Seahawks license plates could be coming in 2014

The NFL has a knack for finding new ways to separate fans from their money.

Washington could soon be making Seahawks-themed license plates available in 2014, according to  The effort to authorize the plates currently is working its way through the Legislature.

The Seahawks plate would display the team’s logo, which means the team will get a cut.  Which also means that the cut needs to be a healthy one, or it won’t be happening.

Meanwhile, there’s a joke lurking in there somewhere about Jerramy Stevens making Seahawks license plates if/when he’s ever incarcerated.  Again.

UPDATE: The Seahawks passed along a note saying any funds from the promotion will be donated to charity. “The proceeds from the Seahawks license plate will be allocated to InvestED, a local charity which provides funding that supports the efforts of secondary schools throughout Washington State. The Seahawks will not receive any revenue from the sale of the license plates.”