient ties to their alma maters.

  17. Strange, this went from a guy who wouldn’t take a 3 million dollar pay cut to a guy that would rather waste the last few years of his NFL career as a backup?

    Something doesn’t add up here. One other thing I find strange is that this news comes from the same mouthpiece (Mike Silver) as all the Hue Jackson drama after the end of the 2011 season.

  18. Like I’ve said many times before, he just doesn’t show any passion for the game, nor has he ever shown that he has the hunger to get better.

    He just sits on the sideline all by himself between drives, not even attempting to ignite his team mates.

    Now that you have collected all those checks for doing absolutely nothing (which is really where your heart is), it is time to go away…loser.

  19. Palmer might as well retire…..He doesn’t seem to love the game or have the desire/ ability to raise the level of his team. He only wants to play if success can come easy. He seems to have a losers mentality, maybe that is the real reason why he hasn’t nearly been as good as he could have been. I used to root for him, but for a QB to rather be a back-up than be the man who can lift a team out of the doldrums, tells me he is a loser QB.

  20. I would cut him and move on he hasnt done nothing since he got hurt in Cincy. I would cut my losses and move on, Thats what the draft and free agency is for. There is no way I would pay that bum 13 million or 10 million for that matter to get the same results as last season. With the way signings are going no teams are not giving players that big money no more. You can get 3 players for the price of one now days.

  21. Don’t blame Palmer, Cincy was total disarray with T.O. and Ocho and Oakland isn’t much better.

    The teams don’t have any problem pumping those contracts to sign a guy or dropping a guy on a dime because of it. The players need some recourse and I applaud Palmer.

    Palmer would be the perfect fit for the Jets.

  22. Did Palmer not produce over 4,000 yards passing last season with over 20 TDs and 12 INTs?

    And he did this with crummy receivers, crummy offensive line, and no running game?

    How many other NFL QBs did better?

    If true, how does this equate to being washed up? Anybody?

  23. I don’t particularly like Carson Palmer, but I will say that he is every owner/GMs nightmare:

    A player who has enough money, doesn’t seem to be particularly greedy, and when he wants a better situation, is willing to put his money where his mouth is and walk.

    Now, I know what you are saying: What do you mean he’s not greedy? He won’t take a pay cut! Palmer isn’t refusing to take a pay cut because wants or needs the money, he just doesn’t want to play in Oakland anymore. He is willing to walk away from all of the money to get out of there.

    As to the Raiders “holding all the cards”, you should have learned your lesson by now. The Bengals “held all the cards” too, right up till the point where Palmer walked away from the table and took a half season vacation. The Bengals got lucky when Jackson went crazy, the Raiders are much less likely to.

  24. Pathetic USC product..overrated qbs.. just like Sanchezs, and the Leinharts. Carson is just one of them..just becoz they’re from Cal doesn’t always means they are better than the other players from other Colleges..hopefully teams can learn from this the next time they draft

  25. this post makes some very good points. but despite those good points my gut still tells me palmer is just not a stand-up guy when it comes to caring whether a team and its fans are getting their money’s worth from him.

  26. There is a lot of competition for “my least favorite player in the league”, but this worm is wiggling his way towards the top of the list.
    There are more ex-NFL starting QB’s with bad heads than bad arms.

  27. Carson’s camp is spinning it as “I’d rather be a backup on a contender than take less money to stay in Oakland.” What really is happening here is that Carson knows he’s en route to being a back up QB for the Raiders. They’re looking to see what they have in Pryor, if anything, and are ready to drop a pick on a QB in this garbage draft.

    Palmer knows the writing is on the wall and his pride won’t allow him to ride the pine on his current team. He wants it to have the appearance of it being his choice and if he can swing a ring as a backup, it wouldn’t hurt.

  28. As a Raiders fan I hope if they can’t trade him, Reggie cuts him the day before the season starts.

  29. When he left Cincy he made it very clear he doesn’t need the money and I’ve no reason do doubt him. It’s all about getting a ring now.

  30. I have little opinion on Carson’s choice. It’s his money, his career, and his life, and he’s freely exercising the options that he’s entitled to as negotiated and agreed upon by both parties. If the Raiders don’t like it, then they shouldn’t have agree to give him these powers. This is what the Raiders signed up for, a potential exercising of this option, and they should be thankful that they got Palmer to agree to it in the first place since they thought it was such a great deal at the time.

  31. If I’m Palmer, I immediately start trying to squat three times my body weight in the Raiders’ gym. He’ll be in physical therapy for a few months but will have $13 million to soothe the pain.

  32. Why would any team want Carson Palmer, he seems like a drama queen and when I hear the name I think quitter. The guy quit on Cincy, which I’m sure they’re very grateful for now and sounds like he’ll quit on the Raiders when he doesn’t get what he wants.

  33. Reggie M is a complete bust as a GM .He single handedly turned the team into a disaster after going 8-8 for two years. He brings in the zone blocking scheme and destroys the offense then 16 games later he does a 180. Green Bay must be laughing at the Raiders for getting him out of their organization. Another Millen type fiasco.

  34. The Raiders have been beating the drum that they’re reworking the roster with players who are hungry, love the game of football and want to be a Raider. RM has been throwing those words around like candy. Palmer falls short in all 3 areas. OK Reggie – time to ram that point home and do the right thing.

  35. So the Raiders ask him to rework his contract for a third time, and ask him to take a $3M pay cut, and somehow Palmer’s the bad guy for saying “no thank you?”

    I had him on my fantasy team last year and watched his games closely. Just because neither the disfunctional Bengals (TO, c’mon!?!) or even more disfunctional Raiders could not surround him with a reasonal cast of coaches or players does not make him a lousy quarterback.

    Tom Brady could not turn around a franchise with TO or DHB and the ownerhip of either of these two franchises.

  36. He left Cincinnati because they wouldn’t design the offense around Carson. That being said it is pretty selfish and not a business decision. The TEAM isn’t based on one person Mr Palmer. And assuming they designed the offense for you in Oakland, what have you done lately?

  37. Palmer knows that any team that considers him a starter is not a “contender”.

    Don’t take it personal Raider Nation he’s doing you a favor.

  38. Surely the faidets can find some team to give them a 1st and a 2nd for him. Wait, only the dumbest team in the league would actually contemplate, then actually move forward with that trade. Stay classy raiders.

  39. “Don’t blame Palmer, Cincy was total disarray with T.O. and Ocho and Oakland isn’t much better.”

    Palmer lobbied for T.O. to go to the Bengals.

  40. Palmer’s career ended when he was injuried vs the steelers on a low hit that was legal at the time.

    It’s kind of funny that Palmer got hurt on a low hit and nobody said anything. Brady gets injured on a low hit and the league scrambles to change the rules.

    Palmer was never great. He was good and had good stats but would never make the big plays at crunch time.

    Also, Larry Johnson should have beat Palmer for the Heisman. Johnson had 2000 yards on the fewest carries ever and broke Barry Sanders record for yards per carry average. Palmer just had a pretty good year for USC.

  41. If Palmer truly does want to be a backup on a contender, I wouldn’t rule out his “dropping a dumbell on his foot” or whatever so the Raiders will give him an injury settlement and cut him.

  42. So he’s finally realized the only way to get a ring is as a backup. It’s too bad for Dallas that Romo hasn’t realized this yet ( or Jerry Jones).

  43. Palmer rather be a backup and have a ring handed to him then play? That thought sickens me. Play because you love to play, and quit when you no longer love to play.

    Carson clearly doesn’t love to play any longer.

  44. If he’s going to be a jerk about it, announce Terrell Prior the immediate starter and cut Palmer the day before Raiders 1st game.

    Prior is an unproven talent, but at least he WANTS to be there Reggie. Give the kid a chance and see what, of anything, you have in him.

  45. At least he has finally realized any team he is a part of can only win if he is on the bench and not on the field. Thus his reason for wanting to be a backup on a winning team.

  46. Let him go. Chances are he’ll get hurt in training camp, then your on the hook. There is a high probability that no one will touch him anyway, he’s turning into a virus.

  47. I don’t know how much of this report is true but its a fact he doesn’t want to restructure and another fact he doesn’t want 2 play 4 us…cut’em now Reg and let’s all move on already…

  48. Carson Palmer has had the worst luck of any player ever. Each team he has been on has been a perennial loser. He needs to go to a team that has a solid QB.

  49. I can’t help but chuckle when I think back to the time we (Bengal fans) tried to warn the Raider Nation about this pick 6 throwing machine. The said we were fools. Thanks for the draft picks and the laughs.

  50. Carson I dare u to show the naysayers that u can lead the raiders in to the playoffs. The raiders are back to the power running game and will have a similar offense like Hue Jackson had with them. This is ur chance man, u goona have dmac, moore and Jacoby ford and streater as ur targets. Dont messed it up man, this is ur last chance. Suck it up take the pay cut and proof to the naysayers that u are a leader like Tom Brady.

  51. i say dont let Palmer go and let him run the Scout Offense. Bring in Matt Flynn, then cut Palmer before the first game

  52. I read another article about Palmer saying he’s sick of losing & wants to play for a contender. Lol, seems funny that being a QB (a pivotal part of a winning team) Palmer can’t seem to win anywhere yet when he pulled this stunt with the Bengals they did rather well minus Palmer’s services. I wonder if he realizes he’s an interception machine that has cost teams wins overall & maybe just maybe teams he has played for can’t win because he doesn’t know how to lead a team. This guy is a straight up bum & if he wants to earn a ring for sitting on a bench by all means but bottom line is he’s a well known quitter & teams lose due to his play and lack of leadership. His tantrums remind me of my 5 yr old when he doesn’t get his way. Oakland will be better off without him in the long run. Great teams are traditionally built around great QB’s and Palmer seriously doesn’t see why he’s always on losing teams? Lol too funny.

  53. And, as for “The greatest trade in NFL history”, is there still any doubt why knowledgeable Raider fans consider Hue Jackson nothing but a self-promoting, back-stabbing clown?

    What an idiot.
    Thanks, Hue. Enjoy what’s left of your career.

    What will you do when Marvin Lewis isn’t around to hand you a job?

  54. “Hue Jackson lost his damn mind”

    Nope, he knew all along what was in store for him. He’s probably 2 years away from being the Offensive Coordinator for the Bengals, and likely will be the head coach in waiting at some point. Mike Brown is an evil genius, he pulls strings to get what he wants then he signs the other party to a nice lifetime gig. Same thing happened when Bob Beddinghouse was county commissioner and pushed the stadium bill down voters throats, then quit and got a lifetime gig working at Paul Brown Stadium.

  55. If you’re Carson Palmer and you like football but don’t love it enough to suffer through the losing, you hold all the cards here. Why not refuse, make them release you and then for once in your life you get to make a choice about where you play? Seems obvious to me. Players refuse cuts all the time.

  56. Florio I understand your sentiment about players treating it like a business but Palmer is a bad example to use. He acted like a diva in Cincy and now in Oakland. What would the NFL be like if all players could just say they don’t like the team they are on and just quit (which in my mind is what he did in Cincy and now Oakland).

  57. Carson is not obligated to take a pay cut. Just like the Raiders are not obligated to keep him on the roster. The two-way street of non-guaranteed contracts.

    I will say that it is disappointing that Carson won’t take a reasonable pay cut and stay help turn things around. So, Reggie can either pay him, cut him, or trade him.

    One thing that I loved about Rich Gannon was that he came on board to an awful team and helped turn us around. Fire in his belly, a true competitor, and true leader. Sure you use another one like him…

  58. I will say, however, that Palmer’s strategy is sound. He wants to join a winning team – one that doesn’t have Carson Palmer as its starting QB.


  59. @randomcommenter

    “It’s kind of funny that Palmer got hurt on a low hit and nobody said anything. Brady gets injured on a low hit and the league scrambles to change the rules.”

    Ummm, see what happens when you type “Carson Palmer Rule” into your search engine?

    What’s not so funny is how the stillers broke both Palmer’s & Slim Henry’s knees (both of which required surgery) on the very same play in that playoff game in ’06, a 60+ yd completion from (wait for it) Palmer to Henry …

  60. Palmer is the best QB the Raiders have had since the Super Bowl and still a top-15 QB in this league.

    2012 Raiders:
    – 28th in scoring defense
    – 28th in rushing offense
    – 8th in passing offense

    And fools want to blame Carson.

    So far McKenzie is batting about .150 but getting a free pass from the media and Al Davis haters.

  61. Could this finally be the move that makes the Jets FREE TEBOW and let him play for a team that will, you know… actually let him play.

    Palmer to Jets… Tebow to Jacksonville or Miami. And the NFL becomes immediately more fun to watch on Sundays.

  62. Dear Carson,

    What is the one thing that all of the losing teams you’ve played for have in common?

    That’s right, they all have Carson Palmer at QB.

    Palmer went down with an injury, and Fitzpatrick took the Bengals to the playoffs.

    Palmer went to the Raiders, and the Bengals made the playoffs in consecutive seasons.

    You cannot play for a contender, because any team you’re on is not a contender.

    Your only claim to fame will be getting Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu into the HOF with all of the picks you’ve thrown their way.

  63. What no tarp discount for Carson? Doesn’t he know that the Raiders deserve a break because they can’t sell out their stadium?

  64. Carson Palmer is a quitter pure and simple. If he wanted to win he should have stayed in Cinci. Last two years, two playoff appearances. Nothing was better than watching him get his a@@ handed to him when he played the Bengals this year.

    This guy doesn’t understand how to be a teammate.

  65. Just to remind the lemmings – Faiders traded a 2012 first-round pick and a conditional second-rounder in 2013

  66. Dear Carson, winner’s already have QB’s so your going to have to put the work in somewhere else to help build a winner. Stop trying to take the easy way out & get off the beach chubby…..USC diva’s, right….

  67. Its going to be hard to trade Palmer for anything. Everyone knows he is not a team player. They know the way he acts. If I were the Raiders Id dump him 10 minutes before start of first game.

  68. Seahawks? They’d never take him. Carroll wants a competitor and a leader at the QB position, which Palmer has proven not to be in recent years. Schneider would only be OK with it if Palmer were to agree to a $2-3M deal max.

  69. Welp Raider fans, I hate to say we told you so but we did… Bengals fans everywhere told you this would happen to you all after you all laughed, and mocked our organization being the reason for his failures. You even supported this guy saying he was worth what you all gave up…. I wish you all the best of luck in the near future with this clown, dude has issues!!!

  70. The ultimate irony….Carson comes back to Cincy as Dalton’s backup and they win the Superbowl.

    Not going to happen, I know, but would be funny. He would never entertain it because he cannot stand Marvin Lewis…he is the reason Carson left.

  71. I see a HS Football Coach position and then a “Where Are They Now” segment in the near future.

  72. The fans and now the media are making this “drama” out of nothing, Palmer is under contract and he”ll honor It. Reggie Is bluffing but at the end he”ll pay him because he knows Palmer give the raiders the best chance to win.

  73. nflfolly says:
    Mar 28, 2013 11:29 AM
    Reggie M is a complete bust as a GM .He single handedly turned the team into a disaster after going 8-8 for two years. He brings in the zone blocking scheme and destroys the offense then 16 games later he does a 180. Green Bay must be laughing at the Raiders for getting him out of their organization. Another Millen type fiasco.

    5 18

    take a lap idiot.the mess Al left no GM in the league could fix it within one year.

  74. Raiders give Palmer and their first round picks for the next decade to Seattle along with a fresh bouquet for each Seahawk every week of the season.

    Raiders get Flynn on a conditional offer, condition being that the Raiders have to ask really nicely.

  75. So he wants to go sit on a bench and presumably collect a ring that he didn’t really earn under another starting QB? What does this really do for someone, does it mean that much to get a ring on the bench?

    I’d take the 10 million instead and attempt to actually be a big leader to the players on the rebuild — go out with class.

    I’ve lost some respect for Palmer. This is kind of Randy Moss like to me.

    I still find it odd the Raiders even offered him 10 million.

    I’d say let him go, use that money elsewhere. It’s highly doubtful 3 would be able to win a SB in Oakland anyhow. I also don’t see him being worth 10 million. Hell, Pryor showed he could at least get in the end zone, two passes, one run, something that eluded Palmer.

    It would take a seriously strong defense in Oakland to get to the big dance with Palmer at the helm.

    I kind of understand his point, but his past actions taint his present objective with a cloud of doubt, and selfishness.

  76. Lets set some facts straight. First, Palmer restructured his deal last season, and played for the veteran minimum, so that the Raiders could field a team. Now, you Palmer haters expect him to do the same thing again, only to play for the worst team in football, then be cut next off season. Geez, that sounds great! How about you all go to your jobs, take a massive pay cut, then get fired in 6 months as a thank you.

    The guy isn’t the QB of the future in Oakland. By the time they get that mess of a team figured out, Palmer will be retired. If a guy wants to end his career on a high note with a contender, so be it.

    Oakland is at least 4 years out from contention, Palmer doesn’t change that fact. They need to release him, and start the “expansion team” type make over.

  77. The Raiders are the new and improved joke of the NFL. Reggie is already gutting a talent pool that is shallow to begin with. Carson is a QUITTER, quit in Cincy ,Quit in Jokeland. This teams motto is …Just When Baby…With 22 guys off the street that is.

  78. So let me get this straight. Palmer is a pro bowl QB destined to go to the Super Bowl before getting his knee blown up on a blown block and he turns into a bum in Cincy. The fans turn there back and Mike Brown arguably the worst owner in football turns his back on his franchise QB.

    Palmer is then traded to Oakland where the fans do nothing but rip him with no talent at WR a broken RB, No OL, and an average Defense at best.

    Now Palmer is told he’s going to have to compete with Terrell Pryor for the QB spot. A guy in Pryor with no experience and is basically a cheap version of Vince Young.

    Who wouldn’t want to hold out. All you myopic fans are the sand guys who would praise Palmer if he led your team to victory. Instead you rip a guy who has been the benefit of having played for 2 horrible franchises.

  79. thraiderskin says:
    Mar 28, 2013 10:38 AM
    I’d just rather be done with him… looks likethe Bengal fans were right

    Yessir once a quitter always a quitter. Unfortunately I forked out 60 dollars for his jersey when he was good and now I can’t bring myself to rip his name off cause its a nice jersey so I have to be reminded of this quitter everytime I open my closet….. Carson just quit already for good.

  80. Too slow for CFL, QBs have to be mobile.A 1 percenter that didn’t piss away his money on chains, hoes, cars.Let him buy some car dealerships like Elway and Warner did in Denver and Seattle.Any new pics on his wife ?

  81. 10yardslant says:
    Mar 28, 2013 1:46 PM
    So let me get this straight. Palmer is a pro bowl QB destined to go to the Super Bowl before getting his knee blown up on a blown block and he turns into a bum in Cincy. The fans turn there back and Mike Brown arguably the worst owner in football turns his back on his franchise QB.

    So let me get this straight you are Carson Palmer? I’m not gonna sit here and defend mike brown but he did try and get Carson some weapons. Carson quit on the fans first. Thankfully he’s no longer our problem. To the rest of the teams I wouldn’t touch him he’s a selfish quitter. Once a quitter always a quitter.

  82. This is what happens when you play for teams that only care about making a buck. The Bengals have the most salary cap and soon the Raiders will join them.
    Who wants to play for a team where the owner and GM don’t want to win … the only players that will play in Oakland now are players who can’t make the NFL.

    I just hope this is plan for the Raiders to trick some team into trading some picks for their #4 … if it’s not … ouch … 0-16 baby.

  83. The problem is Palmer, not his teams. Look at how the Bengals did the year after he left…

  84. Part of me sees this Carson’s way. He signed a contract to get $10 million. That’s what he feels he’s owed. I get it. And if the team doesn’t want to pay him that much, too bad.

    It’s a fair question to bring up is Carson worth $10 mil. He isn’t. I think even Carson knows that, but hey, why not make the team live up to the contract? Still plenty of teams out there if the Raiders don’t want to pay him. If he can make more money somewhere else with (yet another) fresh start, why not?

    But whether he can make more money that what the Raiders want him to restructure is the real question.

    However, since the Raiders hold all the cards, the Raiders could be jerks and decide to cut him at the last round of cuts right before the season. Then what for Carson? We’ve seen how that plays out… last minute veteran QB added to the last desperate team… it doesn’t end well for either side.

    Suck it up, Carson. It’s in your best interest to restructure and put your heart into the team you’re signed to. Not just for how you’ll look in the public’s eyes, but your finances too.

  85. nflcinbengals says:
    Mar 28, 2013 12:59 PM
    Welp Raider fans, I hate to say we told you so but we did

    I love the word “welp”. I usually spill it “whelp”, but it’s awesome either way.

  86. Hate to say it, but it’s not Palmer’s fault the Raiders took a huge chance on him and it didn’t work out. Palmer wasn’t the reason we didn’t make the playoffs 2 years ago and he also wasn’t at fault for last years pathetic outcome. We’re basically paying him as an elite QB when he is actually an above average serviceable QB that can make all the throws. See ya Carson, u gave it ur best. The New Raiders gotta do what they gotta do…

  87. Why is it that everyone thinks just because a guy played at USC, he’s an automatic fit for Seattle? Carson Palmer is in no way a fit for Seattle’s scheme, especially at his price.

  88. He wants to play for a winner and doesn’t mind being a backup………Great, bring him back to Cinci!!

  89. jbaxt says: Mar 28, 2013 11:42 AM

    Surely the faidets can find some team to give them a 1st and a 2nd for him. Wait, only the dumbest team in the league would actually contemplate, then actually move forward with that trade. Stay classy raiders.
    You should be thanking the Raiders, Queefs fan. If it wasn’t for Oakland sweeping your wretched team last year, you wouldn’t be sitting on that first pick. Stay stupid, hilljack.

  90. “Carson Palmer drama”?
    Are you certain it’s not “Reggie McKenzie/Dennis Allen Drama”?
    FAs gone voluntarily/jumping ship: Philip Wheeler, Desmond Bryant, Matt Shaughnessy, Shane frickin’ Lechler, Mike Goodson, Brandon Myers.
    Then (arguably/justifiably) DHB, Michael Huff, Tommy Kelly, Richard Seymour, Dave Tollefson, et al.
    Ummmm…that’s a LOT of turnover for any team. Especially if you sign guys like Ron Bartell, Shawntae Spencer, Willie Smith, and keep Matt Giardano then expect them to succeed when they have been set up to fail. BTW, Tony Bergstrom played in only 9 games, & started once. We must’ve had some all-pro vets at OG?
    The remaining players like CP3 & DMAC must feel like cannon-fodder for the 1 yr old regime to use up in their learning curve.
    It’s kinda making me start to wonder about the “Rolando McClain drama”.
    This headline may be one year late, if you nomesayin’.

  91. The problem isn’t Palmer it’s the team he plays for! Wait I mean the problem isn’t Okland it’s the QB they have! Oh darn nevermind just get rid of everyone and sell the team! Best Bet! : )

  92. When he signs a 30 million dollar contract with the Redskins, it will be interesting to see how the Raiders fans react. Palmer was clearly not going to win anything with that mess of a team, but maybe with some talent around him in Washington he can do something.

  93. How is that in Cards they have a chance with him and with the Raiders he is an int machine and sucks so bad?
    I dont get all those losers fans that want to tank the season and feel like is their money were talking about.
    Palmer might not be the qb of the future but he give us the best chance to compete right now even if we go 0-16.

  94. Palmer already took a pay cut when he joined the Raiders ($7 million?) I believe.

    Now after one season, the Raiders want him to want a 30%cut in pay.


    Palmer’s salary, for an established starting quarterback is not out of line by any means.

    And it’s not like the Raiders have his successor just waiting in the wings, ready to take over the team.

    It would serve the Raiders right if they cut him. They gave up a 1st & 2nd round pick for someone who played a season and a half.

  95. Palmer is not the problem.
    How is Reggie getting a free pass???
    Hue Jackson had the Raiders going in the right direction and Reggie comes in and dismantles the team and is turning it into a joke.
    How is Ozzie able to keep the Ravens competitive after losing so many players … Did he dismantle the whole team? No … he signed his QB and replaced the other players. Why is McKenzie gutting the whole team??

  96. Don’t the Bengals make the playoffs every year lately? So he quit them because he wasn’t happy or something. He goes to the Raiders realizes he’s not the guy that can get the job done. And want’s to play for a winner as a back up because he isn’t good enough to be a winner as a starter? Why would a team even consider him with that kind of attitude and drive? Its like the kid growing up that always said the best job in the world is back up kicker. Do competitors a favor and get out of the way.

  97. saints4life57 says:
    Mar 28, 2013 3:38 PM

    The problem isn’t Palmer it’s the team he plays for! Wait I mean the problem isn’t Okland it’s the QB they have! Oh darn nevermind just get rid of everyone and sell the team! Best Bet! : )

    Ha ha ha! Are you serious? You win one Superbowl and think you are all of a sudden relevant? Your team has been absolute garbage for 90% of their existence! Get over yourself Aint’s fan…

  98. I really dont understand people. If you were hired to work a job under a contract youd expect the compensation both parties agreed upon. Owners have bullied players in the nfl you dont see this happening in mlb. So because he wants to be compensated for what the raiders agreed to pay him hes a no good punk quitter. Your ignorant dude and dont know what your talking about

  99. Can you imagine Elway had left to play for a “contender” before his last 2 years? Never heard Marino say he wanted to play for a “contender”. You know why? Because those guys felt that any team they were on was a contender, just for the fact that they played for said team. That’s not the case anymore. It’s way too easy to just give up these days. Hey Carson, nothing worth having comes easy!

  100. Check the update from Steve Corkran’s Raiders blog – two sources deny Raiders offered Palmer reduced $10M contract for 2013.

    Once again Mike Silver’s information regarding the Oakland Raiders proves to be complete garbage.

  101. Piss on him! We don’t want him in Oakland anyway! His numbers are horridly inflated (most coming late in the 4th quarter, after there was no hope of winning), He throws the ball to the opposing team more than their QBs do, he’s terrible when being rushed, he’s terrible at making quick decisions, and he was ridiculously overpaid by a guy who never should have been calling the shots in the first place. Not to mention we gave up WAY too much for an average-at-best QB.

    Good riddance. Maybe Geno will be better. Hell, Terelle Pryor could end up being better than this jackass.

  102. Some in Ohio gave him the nickname ‘Quitter’ when he left here. “Chronic Quitter” sounds even better to me!

  103. I would bet my last dollar that all these morons who want Palmer cut are same one who wanted JaMarcus. How did that work out for you … Calvin Johnson over JaMarcus … Lol.

  104. tdk24 says: Mar 28, 2013 6:21 PM

    Can you imagine Elway had left to play for a “contender” before his last 2 years? Never heard Marino say he wanted to play for a “contender”. You know why? Because those guys felt that any team they were on was a contender, just for the fact that they played for said team. That’s not the case anymore. It’s way too easy to just give up these days. Hey Carson, nothing worth having comes easy!
    Seriously? Elway refused to play for the Colts when he was drafted. He threatened to play baseball for the Yankees unless the Colts traded him. He was the Eli Manning of the 1983 draft, idiot.

  105. re: pierrepoint1 says: Mar 28, 2013 3:54 PM

    Palmer’s salary, for an established starting quarterback is not out of line by any means.

    ahem. he was scheduled to make as much as Eli Manning this year. With a mid-80’s passer’s rating, ten million was more than generous.

    I never wanted him in Oakland in the first place. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  106. Read two other reports that says this drama is all from outside sources. Now we have a whole nation believing some made up story by this writer. I honestly feel this site has the most comments on the raiders and uses it to stir up stuff. CARSON WAS NOT OFFERED A 10 MIL DEAL AND HE HASNT ASKED TO GO ANYWHERE ELSE. Im glad you can just make stuff up and people will just eat it right up. And these other articles 9/10 report on facts.

  107. If he wasn’t such a spoiled pretty boy, he’d still be in Cincy throwing to A.J. Green and he’d be on a contender.

  108. Here something I thought I would never say………” I’d rather have Jordon Palmer as my QB then his narcissistic brother”

  109. I empathized with Palmer in his bid to get away from Mike Brown, but the bottom line is that Carson is the problem. He isn’t a fighter. He’s not the gutsy competitor that, say, Matt Hasselbeck is. As you noted, he doesn’t want to help a team become competitive. He just wants to get on the roster of a competitive team, even if it’s as a noncontributing backup. That’s why he was still making excuses about a knee injury five years later when Brady had rehabbed from the same injury in a season. No heart.

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