NFL Network “trying not to tip” draft picks

NFL Network plans to have more than 45 hours of live coverage of the 2013 draft, coordinating producer Charlie Yook told USA Today‘s Michael Hiestand in a story published Thursday. The live coverage is a record for an NFL draft for the network, Yook said.

Also notable was Yook’s disclosure of NFL Network’s plans regarding how it will deal with knowing whom the teams will pick before the league announces it on-stage at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

“We’re trying not to tip the picks,” Yook told USA Today. We want to show the element of surprise for the viewer, even though we’ll clearly know in-house. And it will be OK for analysts to speculate.”

Ah, yes — informed speculation. Those who listen closely to NFL Draft coverage on NFLN and ESPN will be seasoned pros at picking up on it by draft’s end. Moreover, news of picks often finds its way onto Twitter before the card ever gets read. You may recall one NFL owner who was way ahead of the game last year.

Overall, there’s probably a little less drama about who will be picked where on Draft Day now than there was, say, a generation ago. Call it a generalization reflective of the times. (After all, Twitter just celebrated its seventh birthday.) Moreover, there is a strong appetite for draft coverage, and there is great media competition.

That said, there has probably never been a better time to be a draft enthusiast. There is so much information at our fingertips. Superscouts are few and far between, but anyone willing to put in the time to learn more about the game has more resources to do so than ever.

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  1. good!!! i still remember the draft 2 years ago when we new what the draft pick was going to be about 5 mins before the pick actually came up. no matter where i turned it was on there!! drove me nuts, took the fun out of it.

  2. If the picks are going to be on Twitter ~30 seconds before TV then what’s the point watching it?

    Twitter sucks

  3. I know it’s not the end of the world, but there’s been nothing worse than watching Chris Berman and his ESPN cronies tell you the pick 2-3 minutes in advance, and showing the player on his cell phone crying or whatever. It honestly ruins watching it for me.

  4. so a BUNCH of NFL analysts will continue taking credit for ‘information’ …that’s told to them in the delay from the team submitting the pick to the time it’s read.
    WOW! them guys is smart!!

  5. The “scoop wars” are ridiculous anyway. The analysts want to seem credible so they say who they “think” the pick will be and usually have some other guess we all know is wrong just to make it seem like they don’t know. The coverage of players on their cell phones and in their homes is lame as well. My biggest gripe is how the players are covered. They should talk about the pick and how he fits with the team that picked him. They love their stories and many times they are so concerned with that marketing angle that a pick or two is missed and they just give it a cursory announcement in catch up time. Draft coverage could be better on several levels.

  6. Good cuz Berman’s a pain in the ass when he uses his personal brand of schtick to ruin your suspense on nearly every pick.

  7. I don’t understand how this would be a difficult probably to solve. Outside of the first pick, the NFL Network can’t possibly know the picks more than a few minutes ahead of time. This is not like an awards ceremony where the outcome waa decided weeks ago. Here is a crazy idea: don’t tell the on air analyst what the pick is before it is announced.

  8. Nothing more annoying and ruins watching the draft on TV than learning about it a minute before its announced…I unfollow guys like Jason LaCanfora who refuse to abide by NFL wishes and release it before anyway….
    I stay on twitter to talk draft with everyone…suspense is half the fun. I like trying to limit leaks. Better viewing experience overall. Otherwise, why watch?

  9. Good thing. They should also not show the picks if they are on the phone. That’s how Chicago finagled their way out of the Ravens trade a few years ago when they saw that the OT from Wisconsin wasn’t on his phone on ESPN.

  10. Raider fans what do you think of us trading the pick, completeley tanking next season, no palmer, getting number 1 next year and reading that pick which will be clowney. He is worth atleast 3 picks. We don’t need anyone this draft. Geno Felino?? No thanks, Sheriff Floyd? I hate fat DT’S going that early. We need a lot……

  11. I watched the draft on ESPN last year and the first half of the first round was really fun to watch. They seemed to do a pretty good job of letting the commish announce the pick. By the end of the first round though they were right back to announcing them early. I’m guessing this year will be more of the same.

  12. I wish they would move the whole thing back to Saturday afternoon. I loved sucking down beers and watching the draft all day. I don’t know why they think breaking it up over two days is better.

  13. Twitter told me we killed Bin Laden three hours before Obama announced it. Guess what? I still watched.

  14. A few years ago I was watching the draft on the nfl’s official online site and they switched over to a 3 man offsite team midway through the 1st round to do their analysis. Basically, Scott Hanson, Jamie Dukes and someone else that I can’t remember were watching the draft unfold and then were discussing the possibilties of who may get drafted (It felt like that movie The Sting).

    This was their idea of not tipping picks and also making it look like these analyst seem like nostradamus. After a few picks, Scott Hanson mentions a name out of left field as a possible pick and Jaime Dukes just starts glaring at him. After they showed that was indeed the correct pick, Jaime Dukes said something like “Look, if they are smart enough to get online, then they are smart enough to know this is some bull.” They then cut back to the regular coverage.

    If anyone else saw this please leave a comment because I’m starting to think I was the only one to witness this.

  15. Well, that’s a good idea NFL Network, but it would be best if Sanders and Irvin aren’t there because with their mouths, they’d start hollerin’ and carrying on saying ” I told ya’ so “. Two guys I cannot stand !

    And besides, when is the NFL going to take this draft outa’ New York and move it around the country like I thought they were gonna’ do a few years back. Those NY fans ruin the draft experience in my book ! They ought to take the draft to the current champions hometown every year, now THAT would be cool !

  16. I can avoid twitter though. If I’m watching the draft, I can’t avoid watching the talking head trying to out do the other network by “getting the scoop first!”

    I want to be surprised by the pick. 1/2 the fun of the draft is watching the NY Jets fans groans.

  17. Schweeeet I hate to find out minutes before the pick who it is. Good move NFL Network.
    I dont have and cant stand twitter so that will not affect me at all.

  18. “Now we return to our respected analyst, Mike Mayock for his take on who will be drafted here. Mike?”

    “Well, you know they could go in a number of directions. I could give you ten names off the top of my head that fit perfectly here, but if you held my feet to the fire………I’d have to say….uuuhh….I’d be almost certain that they will go with…..uuuhh….THAT GUY! The one jumping up and down screaming and hugging everyone…………………………………………………….

    Can anyone make out who it is?”.

  19. I remember watching Ashton Wilson’s face when her husbands’ name was called. Best moment of the draft for me. Surprise is always more fun when we are just as unknowing as them.

  20. Who tweets the pick anyways? .. do GMs make a decision and immediately spin around in the chair to their computer and tweet it? .. “War rooms” must have more leaks then the Iraqi Navy.

  21. The NFL Draft is quickly becoming like the political presidential primetime conventions: Anti-climatic.

  22. I sure hope they can contain it. It really blew knowing who is picking next, then seeing the player get a call on the phone 5 minutes before the card is turned in…they should film the players backstage when they get the call, then air that moment AFTER it is announced. I mean, its a football tradition. It kinda takes the excitement out of it. If it continues like it has been the past few years, I’ll watch something else

  23. Its about time. I’m tired of hearing Mel Kiper talking about how much the Akron Mudhens needing a running back and how Rudy Lugnuts is the best running back out there and LOW and BEHOLD you see the same old dude running up to the stage and the name on the card..Surprise..surprise is RUDY LUGNUTS.

    And then the entire group of EXPERTS start showering loves and kisses all over Kiper for being such a genius for predicting Rudy Lugnuts as the Mudhens’ draft selection.

    Plus they begin showing Lugnuts talking on the cell phone with his whole family jumping up and down like a bunch of idiots knowing that they all will be cashing in on this dudes’ bonus money. OH…and Lugnuts is always shown wearing a suit he never saw before and it fits him like he never wore it until 30 minutes before the draft started.

  24. Here’s one complaint as a fan of football and draft for many a drafts, once the first and second round are thru, give each draft selection their time of vids and critisism, applause. Why they repeat all day the same picks, they love and chatter about the same player all day while other teams are making picks, often times they skip ten, twenty players in their commentary to focus on that one, move on to each pick and let the fans of each team hear more about each teams picks, it has to be simple to go on the the next pick and give them their due, or just keep salivating over the picks every fan already has seen or heard, livin it up and stay in real time. But these nimrods like to be stars so I see the favoritism and they sure prove it over and over.

  25. The draft coverage on NFL Network OWNS the ESPN draft coverage. Kiper, McShay and that Crash Test Dummy, John Gruden combined couldn’t carry Mike Mayock’s jock.

    Also I love the element of surprise, I have been wanting that for years and I am glad that they finally started doing that last year. Kudos to the NFL.

  26. I love the suspense of not knowing who’s going where until it’s announced at the podium. Hell, you can even make a drinking game out of it with your buddies!

  27. Here’s a thought…why wouldn’t they just not tell the talking heads who got picked? Why tell them and then say, “try and act natural” when they can just actually act natural?!

  28. I liked it better on sat and sun. Outside messing around in the yard, listening to the draft.

    Just another thing goodell screwed up for me.

  29. There are some very simple fixes to this. But, to implement them would require making sense. And… the NFL hasn’t been doing a hole lot of that lately.

  30. You losers whining about being ‘spoiled’ sound like nerdy harry potter fans used to. If you don’t want to know, then don’t watch. The network shouldn’t have to censor information because you’re a whiny child.

  31. Why cant they just air the reactions after Godell announces the pick at the microphone? That doesn’t use or lose any more time than showing it before and it will be a surprise for everyone.

    Unfortunately, in todays world, everyone wants credit as the first to break the news.

  32. Referring to my previous post. It was the 2011 NFL draft I believe and Tom Waddle was definitely the 3rd analyst. I still can’t remember the pick that Scott Hanson correctly “guessed”. I mention this because I wonder whether they plan on trying this same thing again by allowing their analyst’s to speculate on whom may be selected.

  33. If you don’t want to spoil the suspense, don’t look at Twitter. It’s common sense, not Rocket Science.

  34. Seeing the kid talking on his cell phone while his family is going crazy all around him five minutes before the pick is announced, thats just bad T.V

  35. Just like when I told my parents I would “try” not to open any christmas presents early!

  36. The NFL Draft has been popular amongst fans because of the suspense. But, thanks to Adam Schefter and other reporters, the picks are announced before Roger Goodell announces them.

    Schefter is like the kid in the third grade who raises his hand every question and unfortunately the teacher chooses him to speak. In this scenario, ESPN is the teacher giving him way too much air time.

  37. With today’s tech it is becoming nearly impossible to prevent who is being picked from being broadcast by twitter and facebook. I do hope the networks will show some responsiblity however and not ruin the surprise before the names are announced (for those of us who don’t use twitter and facebook).

  38. Whether I am hearing it through Schefter, Twitter or some other form of communication, Its still a surprise when I hear it, so who really cares? You mean that people seriously watch the draft just to be surprised? What about all of the Intel on each player, the stats, the game tape and the reason behind the teams choice? I am pretty sure all of those draw attention to the show.

  39. The team’s first call should be to the commish…not the player. The player should have to hear it on TV like everyone else. If I were the NFL…I’d ban this practice.

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