Pieces in place for Packers to do Matthews deal soon too

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It’s become apparent that the Packers are getting closer to a new deal for Aaron Rodgers.

But that’s not the only big deal they’re working on.

According to Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, they’re also approaching a deal with outside linebacker Clay Matthews as well.

Making Rodgers the highest-paid player in the game was termed a “priority” by team president Mark Murphy, but there’s actually more of a time element in play with Matthews.

He’s entering the final year of his rookie deal, and locking him up before then makes sense for both sides. He’s set to make $3.73 million this year, but should push some of the top pass-rusher deals.

Agent David Dunn represents both, and has kept details to a minimum. But it’s clear the Packers are working on getting both deals done soon, making the timing the only question.

41 responses to “Pieces in place for Packers to do Matthews deal soon too

  1. They should craft it so they can void out after 3 years. Players that jacked up often fall into a series of injuries, and don’t often have lengthy careers.

  2. he’s in the last year of a contract extension he signed in 2007, not his rookie contract…

  3. Isn’t this how you should run a franchise ? Draft, Develop, and then PAY your own Free Agents, in their prime. Clear up cap space to continue to draft and develop. Hmm….but then again signing players let go by other teams in Free Agency seems more ‘sexy’.

  4. Can Matthews stay healthy????????? There better be a clause in his contact covering that base..

  5. D*** straight, the pieces are in place. Look for my Packers to drive through this season with a sense of purpose never before shown by an NFL team.

  6. That’s it give more money to the defensive players as well. Last game they played Ponder(noodle arm according to Packers fans)ripped them for 3 TD and a victory

  7. Those guys can ask for a big piece of the pie, they are cornerstones of the franchise, and hopefully TT can build a defense as effective as the offense.

  8. Love that Clay Matthews gets accused of HGH all the time but I’ve yet to see anyone cast a shadow of doubt on Adrian Peterson. Guy comes off a late season ACL and then goes on to almost reset the rushing record. That doesn’t cause anyone to even ask the question?

    I’m not saying that he did and I doubt that he did. I’m just saying that if you’re going to throw shade on Clay for being a high energy, dominant player than you need to at least be fair. Anybody wanna get a piss test from Jared Allen while we’re at it? Is it not possible that they are all just beasts?

    Just a bunch of worthless haters without a Lombardi Trophy.

  9. Both well deserved, I always look forward to the rivalry with my Bears. Sure hope we start to win some soon though. Funny reading the Vikings fan comments, ripping on this move. They haven’t won a Super Bowl since………….ever. They sure know what they are cheering for.

  10. Love the Viking fans coming on to comment, that’s easy to understand because I don’t think the Vikings will break the bank when Ponder’s rookie contract is up. Offer him a ham sandwich and a cup of coffee and you probably overpaid.

  11. Absolutely love Clay Matthews jr., he’s a high-motor player who makes an impact whenever he steps on the field.

    I am a New York Giants fan but I like to see teams that win from within. You draft the right pieces and resign them when the time comes.

    I hate when an organization signs an outsider to big money while also letting their own guys walk.

  12. I’d rather worry about structuring a contract for a “blue chip” player then be shopping for a starter in free agency like most teams do this time of the year! There is a reason why Green Bay is one of the most successful franchises over the last 20 years….

  13. Any Packer article brings out the whiney vikequeen fans in droves. As hard as you try you will never be our biggest rival or threat to the division. That honor goes to the Bears and then Detroit. The posters for Chicago can at least talk football with an understanding (except chitown) rather than the childish posts that can only be rivaled by school kids.

  14. The best Offensive and Defensive players in the NFL on ONE team. 13 Championships and counting down to #14!

  15. Is that pic of Aaron and Clay from their wedding?
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  16. 2 guy’s and 1/3 of the salary cap gone ….. not good. rodgers better not bitch about a low cost offense, and matthews about getting doubled teamed because there is nobody opposite him rushing the passer….. it will be fun watching these two because they are great but i doubt they win another SB.

  17. otis52gsh says:

    Funny reading the Vikings fan comments, ripping on this move. They haven’t won a Super Bowl since………….ever.

    And the Bears just won the Super Bowl…..28 years ago.

  18. This Viking fan readily acknowledges that Rodgers deserves every penny he gets — and it should be way more than Flacco got. As to the posts from other Viking fans, I think those are largely in response to the Pack fans that troll Viking articles.

  19. I like how everyone already knows how much money Rodgers and Matthews are going to sign for…leading them to know how it will affect the salary cap

  20. Gotta love the Packers breaking the bank to pay 35% of their salary cap on two players, one who is on the down-side of 30; hastening their run into irrelevance.

    Packers build through draft, but when players like Jennings are due money, they let them go and put all their eggs in two players. No real talent left and disaster if those two go down, which given their age is likely.

  21. Hey banlarson last I checked Peyton & Brady are still elite QBs & doing more than fine. Rodgers still has at least a very good 5-7 yrs left

  22. @Banlarson a breakdown is likely given their age? Rodgers is 29 & Matthews is 26, moron. And signing arguably the best QB & one of the best pass rushers in the game to long term deals will hasten the Packer’s into irrelevance? Your ignorance is astounding, either you’re a troll or severely mentally deficient. Either way please don’t reproduce, mankind is better off with you not contaminating the gene pool.

  23. I hate to say it, but this could be the beginning of the end for the Packers, while Rodgers is the QB.

    History in the NFL repeats itself, a team gets a good young QB, the team starts to ascend, team (peaks) wins it all (or nearly does), the QB then gets a huge payday, and then the rest of the team slowly deteriorates because there’s not enough money left over to keep the rest of the team good. The team always has “a puncher’s chance” of winning it all, but they’re never truly dominant. Eventually, the QB’s talent deteriorates, and he’s replaced, and the cycle starts all over again.

    The Patriots, Saints, and Steelers are all in the descending stages of that cycle.

    The colts were descending few years ago, but are starting anew.

    The 49ers, SeaHawks, and Redskins are on the ascending part of the cycle.

  24. Would pretty much every other team love to heve either of them?
    Do they deserve big money?
    So I guess that about covers it.

  25. purpleguy says:
    Mar 28, 2013 1:00 PM
    “This Viking fan readily acknowledges that Rodgers deserves every penny he gets — and it should be way more than Flacco got. As to the posts from other Viking fans, I think those are largely in response to the Pack fans that troll Viking articles.”
    Long off-season…
    Draft day is ….coming close, at the speed of a glacier… Barely any new (quality) movies in theaters and GTA 5 was post-poned….

    Blow off some steam trashing on the vikes, all in good fun.

  26. Rick Spielman is a Magician says:Mar 28, 2013 10:57 AM

    Rodgers, Matthews, and a bunch of scrubs from now on.

    What did they do, get traded to the Vikings?

  27. Aaron Rodgers is by far the most over rated quaterback in history. He’s no Brett Favre and he couldn’t hold Chrisitan Ponder’s jock strap.

    Clay on the other hands is a beast, on HGH. His linbacker coach Mr. Greene was juicing back in his days and he obviously has shared the recipe with Mr. Matthews. I mean c’mon, Clay wasn’t a beast in college like he is now unlike ADRAIN MV PETERSON who has displayed freakish genetic abilities since his first season at Oklahoma…

    Pack are on the down side and you Buger and Urine fans cant see the reality of it, its laughable.

    you won the super bowl and we haven’t. good for you. I can’t control the games I don’t play in apparently like you can. but i know this, THE PURPLE REIN is here and the packers only won one more game that us last year coming off a 3-13 and they were 15-1. Yea, I’d say you guys are just about to pass the 500 meter on the down side while we passs you in beast mode with MV PETERSON!… all the buger and urine defenders jump to get out the way of the purple 28 because they are afraid of contact. Clay isn’t afraid though cause he’s juiced to the gills…..just like pack fans….

  28. Rodgers/Matthews/Raji. All we ever hear is how great they are. Now is the time to match their greatness, to the amount of their contracts! How sweet is that!

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