Rob Ryan has nothing to say to reporters yet


Usually, Rob Ryan has plenty to say.

But the new Saints defensive coordinator brushed off a group of reporters Wednesday at LSU’s pro day, saying only “training camp.”

But one of his former players who was there said Ryan should be an immediate help for the defense that set the league record for most yards allowed last season.

Defensive end Marcus Spears, who was also let go by the Cowboys (but landed on his feet with the Ravens), said he didn’t think Ryan should have been let go in Dallas.

They are going to realize that they have a coach that listens to his players, who’s energetic and very approachable,” Spears said, via Nakia Hogan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “As a vet or a player in general, when you can approach your coach with a concern or if you feel like something can be done differently, he takes it into account.

I’m not saying that he changes it but he takes it into account. You feel like you have a relationship with him off the field and that you can go to him. And in the interim it helps you play better.”

That kind of communication does not extend to the communications professionals though. At least not yet.

15 responses to “Rob Ryan has nothing to say to reporters yet

  1. The next time Rob Ryan coordinates a defense for a team with a winning record will be the first time – and it hasn’t been for lack of talent to work with. At some point he”ll have to produce to stay in the league.

  2. Methinks Rob is on a short leash. Maybe those reports about getting approval from the Saints Communications VP had some truth behind them afterall.

  3. Sean Payton routinely limits the press access to his assistants, so the team speaks with one voice. You will not see the same circus with Ryan that you saw in Dallas.

  4. What could he say other than, “I am a loser who claims to be a defensive genius even though I have never produced even a top 10 ranked defense; I keep getting jobs because of my daddy’s reputation and nothing else.”

  5. The exact opposite of his twin brother…doesn’t say much , but has the talent to be a successful coach!

  6. It pains me to say this, but Ryan will not significantly improve the Saints defense. They just don’t have the horses in the front seven. Can’t stop the run. Can’t rush the passer. It’s just a lack of top tier talent. And Ryan, even when he has talent to work with, seems to give up big leads in the fourth quarter, a problem the Saints already have. I just hope Ryan keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t embarrass the franchise any more than possible.

  7. I’m sure one of the terms of Ryan’s current employment is that he keep his big yap shut when the media hacks are around. I’ve always thought that one of the many problems the Ryans have in coaching is their propensity for talk rather than action.

  8. While I agree with Spears point that Ryan is probably a “players coach”, his ability to get players to play at a high level wasn’t happening. The Cowboys defense failed to produce turnovers under Ryan and he talked too much. Appears he is working on that issue.

  9. Guy had nothing to work with in Oak and Cleveland. Offense kept the def on the field too long. Dallas is Dallas…a joke in other words. I think RR will do fine in NO.

  10. @patfic
    says, Guy had nothing to work with in Oak and Cleveland. Offense kept the def on the field too long. Dallas is Dallas…a joke in other words. I think RR will do fine in NO.
    Two years ago Cowboys fans were saying exactly what you just said. The Aints are so bad on defense now that improvement next year will probably happen but after that, Aints fans will see the light with Ryan. Good luck.

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