Jaguars thought about trading for Flynn, but won’t


While a report this week pegged the Jaguars as most likely destination for Seahawks backup quarterback Matt Flynn, the Jaguars apparently aren’t going to pursue him now.

According to Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union, the Jaguars “explored the possibility,” of trading for Flynn, before deciding not to.

A source described the interest as “due diligence” and nothing more.

As long as the Jaguars depth chart consists of Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne, people are going to link them to every available quarterback. But with the draft four weeks from today, there’s no reason to acquire Flynn now if you think you can pick a guy you prefer.

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  1. What did this guy play a few games for GB and he’s the cats meow, figures Jacksonville would be the team interested.


  2. I think he’ll play in Seattle in 2013 and barring significant and highly productive playing time as a result of a Wilson injury, will be cut after next season. He has $2m guaranteed this year but nothing next year, and his salary goes up a million next year. $3.5m minus his guaranteed money this year is fair backup QB money, but $6.5m next year is not. Now, if Carson Palmer is cut by the Raiders and is willing to be a backup for that $3.5m or less, then Flynn could get cut.

  3. @ccjcsr

    There’s a story right above your post that says the Jaguars appartantly are not intersted in trading for Flynn.

    Oh and he played one game for GB.

    Plus Jag fans know all about trading for a guy who has one great game…and buffalo fans do as well

  4. Another case of the National media guys just making assumptions about Jax.

    Was this acquisition another “virtual certainty”?

  5. Flynn came out of the same draft as Henne. Same age. Drafted five rounds later. Henne has most of the passing records at Michigan. Four year starter in the NFL. Flynn has only had one year as a starter since high school. As a fifth year college senior, where he had a 56% completion rate. But somehow, through all of that, Flynn earns twice as much per year as Henne. More than Henne and Gabbert put together.

    Dave Caldwell may be inexperienced, but he isn’t stupid.

  6. Jaguars head Coach Gus Bradley saw this guy day in and day out last year, and the fact that he isn’t pushing his GM to trade for him says volume about what people think of Matt Flynn has a viable option has a 16 game starter in the NFL.

  7. Flynn was a product of the Packer’s system and the hope that he could be the next Aaron Rodgers. It was a gamble that didn’t pay. I don’t blame Seattle for trying.

  8. @goldrush36

    I don’t agree with your posts 99% of the time being a seahawks fan and you being a 49er fan. But, I think you, the fans of every team, and I can all agree that logicalvoice, the ravenator, and flavordave are THE biggest douches NFL fans have ever seen.

  9. Dave Caldwell seems to be sticking to his word about doing due diligence and building through the draft. He hasn’t seriously gone after any of the riskier high priced free agents, and has had a large presence at college pro days. He seems very consistent in his approach. As a Jaguars fan, I’m hoping this pans out in the next year or two.

  10. Well Flynn is very lucky.

    Besides the fact that he’ll be on the roster of a franchise on the rise (as opposed to the league’s dependable doormat).
    I’d much rather live in Seattle than Jacksonville.

    I guess “thegreatgabbert” jerseys may be going on sale in the near future.

    Such a shame, he had such a promising future till he was drafted by the Jags. Then it all went down the drain.

  11. He’ll be released???? What the heck are you smoking? Stop it! It’s turning your brain to Skittles.

    All of these “Flynn to be traded” stories are just that, stories. Things people write about if there is the tiniest scintilla of truth to the original idea. With a lackluster draft on the horizon, and not much happening in Free Agent signings, darn near anything is grist for the mill.

    Like finding out that Jeff Garcia is talking with Mark Sanchez. Like reading the sum total of the intelligence of “logicalvoicesays”, in less than twenty seconds.

    Like I said, a slow, news year.

  12. Shame Flynn hasn’t gotten a chance… no, or …
    he had a chance in seattle, Wilson won.

    Maybe give Flynn a shot in Oakland/Arizona/Jets…

    I’d just like to see him somewhat succeed…sort of like Matt Hasselback.

  13. No way he just gets outright cut this year……Why some in the media keep putting that and the fact that he is on the roster as being a problem is mind blowing. I understand many of the crazy comments from fans who say much the same thing as they just regurgitate whatever the latest fad saying they happen to come across. Just understand that there is plenty of time for this to play out, even if there ultimately is a trade. The teams that don’t have a quality QB as a starter are the ones’ under the gun. Everyone sees what the QBs this draft class has to offer. So, just relax folks.

  14. The way to be a “perfect” quarterback in the league is obviously not to play at all, but sit on the bench. Matt Cassell, Kevin Kolb, Matt Flynn, Ryan Mallett. Cassell in his defense at least had a full year as a starter in N.E. The others, pure hope and speculation built on nothing.

  15. I’d love it if he came to Oakland. If the Pryor experiment flops (which we’ll find out soon, it seems more and more likely that he’ll be the opening day starter) then they’d have another intriguing option waiting in the wings.

    As excited as I am for Pryor, I’ve also been very anxious these last few years to see what Flynn can do as the starter.

  16. kuhawks2010 says: Mar 28, 2013 5:14 PM

    Flynn to Oakland….


    And Palmer to Seattle?

    Lol, that’s just crazy enough to work. Flynn gets the chance to beat out another young mobile QB for a starting spot. Palmer gets to, um… be re-united with his college coach? Decent shot at a ring? Be on the roster of a winner?

    The contracts would have to be reworked, obvs.

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