Lacy will run for scouts on April 11

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A hamstring injury has kept Alabama running back Eddie Lacy from participating in the pre-draft run-and-jump-a-thon.

That’ll end on April 11, when Lacy runs and works out for scouts.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, all teams have been informed that Lacy will show what he can (or, theoretically, can’t) do on April 11.

Lacy is regarded as the top running back in the draft, due in large part to the knee injury suffered by South Carolina’s Marcus Lattimore.  With Lattimore ahead of schedule and talking about being ready to play in 2013, the gap between the two could be narrower than previously believed.

6 responses to “Lacy will run for scouts on April 11

  1. It obvious Lacy just delayed this so that he can practice the 40 to get a decent time. In other words, it will be a fake time.

    Lacy is overrated. You could drive a truck brought the holes he had at Bama. That’s why former Bama RBs Ingram and Richardson have struggled so far in the NFL.

    Lacy is not as talented as either. He doesn’t have the feet of Ingram or the speed of Richardson. He’s just a plodder behind a great OL.

  2. I would like to see him end up in Pitt if they don’t sign Bradshaw. He would fit their style, and they need to start looking at skill position players early, instead of injury prone lineman or “best player available” Lacy is an impressive big back with good speed, maybe like a Bettis 2.0 who can burn it.

  3. randomcommenter, the reason Richardson “struggled” last year is because he was on the Cleveland Browns (and he was a bit banged up too). People need to stop treating football like baseball…a player isn’t solely responsible for “his” production in football.

    I don’t think he struggled at all…he was an impressive looking rookie RB to me.

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