Jeff Fisher doesn’t see kickoffs going away

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In December, Rams coach Jeff Fisher, a member of the NFL Competition Committee, said he was sure that committee would examine the possibility of eliminating kickoffs from the NFL. But now Fisher says that’s not happening.

Fisher appeared on Mike and Mike in the Morning to discuss the rules changes the NFL adopted this month, but he also discussed one rule he doesn’t see being adopted: Fisher said that moving kickoffs up five yards has had the intended effect of reducing injuries without making the game any less exciting, and as a result he doesn’t see further changes.

“The kickoff thing comes up, but you know what? The numbers are way down,” Fisher said of injuries on kickoffs. “We moved the kickoff up, we increased the number of touchbacks. It’s still an exciting game. Look at the Super Bowl — the ball is still coming out. But the injury numbers are way, way down after the change of two years ago.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell floated a new idea for eliminating kickoffs and replacing them with a fourth-and-15 play on which teams would usually punt. That generated a lot of debate, but it is apparently not being seriously discussed by the Competition Committee: Kickoff aren’t going anywhere.

At least not yet.

24 responses to “Jeff Fisher doesn’t see kickoffs going away

  1. They don’t need to get rid of kickoffs. There won’t be any concern when they make tackling illegal in a few years.

  2. I don’t hate that 4th and 15 idea. its not traditional but it would be cool to see teams try for the conversion instead of an onside kick late in gqmes. it might screw up the field position game though.

  3. Well, if Fisher has as much pull on the competition committee as they say, then kickoffs may not go away–until he retires.

  4. If kickoffs are too dangerous for the players to perform, why not have fans come from the stands to return kicks?

  5. The NFL sure has changed since they decided to move the kickoffs BACK because the lack of exciting kickoff returns damaged their product.

  6. When a kick off goes out of the end zone or is fair caught in the back 80 % of the time. They basically have gone away and been replaced by a commercial. Thank you for that Jeff Fisher as well as your rule that makes hard running illegal. Your competition committee is just what fans and players asked for.

  7. The Great Roger Goodell Live And In Person floated the idea of eliminating kickoff returns.

    The next week, a Giant ran a kickoff back for a touchdown.

    Roger hasn’t floated the idea since. Strictly coincidental, I’m sure.

  8. They need to do “standing start” kickoffs. Why let the guys build up a “head of steam” if your so worried about collisions?
    WAKE UP !
    I HOPE it ends the kicking out of the end zone.

  9. Well, that’s good news… until a week from now when the idea comes back to life and kickoffs are then banned within 48 hours.

    Is there anything crazier than how the Competition Committee operates? Some ideas are born and passed into the rules almost instantly, others suddenly appear and then instantly are dismissed. And absolutely nothing is ever researched or tested on a trial basis during the preseason. Everything they do comes across as totally haphazard.

  10. At the rate this is going, it won’t be long before fans will fill the seats to watch two guys in chairs on the fifty yard line, playing Madden, on a huge HD screen in one end zone.

    Physical risks will be over, the insurance companies and their stockholders will be ecstatic, “teams” will be down to half-a-dozen per side, and billionaire owners will become trillionaires.

    And a huge statue of Freddie Mitchell will rise at the Linc.

  11. Commissioner Goodell needs to be banished from NFL. He is successfully ruining all aspects of the game as well as Draft Weekend, ProBowl, etc.

    His BS is the main reason why most fans are not spending money going to games or buying NFL merchandise. Poll the fans, please and you will see exactly what I am saying.

    NFL fans are the ones that need to fight back and abstain from buying tix and protesting buying merchandise. Also maybe protest advertisers and write to companies and tell then why. One day we will wake up and men in underwear will be playing football w flags attached to them.

    The NFL owners are in a coma produced by greed from the Forbes’ “Values.”

  12. Get the feeling that Fisher has his head attached to Goodell’s backside. These ideas are silly. Naturally if you kick the ball through the endzone injuries will decline.

    If you eliminate tackling, they will likely decline too but it’s just not football!

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