Jeff Garcia tutoring Mark Sanchez, JaMarcus Russell

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Former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia working with Jets starter-for-now Mark Sanchez seems like a legitimate opportunity for a man well-versed in the West Coast Offense to share his wisdom.

Throw in JaMarcus Russell, and it sounds like a punch line that’s looking for a joke.

But Garcia said he was impressed with the work Sanchez was doing, as he gets used to the changes new offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg is bringing to the Jets.

“He’s doing an excellent job — the progress Mark has made over the past three weeks is definitely very positive,” Garcia told Jim Corbett of USA Today. “It shows Mark is committed to bettering himself and getting himself more mentally prepared.


“The most important thing for Mark is to take that tough season last year as a learning experience from the standpoint of how he can get better and give his team the best chance to win. That has to be done in terms of being confident in his ability to run this system and speak the language correctly. So now when he takes the field in OTAs, he’ll be in that much more comfortable of a place.”

Garcia’s a good tutor for the system, and he threw for career-best numbers under Mornhinweg’s tutelage in San Francisco in 2000.

“Marty and I communicated a few weeks ago [about] what he’d like to introduce to Mark,” Garcia said. “Mark is definitely getting more comfortable speaking the West Coast terminology. He had a brief glimpse of the West Coast system at USC.

“The toughest thing is this will be Mark’s third offensive coordinator in six seasons. The guy has had to learn a new system just about every other year. From a consistency standpoint, that just doesn’t translate to success in the NFL. You really need to be secure in what you’re doing mentally in order to compete at the highest level.”

Speaking of which, Garcia said Russell’s trying to get in shape for a pro day in a month or so, hoping to get another chance.

“Granted his back is against the wall,” Garcia said of the former first-overall pick. “This is a situation where if he doesn’t do it now, it may never happen. But if you look at where he was two months ago to where he is today, he’s come a long way in demanding more out of himself than he ever did.”

If he had done that the first time through, he might not be a reclamation case.

40 responses to “Jeff Garcia tutoring Mark Sanchez, JaMarcus Russell

  1. Here’s hoping Sanchez will make something out of nothing, not holding my breath though.

  2. Thiergow says: Mar 28, 2013 3:37 PM

    Jeff Garcia, the bust whisperer

    lol, too funny.

  3. Last time Marty Mornhinweg and Jeff Garcia teamed up, you had a great offensive team in the 2006 Eagles that almost upset the powerhouse Saints in New Orleans. Good news for Jets fans.

  4. Sure would be curious and interested to know a lot more detailed recap of what this 2 month progress for Jamarcus looks like.

    What is the goal of working with him, to get him back into the NFL? So how are things progressing towards that goal as opposed to just a self-improvement from ground zero? He seems to come full circle with where he’s at working with Mark, but a mystery here with JR. I’m confused as to what Jeff is doing with JR and how he is helping him. I hope JR knows what he is doing and confident that Garcia is the man to help him, because this is looking a lot to me as rather likely to be his last chance as opposed to maybe his last chance.

  5. Hopefull they have a hands team there to field the onside kicks these guys throw.

  6. Sounds like the new CBA created new jobs for retired players. Marty can’t talk to Mark yet, so he tells Jeff what he would like to be teaching Mark. Then Mark hires Jeff to get a jump on the new system. Creative !!!

  7. I wonder if Russell is coming back because he’s 1)broke or because 2) he is trying to get rid of the “Bust” label? I’d put my money on number 2, because he made 30+ million dollars, there is no way he ran through all of it already. If I were him, just the thought of becoming a bust would have made me do anything I could to stop it from happening. Maybe if he would have practiced more, kept in shape and listened to his elders, he wouldn’t be in this situation today?

  8. “What do these three men have in common?”

    Cliff Claven: “Who are three quarterbacks who have never been in my kitchen”

  9. Someone tell me if I’m far off base here, but if you have been in the league as long as Sanchez and Russell have, you shouldn’t need any tutoring. There are some guys who just don’t have it and never will. I think these are two of those guys.

  10. spedman24 says:Mar 28, 2013 4:06 PM

    At least Sanchez tries to get better, unlike guys like Victor Cruz that only care about how much money he makes
    Yes, considering Sanchez required a new contract after he got butt-hurt by the Jets trying to talk to Peyton Manning last year? Anybody else would have liked to be around when Tannenbaum was trying to place that call to PM? “Gee, I dunno what is going on? I just tried to call him 3 times. The first time the phone rang a few times and then went to vm, the second time direct to vm, and the third time I got a message saying my number was blocked?”

  11. In the NFL at QB, you either got it or you don’t. You can learn and improve, but if the base necessities of the position aren’t there, you’re out. Sanchez has had enough chances, he just doesn’t have it. With a depleted roster in NY, he’ll be worse than last year. Russel? Who knows? He didn’t put in the full effort the first time, maybe he can be salvaged, but I believe Sancez is done.

  12. JaMarcus couldn’t read defenses either before the snap or during a play. You need to design an amazing offense so Russell can always go to his first option and THAT is damn near impossible in the NFL.

    I never thought his laziness/conditioning was the problem. He just had it so easy at LSU where his first read was there often enough that his amazing cannon arm could just carry the day. With OAK, he seemed baffled on every snap and nothing looked right.

    If Jump Pass Jeff can fix that, give him a clipboard and a whistle.

  13. A quick tally on this article shows maybe three Jets fans, and the rest traveling trolls.

    The moron Pats poster (who never misses a Jets post to reply to), has the nerve to talk about wasting time?

    Talk about irony.

  14. By the time Mark Sanchez absorbs enough tutoring to be an adequate NFL QB the league will be over due to concussion lawsuits. JR will never absorb it. Just make Jeff the QB.

  15. Sanchez no doubt went downhill, because there were no coaches on the Jets, who could adequately explain what they were trying to do. If Garcia can speak a language (West Coast Offense), that Sanchez can understand, it should help Mark to return to pro form. Its for sure that Blubberbutt can’t speak intelligently about something that he has little true understanding about (the O).

    Good luck, Mark.

  16. Jamarcus having his back against the wall is the understatement of the football decade. This guy’s back has been blown through the wall with six sticks of dynamite pressed against his chest. He’s way past the proverbial wall.

  17. Yeah, but what is JaMarcus’ weight right now? Can we still call him JaWalrus or did Garcia kick JaMarcus’ hiney into shape?

  18. “Granted his back is against the wall,” Garcia said of the former first-overall pick. ”
    Why? Is there a buffet attached to that wall?

  19. We’ll see what happens when the bullets start flying, and NO this is not code for someone to off someone else. Well, you never know with the mentality of the media.

  20. It’s not too late for Sanchez to turn things around – but he’d be better off getting cut from the Jets and starting over elsewhere.

    Only Wrecks Ryan would think it was a good idea to put the pressure of a Super Bowl guarantee (twice) on a guy who’s college coach felt was not ready for the NFL.

  21. Looks like the Jets just got caught breaking the rules regarding offseason practices. If the OC is communicating with Jeff Garcia about Sanchez (not that it would actually help).

  22. @joesixpack

    Sanchez’ own limitations had more to do with his poor play than anything Rex could ever say. Justify your statement all you like, but a Rex Ryan Super Bowl Guarantee never overthrew wide open receivers by 10 yards, nor has a RRSBG ever ran into the butt of his own lineman, giving away a touchdown in the process.

    There are ways to blame Rex Ryan for the state of the Jets and you chose one of the least legitimate criticisms.

  23. Funny that all these comments and innuendos keep swishing around Jeff Garcia… Did I say swishing? I meant swirling.

  24. If all the so-called experts (trolls and sportswriters) would look at the buttfumble, you’d notice Brandon Moore was pushed back into Sanchez by the defensive lineman.
    It could have happened to any quarterback.

    But don’t let facts get in the way.

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