PFT on NBC Sports Network: Cliff Avril, Cardinals, Bills draft needs

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The Seahawks haven’t stood pat in their quest to catch the 49ers in the NFC West.

Among their offseason acquisitions: our top-ranked free agent defender, Cliff Avril. The former Lions defensive end chats with Erik Kuselias about his move to Seattle on Thursday’s Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network, which begins at 5 p.m. ET.

Also, Shaun King takes a look at the draft needs of the Bills and Cardinals, who pick seventh and eighth, respectively, in Round One. Could both clubs come away with a quarterback in this draft?

In other draft analysis, we check in on BYU’s Pro Day, which featured the highly regarded defensive prospect Ezekiel Ansah. What’s more, you will want to catch our feature on Florida State defensive end Bjoern Werner.

You’ll want to check it all out at 5 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network.

8 responses to “PFT on NBC Sports Network: Cliff Avril, Cardinals, Bills draft needs

  1. Remember when this Division was laughable? Now this 2 teams from the North West are Super Bowl contenders! – Seahawks .vs. 49ers games should be very good games! Could help build their Rivalry up

  2. I Think You mean “Who pick 8th and 7th respectively in round 1″…… Respectfully of course

  3. How can anyone put the seahawks in the same catagory as the niners?? niners have beat the seahawk 5 out of the last 6 games ..niners won the division hands down the last 2 years…seahawks got beat by the falcons niners beat the falcons…..And the most of all niners went to 2 championship games and was in the superbowl !!!! And most of all niners have 5 superbowl wins …..

  4. Shaun King has a yough job seeing that neither the Bills or the Cards have a QB. Even I could analyze their draft needs for alot less money.

  5. thingamajig– I don’t think guest spots on web shows will set Shaun King up for life. Hope he saved money from his backup QB days in the league.

  6. Joey49 – your really scared reaching with that head to head records statement. They have split the series 2 of three years and only in 2011 did the niners win both games. Also you won the division this year by a…. Wait for it… 1/2 game…!! I guess thats Convincing enough for you, but majority of non institutionalized people would realize that’s not by a lot like you are trying to claim.

    These teams have Noooo history between them, and the history they do have, has been dominated by Seattle.

    Stop with the nonsense, seahawks joined divisional from the AFC in 2000’s and have since won the division almost twice as many times as SF, has more overall wins, more playoff appearances, more playoff victories, equal amount of SB appearances, and have made the playoffs 7 of 9 years and recently 2 of 3.

    The niners were in the bottom of the NFL picking in the top 10 every season despite a ” weak” division supposedly. Please excuse me for not acknowledging the greatness of the FORMER niners dynastys that happened nearly 2 decades ago.

    The rings argument hold no merit for today’s teams only holds merit for past success none of which translate today.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, Both teams are awesome right now, both building powerhouses. No one believes definitively that one is better than the other, thus far the offseason gives the Hawks an edge.

    Come out of your COCOON, REALITY is missing you.

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