Report: Carson Palmer would rather play for less elsewhere than take paycut with Raiders

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The ongoing saga between the Oakland Raiders and quarterback Carson Palmer doesn’t seem to be heading for a resolution any time in the near future.

Palmer hasn’t been receptive to the Raiders requests to restructure his contract for a third time since coming over in a trade with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2011. The Raiders will have to pay Palmer $13 million for next season if he remains on the roster if Palmer continues to scoff at the team’s requests. Now, according to Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports, Palmer may prefer to leave Oakland altogether even if it’s in favor of less money and playing time elsewhere.

Palmer reportedly refused a $3 million pay cut that would have still paid him $10 million to play for Oakland next season. It’s a value Palmer likely would not be able to command on the open market were he to become available. Per Silver, Palmer is disenchanted with the Raiders possibilities for a winning season in 2013 and that he wants to have a chance to join a team that has a chance to be successful next season. Even if it means being a backup.

“Carson isn’t 28, and he doesn’t know how much time he has left,” a source told Silver. “Does he want to be with a team that is clearly rebuilding and looks like it’s a long way away from contending, where he doesn’t have a whole lot around him?

“He’s gotten to play a lot in his career, but he hasn’t gotten to experience a lot of winning. At this point, I think being somewhere where they have a chance to win is the most important thing.”

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Raiders are willing to pay Palmer’s salary “for now” but whether that will still be the case come the fall remains to be seen. Palmer’s deal doesn’t have any roster bonuses scheduled that would force an expedited decision by the Raiders.

Nevertheless, the team and Palmer both seem to have largely differing goals for what they want to do going forward. The Raiders are likely not going to pay Palmer his full salary for next season and Palmer doesn’t seem willing to accommodate the team’s requests in return. With the two sides seemingly at an impasse, a resolution doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon.

109 responses to “Report: Carson Palmer would rather play for less elsewhere than take paycut with Raiders

  1. wait this is good news for us, if he willing to reduce his pay for another team, atleast now we can get a draft pick for him instead of cutting him for nothing!!!

  2. This trade turned out to be as bad as everyone but the raiders foresaw. I thought you had enough money to retire carson, now you can’t even take a pay cut?

  3. This is what happens when you dismantle a team and only sign players for the minimum … nobody wants to play for a 0-16 team … they will play anywhere for alot less.
    Seriously … this isn’t even funny any more … maybe Reggie should bring back JaMarcus … he can play for free since he stole Al Davis’s money before.

  4. Only team I can see him being successful is Arizona they have a leader in Larry Fitzgerald. Palmer has always been weak in taking charge of a team

  5. Raiders should cut/trade him and go full tank mode for Clowney. And by the way, this would put them $91.5M under the 2014 salary cap, not even including roll over. The Oakland Raiders are going to get very good, very quickly.

  6. Michael Silver wrote something showing the Raiders in a negative light? Wow. What a surprise.

  7. Even as a raider fan, I don’t blame him, I believe he’s good a Qb, but the raiders just suck right now, and r making him look bad. Tom Brady couldn’t even win with this team leys b honest.

  8. The Bengals seem to win a lot now that Dalton’s the QB. Palmer could return as his backup if he wants to be on a winning team.

  9. Raiders were tricked into hiring Mckenzie by Ron Wolfe who only recommended Reggie so his son Elliot could be promoted in Green Bay. To deal with his guilt, Wolfe convinced Madden to piggy back the endorsement.

    Following the first round of the draft last season, since the Raiders had no pick because they had traded it to the Bengals, McKenzie said to the media:

    “I just wanted you guys to know we took Carson Palmer,”…

    Fast forward a year later and McKenzie is playing Poker with his supposed First ROUND pick….

    No surprise McKenzie has had his BLUFF called by CP….

    The fact is the Raiders are worse off with their new General Manager than they were before he was hired….

  10. Well if greedy Carson wants to play for a team that has a chance to contend, then he should have stayed in Cincy.

    He sure as hell should not have went to wasteland Oakland

  11. I guess it never accured to the Raiders that Palmer is a team player until it really affects him. So if he doesn’t mind being a backup for less, trade him to Buffalo. I hear its beatiful in november with a clipboard in your hand. Just remember, “Be very careful of what you wish for.”

  12. Raiders just need to sit on Palmer at this point.

    Bring in a third QB (either via FA or the draft) with the plan to let all three compete in training camp. If Palmer wins the job great, if not then that is the point to resolve this issue (right before the season starts since their isn’t any roster bonuses involved).

    Hopefully another NFL team has a QB issue (i.e. injury) and then Reggie can try and dump his salary and get a low round draft pick (i.e. 4th rounder).

    A reunion with Pete Carroll would be best for both sides if Palmer is TRULY more concerned about winning than playing…Not sure you could do a straight up trade for Matt Flynn, but it sure would be the best situation for both the Raiders and Palmer.

    The Yahoo article is interesting…Reggie may have started in a DEEP hole, but some of his inital moves (signing Biesel to a big contract, bringing in crappy CBs, and hiring a rookie HC, DC and a retread OC) really didn’t help much either.

    Maybe Reggie’s plan all alongwas to suck into 2014-2015. It is certainly looking that way anyway.

  13. go away BUMM..ur career was over in 05 when ur knee got rolled..nice pick up for a team that wants to go 6-10 or 7-9…believe me i kno..i sat thru painful seasons watchin this BUMM disappoint

  14. You know, I used to feel bad for Palmer on a certain level because he was on of the top passers in the game and was never the same after the injuries, but I think there is a certain trend with the commitment level of USC QBs went they aren’t experiencing success.

  15. Mike Brown will take him and second round pick next year for a 7th rounder this year. Then maybe he can pull off another blockbuster trade when some other team is in dire need at the trade deadline.
    Raiders dump salary & get an extra pick.

  16. JAC, CLE, ARZ AND BUF would not mind signing Carson if he is cut… especially if they feel that there isn’t a QB worth drafting.

    CLE in particular should sign a VET while they decide if Weeden is their guy… he is not… but because he was drafted high they are gonna want to give him more chances.

    I don’t see a lot of opportunity for Carson to land on a contender where he can fight for a starting role. He is going to have to go back up Schaub in Houston if he wants to win.

  17. That would be funny for the raiders to say F You buddy. Trade him back to cincinnati and let him take his fifty million in the bank & sit out again.

  18. Actually, the Silver article did say that the Raiders would be willing to pay him his full contract price “at the moment”

    I suspect that Carson’s agent is pulling some kind of ploy here. 3 million dollars (the diff between pay cut and his current salary) may not be alot for an NFL player but it probably huge for an agent’s commission.

    Carson’s agent David Dunn must know that Carson is the only major name left on the Raiders as a draw to sell tickets.

  19. A) Carson Palmer didn’t want to play for the Bengals because he was sick of losing.

    B) Carson Palmer doesn’t want to play for the Raiders because he thinks the Raiders are going to lose alot of games and he’s sick of losing.

    Maybe A + B= Carson Palmer is not capable of putting an NFL team on his back and the common link is that he is a mediocre NFL QB?

  20. What an a-hole. See ya Carson. Don’ t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out. I’m sure there are a lot of winning teams that want a washed up QB that quit on two teams. Oh, and thanks Hue for the greatest trade in football.

  21. I was a big fan of CP as a Bengal. But now, I hope he rots. He could have had a very nice NFL career. But, he decided to put himself ahead of his team in Cincinnati.

    Now, he wants to experience winning? He wants to walk into a better situation so he can feel winning? That doesn’t require any heart, or effort on his part. Why doesn’t he want to be part of building something and making his teammates feel what it is like to win?

    Wherever this selfish loser ends up, maybe he should start by throwing to his own team for a change. His NFL career is forever tainted by his selfishness, regardless of whether he wins another game as long as he lives. F(*K YOU, Carson Palmer.

  22. “He’s gotten to play a lot in his career, but he hasn’t gotten to experience a lot of winning.”

    Exactly, you malcontent piece of $hit! Hey Ginger, you fawking cry baby you’re not capable if leading a team to success!!!! Chump

  23. It seems to have escaped him that a big part of the reason he hasn’t gotten “to experience a lot of winning” is because he sucks.

  24. Palmer reminds me of Jeff George; immensely talented but he thinks that his problems are always someone else’s fault. He doesn’t get treated fairly and he is going to take his ball and go home. The truth is that he is a good QB, but not a HOFer by any stretch. He asked for problems by the way he left the Bengals, saying that he would retired before he would play for them. Of course, that has been a constant theme in Cincinnati. I guess that is why he thought he could get away with it.

  25. Last time I checked, most teams that have a chance to win already have a good QB. I was a believer in Carson when he came to OAK and still am (kinda). But it is definately time for the Raiders to move on. They need to get a good DL in the draft, finish second or third to last in the league, and get the best QB on the board with the 1-3 pick of next year’s QB rich draft. Reggie and Dennis both know this.

  26. I can’t say I blame him at this point and he knows that he could go to Arizona, be the best QB on the roster and play in an offense that suits him with Larry Fitzgerald.

    Reggie is making the only move he can. It’s no secret that he won’t be paid that much or that he won’t take a pay cut….hold on to him until the draft and see if you can get someone to give you a late round pick to keep him away from a team or to get him to play.

    He’s not owed a dime of that money until the games start and no one left in free agency is dying to come to Oakland so the cap space isn’t crucial.

  27. Unbelievable that the Raiders almost gave up the same amount for a washed up Carson Palmer that the Redskins gave up for RG3.

  28. Carson Palmer has obviously lost his mind. Maybe the commissioner should look into a rule preventing players from playing for two terrible franchises in a row due to player mental health concerns.

  29. Cut him. He’s not good and he is a malcontent. His last 2+ years in cincy he had the arm strength of Chad Pennington and that’s an insult to Pennington. Love that USC football program. Draft Barkley at your own risk. Just sayin

  30. I understand both sides and don’t blame either in this case. I would encourage Carson to not seek greener pastures but be part of the solution where you are. The Raiders could be much closer to the playoffs than you think. Remember when you wanted out of a losing Cincinnati? You bailed right before they jelled.

  31. The one thing I never understand about these NFL ‘professional’ players is how they don’t have any hope even in the preseason. Outside a few teams (Patriots, Ravens, Packers) any team has the potential to have a up or down year. Just think, the Cardinals started off last year undefeated through the first four games. The Redskins won the division after beginning 3-6. There is no way you should predict or feel that a team will have a down year in March. All it takes is a few balls falling into the right hands to become a contender.

  32. A trade package of Palmer and D-Mac for Arizona’s 1st round pick this year and a 2nd or 3rd rounder next year possible?

    Heck if Reggie is going to rebuild, he might as well trade you injury prone,but EXTREMLY talented RB and your aging, but still talented QB and try to recoup the picks wasted in taking C. Palmer in the first place?

    Both are at the highest trade value they will ever be going forward. 2013 is going to suck anyway with no NFL starting caliber CB on the roster and a completely overalled LB and DL corps. Draft a young QB and RB (Lattimore for a developmental project ala Michael Bush), bring in a vet QB (Flynn?) and RB (A. Bradshaw, Michael Turner, Bennie Wells) and just do the best you can in 2013 and use the extra picks in 2014 and 2015 to continue to rebuild.

    I would think a trade like that would benefit Cardinals in the short term and jump start Arians’ 1st year by giving him a good QB and RB to pair with Larry Fritzgerald giving him time to draft a raw QB and let him develop under Arians’ tutaluge.

  33. That might mean that the Raiders could trade him with him agreeing to take a pay cut from his new team.

    They should get anything for him if they can.

  34. I’d be willing to bet his next step is to not report until the Faiders trade him or release him. Carson going back to his old ways now. Taking his ball and going home. God I’m glad we robbed the Raiders of all those picks for this clown. I hope Carson is ok being a back up.

  35. Does anyone actually want Carson Palmer as their starting QB assuming he leaves Oakland? The Jets perhaps?

  36. It sounds to me like a team or teams have reached out to Carson or his agent, hence the tough stance with Oakland. I don’t blame him for not wanting to restructure a third time or for not wanting to stay on a team that is clearly rebuilding. On the other hand, were it not for Oakland’s trade, Palmer could very well still be retired on his couch. It’s doubtful another team would trade picks like Oakland did to free him from Mike Brown. Were I Oakland, I would just sit on him until after the draft since they aren’t under the gun to do anything right away. Put on your pokerface in the draft, and try to acquire more picks. Get Pryor ready to start even if it is only for one year. Try to trade Carson if you can or dump him come late Summer and stick it to him. Draft your franchise quarterback next year and turn the page. This team will start winning again once it restocks the shelves with young talented players who want to win, and come with a lower price tag.

  37. We’d rather have you take a pay-but and work for someone else too.. so let’s make that happen.

    Talk about ingratitude.. the Raiders took a shot on this guy when no one else would even look at him.

  38. What a coincidence, I’d prefer to see him play for someone else as well, regardless of what they pay him.

    McKenzie has committed to the teardown so the rebuild can proceed. Palmer is not part of that process.

    I hear all the RM complaining and I can see where it’s coming from – but he inherited a clusterfluck and the previous ‘gameplan’ had not produced a playoff team in over a decade – so it obviously had flaws (being nice to the once great AD). Paying your punter $4mm per season – seriously, regardless of how great he his, he’s still just a punter.

    I’m on board with what RM is doing. This team will probably be horrible next year, but each season he needs to obtain players needed for long-term sustained success. That will be obvious as early as next season.

    Patience Raider fans, at least there seems to be a semblance of an organization plan, finally.

  39. Carson Palmer is really showing his true colors now. I dont remember Oakland being contenders when you took that $13 mil last year, so this year when they ask you to help the team become contenders by taking a paycut, you scoff and say you would take less money elsewhere to be a back up? In the words of Chris Carter….”C’mon, man.” But like I have said before, dudes like Palmer will stay in the league while guys like McNabb get the Shanahan Sabbotage treatment!! WOWOWOW……

  40. Better cut him before training camp. If/when he gets injured, the Raiders will be on the hook for the 13 mil. It is better to admit a mistake and move on. Cut him and draft Geno.

  41. Wait a minute this is the guy that had 80 Million it the bank and didn’t want to stay a Bengal because he didn’t need the money. Now he’s complaining about only being able to make 10 Million instead of 13 Million. This guy is a total hypocrite and to believe he was once my favorite player and person.

  42. So what team is there that he can both start for and have a shot of winning? Buffalo, maybe? I don’t think anyone’s looking at the Cardinals, Jaguars, or Browns and thinking they’re any closer to winning than the Raiders.

    So is he just content to go be a back-up for a contender? I’m not in these guys shoes and can’t stand losing at anything, but I think I might rather play for a loser than sit for a winner. Where’s the satisfaction in that?

  43. The guy is retired mentally, but wants to piggyback a ring off of a legitimate team/QB. He’s such a bum. Typical USC QB product.

  44. No QB in history could win with such little talent on the team.

    And for the Bungle fans saying they are winning more now with Dalton, don’t forget who he’s throwing the ball to. A.J Green and Gresham and having Ben-jarvis Green Ellis in the backfield doesn’t hurt at all.

    When Palmer played there, half the team was wearing all orange from the county jail.

  45. “He’s gotten to play a lot in his career, but he hasn’t gotten to experience a lot of winning. At this point, I think being somewhere where they have a chance to win is the most important thing.”

    Normally guys who hunger to win lead a team to get there. Palmer has never really been that guy. He burned his bridge in Cinci and the team has since made the playoffs in back-to-back years. He got rescued from his couch by the Raiders who paid him huge money even though he made the team less effective. Sorry, but this guy gets no sympathy from me. If he goes to Arizona, does that mean he goes to a “winner”? There is no winning team that needs a QB – kinda obvious Carson.

  46. Carson Palmer has been stealing NFL money for years now. His play has not merit his diva attitude. If he is a truly a great QB, his play would have elevated the play of others around him. Look at the great QB’s and the skill players they have around them. I don’t anyone would have called Welker, Jennings, Jordie Nelson, Branch, et al great if they played with average QB’s. They benefit from playing with a top level QB. Palmer has been an average to below average player for his entire career with one really good season. He should be happy the Raiders are crazy enough to offer him $10 million this year. He is once again getting away with robbery.

  47. “He’s gotten to play a lot in his career, but he hasn’t gotten to experience a lot of winning.”

    There is a direct correlation here. I’ve been a Raiders fan ever since I was a kid and I’ve never been too impressed with Palmer. He shows potential by driving down the field and then what does he do? Yep turnover. Cut this fool and let him realize just how useless he is. He says he wants to win well guess what, it starts with you and no team that is a contender is in need of a QB, that’s why they are contenders.

  48. This guy just wants to be on a decent team / organization for once in his life. Seems to me like he’s trying to re-write the rules to get himself to free agency so for once he can actually pick his own team. Go retire, no team that can contend needs him.

  49. Reggie M is the worst GM in the league. He has decimated the roster as the only quality players have left through free agency.
    No wonder Palmer wants out .Reggie the genius brings in the zone blocking system and destroys the offense then 16 games later decides it doesn’t work
    and changes direction again.

  50. McKenzie will hold on to Palmer through the draft while continuing to try to get him to take the pay cut. If he is forced to release him it will be when it is too late for Palmer to find a starting job with another team. He will not get $13 mil or $10 mil to play for anyone else. The Raiders are rebuilding and will go with Pryor and / or someone else. As pissed as Mark Davis appeared last season McKenzie had to have told him before he was hired that the football side of the organization was in disarray. That it had to be torn down and built back up and that it would take time to do so. Reggie holds the advantage over Palmer. Palmer has no leverage. Reggie will hold on to him until the last possible moment. If some team comes along and wants to trade for him and the price is right only then would Reggie let him go. Palmer will take the pay cut or won’t be playing football this year.

  51. I think the Raiders are heading in the right direction as of this season. Malcontents and over inflated contracts have been removed and the team has a chance to gorw like Green Bay did under Reggie. Carson may be bummed 2 years from now if they go to the playoffs or the Super Bowl.

  52. Hue Jackson should be forced to pay this guy’s salary. This is what happens when delusional head coaches make hasty trades.

  53. “He’s gotten to play a lot in his career, but he hasn’t gotten to experience a lot of winning. At this point, I think being somewhere where they have a chance to win is the most important thing.”

    He’s been a starter on a lot of losing teams, so now he wants to be a backup and watch someone else win so he can at least live vicariously through a winning quarterback. If that isn’t a guy worth $13 million, I don’t know what is.

  54. As a Bengals fan, thank you again for all those nice draft picks, Oakland. Having said that, Oakland, I feel for you. Our fan base knows what it’s like dealing with the real Carson Palmer. He better take what he can get with Oakland and ride out one or two more years.

  55. If only this meant he could now be traded to the Cardinals for whatever they can get, and restructure there. Unfortunately there is no way to guarantee he would restructure, so that’ll never work. Just cut him and move on, but please don’t draft Geno Smith.

  56. I’m convinced Hue and the Bungles planned this who thing out once big Al passed. Al would have never made that trade.

  57. Carson is just a quitter…it’s part of who he is, and who he always will be. Retire already…you had 1 good year with Cincy and after 9 years still can’t read a defense….whiny little punk

  58. I thought only receivers were supposed to be the biggest headcases and divas. This loser and proven QUITTER should be on his hands and knees thanking the football gods that the Raiders even spent so much in draft picks and money to bring him out of “retirement”.

  59. How pathetic is your team when CARSON PALMER is willing to be payed less to go elsewhere?? Haha, raiders are hot garbage. Commitment to excrement.

  60. Cut him and come across the bay to 49er territory and be a mentor to CK7. Rumor has it they have a pretty good team with a pretty good coach and a couple winning seasons. Whatta say?!

  61. As a Raiders fan, I hope they do not come to an agreement that keeps him on the team. Even 8 million is too much for a player that is clearly not part of the future. Al got snookered, cut your losses. If Reg can get a 4th back, he is a miracle worker!

  62. This guy is such a hypocrite! It’s funny how people forget how he turned the city of Cincy against T.O. & Chad by quietly complaining about their attitudes, calling them locker room divas. Hello Kettle meet pot! This guy is a joke with his self-righteous ” I’m better than this/that” attitude. He already played that card to leave Cincy, so since he wants tonplay it again, its time to get him out of the league. He hasn’t learned to humble himself despite getting another opportunity he didn’t deserve in OAK. Yet people are so high on this guy when he hasn’t done ANYTHING but throw INTS since his knee injury Vs Pittsburg.

  63. Check out all the small dick syndrome from the Bungals fans.

    The fact is that Carson Palmer is still much better than that noodle armed ginger, Andy Dalton.

  64. The Raiders should try a sign and trade. Tell Carson you’ll trade him to a contender, where he will be a back up, if he reduces his contract. That way he can “experience winning” from the bench.

    If he doesn’t agree, pay him this year to ride the pine. Cut him next year just before the season. There won’t be much market next year for a 34 year old QB who hasn’t played in a year. He doesn’t have the Raiders completely over a barrel.

    Thanks Hue!

  65. Is he worth 13 mil a yr no because I would need 20 mil to play in sucky Oakland. They don’t know what they doing. They put a veteran qb with. No name wr who can’t catch n the rb who’s suppose to be so great is always hurt. How bout u cut McFadden too he will be hurt by game 4

    Palmer seems like he wants out good for him. I never seen anytime go to Oakland n get better other then rich Gannon n when people thought Jerry rice was done he had a good yr there

    They could just make him backup in Oakland to make him suffer lol
    They can’t trade him for value since they leaked this info already
    Trade him to clev or buffalo for a 7th

  66. I don’t blame Carson Palmer. Our coaching staff is behind the curve. 2013 year will be another wasted year like last year. The building process won’t bring until we have another head coach. Why would Carson want to stay at this stage of his career?

  67. Carson, you were never that good. You wore out your welcome in Cincy, now you do the same in Oakland.

    At best he’s a one year stop-gap for some QB -hungry team like Arizona or the Jets.

  68. I have to laugh at some posters on here. One moron blames Al Davis for the Palmer trade, saying he got snookered. Al Davis had passed away before this trade was completed. So I guess it’s easy to snooker a dead guy. Then you got the Reggie McKenzie bashers. Not one of these morons could trade bubblegum cards, never mind evaluate talent, but they know Reggie sucks.

  69. Raiders were a team that was 1 play away from winning the AFC West just 2 seasons ago. Hue Jackson had this with team clicking with a explosive offense. Hue Jackson had this team at one point 7 and 3 and he had Jason Campbell as his qb! Could you imaging what he could of done with a full season with Carson Palmer? Raiders would of been competing for the superbowl last year. Can you imaging how great this team would of been with no Al Davis and Hue running the show? The Defense would of been a lot better. Reggie McKenzie was serving coffee in Green Bay until RonWolfe a RAIDER HATER convinced and tricked Mark Davis who admit ally says he does not know a whole lot about football like his old man did. Ron Wolfe told Davis McKenenzie would turn this team around quickly. Ron Wolfe knew he was going to the Chargers so he knew by letting a guy like McKenzie who can barely speak and is dumb as a box of rocks run the Raiders they would be doomed. Mark Davis needs to pull the trigger and fire McKenzie and bring back Hue Jackson. The guy Mark Davis NEVER wanted to fire I n the first place

  70. Fitst off, He is getting paid more then Aaron Rodgers! Wtf? And now he would rather go be a back up for less money for a chance at a Lomnardi while he sits on his ass and lets his team mates do it for him? I think that just showed what a loser is and his true character and goes to prove why the Bengals canned his ass. I have a whole new found respect for the Hall of Famer in Dan Marino who played out his career atleast fighting for the ring he never got instead of cowarding out and letting someone do it for him! Palmer is worth nothing and a poor excuse as person and a disgrace to the game.

  71. “Carson hasn’t gotten a lot of chances to play on winning teams.«

    Well he’s the QB so maybe he should put the team on his shoulders like a leader instead of waiting for his chance.

  72. McKenzie doesn’t have a clue. Dennis Allen doesn’t have a clue. The Raiders are far worse off than we were two years ago with Hue Jackson.

    All Reggie Mckenzie is doing is turning the Raiders into “just another team” in the NFL. Real Raiders are supposed to do things different and chase greatness. All we’re doing under McKenzie is chasing the franchise model of a normal team in the NFL. Normal = mediocrity

  73. Carson doesn’t want to play, he wants to practice and make money. He’s been a flake ever since his injury at Cincy. He understands that teams are looking for quarterbacks in a major way, and he’s trying to strong arm the raiders into letting him sign with another sucker. He knows he’ll make less once released, so he’s saying all the right things for media sake. Raiders, please let all the Al Davis failed experiments go. You deserve betting in Oakland. Get yourselves together, then come back to Pittsburgh and get your butts kicked again…lol. Just joking guys. Good luck this season.

  74. so Palmer said he didnt want to play in Oakland or did Mike Silver the worse sports writter ever?

  75. Should have stayed in Cinci! As the saying goes, careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

    All jokes aside, if he stayed in Cinci, he would have thrown enough picks the last 2 years to keep them out of the playoffs.

    The Raiders deserve better!

  76. Reggie doesn’t have a clue, Dennis Allen doesn’t have a clue, Hue Jackson was great. All laughable comments. If Hue Jackson was great, they would have made the playoffs after a 7 -3 start. If Hue Jackson had been smart, he wouldn’t have tried to power grab he attempted with comments like ” I have to be involved in the search for the new GM.” You were the coach, not the president of the organization. Reggie was smart enough to realize that a true organization is run from the top down, not the opposite.

  77. The “sit on him because no money is due til Week 1” versus “you owe him $13 mil if he gets hurt preparing for the 2013 season” is a very tough situation.

    QBs get no contact until the preseason so, in theory, he can only hurt himself once organized team activities start.

    I wouldn’t trust CP3 to NOT drop a weight on his toe. It’s silly, but so is the NFL business model when it comes to how labor is treated.

    Just get me a pass rusher, a cornerback and a quarterback in this year’s draft and I’ll be stoked with the “Lose for Clowney” gameplan in 2013.

  78. Perhaps the reason he hasn’t experienced winning is do to his performance. Cut Palmer, take Flynn, so salary change in 2013, and you get a healthy, hungry, very youmg 27 qb.

  79. Carson knew about AJ Green and was already throwing to Gresham. Not sure BJGE is the lynchpin of the offense. CP deserved to be throwing to these young no drama guys. But he made a choice. I am glad we got the picks, and glad we got Hue Jackson as well. Win-Win for the Bengals. Say what you want about Andy Dalton but he is 2/2 playoffs. And they are close to being really good for a long time. He just needs another weapon on Offense to explode. Good Luck to CP. Buffalo would be funny, since it was his wife who demanded the west coast lol

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