Steelers host James Sanders


The Steelers, who are in need of veteran safety depth, are hosting free agent James Sanders on Thursday, Bob Labriola of Steelers Digest reported.

The 29-year-old Sanders played 15 games as a reserve for Arizona in 2012, notching 19 tackles on defense. He was also a key contributor on special teams. Sanders has made 56 career starts, 50 of which came for New England from 2005-2010. He also had a one-season stint with Atlanta in 2011.

The Steelers have lost their top two reserve safeties in free agency, with Will Allen joining the Cowboys and Ryan Mundy signing with the Giants. Safety depth is especially important for the Steelers with Troy Polamalu missing at least two games in five of the last seven seasons.

36 responses to “Steelers host James Sanders

  1. Lol the steelers are going to be awful next year. Dummerville, Suggs and Ngata coming after you, Big Ben. Run for your life.

    Ravens, World Champs, kings of the AFC North


  2. i know colberts hands are tied more like shackled. but him and or omar khan need to clear more space to sign players we do need. like a starting running back linebacker safety help a wideout to replace “i am the money” wallace or their 8-8 team will be 4-12

  3. we whooped the ravens last year with back-up…anyone we put on the field we’ll dominate the RATBIRDS….

  4. with our knew o-line we will dominate your weakened def….and your secondary is garbagge…..ben will set new highs in passing yards…..welsome to the basement of the AFC NORTH…BACONATOR….

  5. Sanders was a good but not great player when he was with the Pats.

    Not a bad pickup if the Steelers grab him, but not a great one. Will probably fit well as the 2nd or 3rd string safety but not a starter at this point in his career.

  6. Raventrolls worry about your own team. I know you are new at this, but the only thing harder than winning a SB is repeating.

    You guys are MUCH to full of yo-selves. Re-watch the Charlie Batch beat-down at Rat Stadium to learn about the fine line of winning and losing in the NFL. Steelers lost 5 games last year by 3 points while trying to overcome a ridiculous # of lost games to starters.

    Steelers are reloading as usual…just need to draft a couple of playmakers early and we are fine. The Ratbird / Steeler home-and-home will determine the AFC North.

    Learn, young Ratbird fan, learn!

  7. We’re delusional!!! No we’re world champs. You didn’t make the playoffs and are putting an even worse team out there this year. Goodnight 3rd place in the North. Sorry the bungles are better than you now.

    World champs


  8. Things must be desperate if you are “hosting” not “signing” a player that made 19 tackles last year. Wonder why this article was even posted?

  9. Loll!!! 6 rings 6 rings lol. 4 rings were I ER 40 years ago!!! Ravens have been here for 17 years and already have two and most importantly they have the most recent. 6 rings… What a joke.

  10. Ravens were formally the Browns, so other than a name change and city change, they’ve been around since 1944, right? So technically it’s 2 rings in the 47 Super Bowls that have been played.

  11. Even if the records stayed in Cleveland, that doesn’t change the fact that it was the exact same team, with the exact same owner. Had there been say a 1 year break and the team reconstituted as the Ravens, then maybe your theory will work, but it doesn’t.

  12. ravensdominate says:
    Mar 28, 2013 2:09 PM
    We’re delusional!!!
    YES, yes you are.

  13. Im enjoying reading ravensdominate comments. Hes spot on. It’s only a matter of time before Steeler fans start admitting their team is in the gutter. There is no hope for you Pittsburgh. Nothing good will come this season. You will still lose the division, still miss the playoffs, and probably will be surpassed by the lowly browns but the good news is youll have a nice draft pick in 2014 to find another 1st rd bust. Cheers!

  14. i do love this arguement. the ravens are the ravens and the browns are the browns. yes the team in cleveland did move to baltimore but at that point the browns records were frozen and the ravens records started from scratch. at that point all ties from the browns were severed. when the brown reformed their records, stats, etc were put with the old browns record prior to 1996. not delusional, not revisionist history. thats what the nfl determined.

  15. We will dominate the Ratbirds. As the nest burns….. The Steelers will be better than the comments I’m reading here. We will see in the fall. Its easy for a Ravens fan to sit here and say oh on paper we look better than them. That’s why the game is played. Go Steelers!!!

  16. ravensdominate

    How can you sit here and say 6 championships a joke? 6 is better than 2. It doesn’t matter when they were won! That is part of history! That’s the bottom line. We have more championships than the Ravens do! Period! End of story!


  17. Thanks scoobie you beat me to it. The period of 96 to 98 the Browns were “suspended”, meaning not in action. All the awards prior to 96 are credited to the Browns officially which was established in 1946.

  18. Who won the last championship – I rest my case. Just admit it, you rather be in our position – defending the superbowl. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want that

  19. Cool lets keep bringing up the browns! Ok then to that note, I guess Baltimore also hangs on to all the colts super bowls and championships too right??? Face it losers, the steelers are the third maybe fourth best team in the division and the “Rat Birds” are kings of the NFL.

    World Champs. Best franchise in the league. THE RAVENS.


  20. Aww how cute @ravenator has a new girlfriend @ravensdominate. I bet you guys read all the Steeler articles together by candlelight. It must have been a romantic night reading an article about the Steelers hosting James Sanders and giggling over how you both think the Steelers will finish 3rd. It was all fun until someone reminded you that the Ravens moved from Cleveland and once were called the Browns they then the tears started flowing.

  21. @ravenator if we dont say that the steelers are going in the gutter then what makes you think well do it anytime soon? enjoy the superbowl hangover and missing the playoffs and shut yo b!tch @$$ up

  22. no problem loves football. just trying to educate the misinformed. and on the same note…yes the steelers have 6 and the ravens have 2. but the ravens are the defending champs and right now they are the better franchise. who knows what 2013 will bring..but i like the ravens chances better than the steelers. long way to go to week 1. go ravens

  23. All the Raventrolls have to come here to pound thier chest…. that will end soon. You are about to experience a superbowl hangover this comming season. The city of Champions will be hoisting Lord Stanley soon, (oh ya, where’s your Flyers at?), and that will get us throught the rebuild/reload years.

  24. ravenatorridestheshortbus says: Mar 28, 2013 6:16 PM

    All the Raventrolls have to come here to pound thier chest

    I don’t recall coming here and pounding my chest, but you did say “All the Raventrolls” do. So here’s your shot to silence one of us Ravens fans – show proof that I have done so. One of us is obviously lying,
    so go ahead and make yourself an online hero by proving I did! Bet you can’t!
    What ever happened to the friendly Steeler fans that liked to discuss football on here?

  25. Love the Steelers, but Troy is NOT carrying his weight. Hurt too much, too reckless with his body when he is ‘healthy’, missed way too many games when the team needs him. Play every game this year or do the right thing and go away.

  26. right steel..and when the game of the super bowl was played the ravens won it. steelers were nowhere to be found
    as the steel melts

    go ravens

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