Tavon Austin to visit the 49ers


The 49ers would like to add speed at wide receiver in next month’s NFL draft, so it’s not a big surprise that they’re planning to meet with one of the speediest playmakers available.

Tavon Austin of West Virginia, a receiver who could also line up at running back in some of the 49ers’ Pistol sets, has a visit planned with San Francisco, according to the Sacramento Bee.

It’s unlikely that Austin will still be available when the 49ers pick at No. 31 overall, but the 49ers have plenty of ammunition if they decide to move up in the first round: San Francisco owns two second-round picks, two third-round picks, two fourth-round picks, two fifth-round picks, one sixth-round pick and four seventh-round picks.

Austin also has visits scheduled with the Patriots, Bengals and Dolphins, and he’s widely viewed as a player who will go in the first half of the first round of the draft. If the 49ers like him, they’re going to have to go up to get him.

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  1. Just don’t see them reaching for this guy. They have a great young returner/rb who can also line up wide in LaMichael James. Wouldn’t this be like be trading way up to get a guy who has a lot of the same skill set?

  2. When does Seattle make their first pick in this year’s draft? Oh wait…56th! I almost forgot they mortgaged their future on Percy Harvin! LOL!

  3. I wouldn’t mind us picking up the speedy little guy, although I think the bigger bodied Cordarelle Patterson fits us better depth-wise. However, I see them both going in the top 20 spots, and after last year’s first-round WR “bust”, I highly doubt they’d move up to get one this year

  4. Wow guys relax really. If you guys continue to say Jenkins I a bust it makes you sound uneducated. Jenkins needs till year 3 for example just look at crab a lot of u same guys was saying bust. On average so not every WR but average is 3 years for them to really see how good he can be Jenkins didn’t play cause niners were not drafting him to play year 1 they didn’t think we would get 2 season ending injuries. Hell James who is awesome for the most part was drafted figuring he wouldn’t play rookie year. GuysCrabtree,Bryant,Wallace just to name a few took 3 years to become real good WR to many of the people who comment throw the busy label out to soon. Not only were u guys calling crabs a bust but some were also calling A. DAVIS A bust now both guys are really really good players. So guys just quit trying to sound like you know football and wait at least 3 years. Now I not saying Jenkins will be good but I will make my opinion at year 3 I recommend you guys do the same. Cause crabs an Davis made a lot of niners fans put there foot in there mouth.

  5. If they trade up in the first it will be for Patterson with an eye towards Boldin retiring or Crabtree being tough to re-sign. Maybr even both. I think its more likely that they take Hunter at 34 or trade up from their original 2nd rd pick to get him. Really depends on how the draft board falls

  6. Hey true9erfan66, that’s why there were quotations around the word bust. And sorry, but you cannot use the word uneducated and then type that mess of words in your post. Seriously, that was difficult to read.
    That being said, I totally agree that it takes more than one season to determine if somebody can be called a bust. However, when a team “reaches” for you in terms of perceived draft position, it largely falls on your shoulders to prove that you were worth being picked that high.
    When the best wide receiver of all time in Jerry Rice invites you to private workouts at his famed “hill”, and you say no thanks, and then you get a whopping total of ONE pass towards you all season long (which you don’t catch), the bust label gets a little easier to apply. While I didn’t directly call him a bust, as a 9er fan, I sure would love for him to remove any and all doubt this upcoming season, and I would gladly insert my foot into my mouth.

  7. If it is truly the case that the niners will win the Lombardi if they draft any single player now available, they would be idiots not to make a deal to draft him. But is hard to believe that one player will make them prohibitive favorites to win the superbowl.

  8. @ddmur

    If not for a “no call” in the endzone, the 49ers would have won the S.B. last season.

    My thinking is that an explosive player like Austin will get the 49ers over the hump. He will make WRs aound him better as defenses try to account for his explosiveness. Kaepernick benefits too from a guy who can run after the catch.

  9. dallascowboysdishingthereal says: Mar 28, 2013 8:32 PM


    If not for a “no call” in the endzone, the 49ers would have won the S.B. last season.

    My thinking is that an explosive player like Austin will get the 49ers over the hump. He will make WRs aound him better as defenses try to account for his explosiveness. Kaepernick benefits too from a guy who can run after the catch.

    they would have won the superbowl if they showed up the first half

  10. The Bears have already stated they’re “open for business” for trading down, and Austin might be available at #20 if Patterson and Allen come off the board before him.

    It’d be a perfect spot for the 9ers because the Bengals and Vikes are right after the Bears, and they’re both looking for WRs (Bengals to take the pressure off AJ, and Vikes to replace Harvin and have more than 1 inj prone WR.)

    It would benefit the Bears too since they’re looking more at LB and C/OG which typically fall.

  11. Hey Florio, can you forward 4ever85’s post to Harbaugh and Baalke for us please? (Only slightly kidding) Also, hypothetically speaking of course, lets say WR Austin and S Vaccaro, were both still there at 20 and the 9ers did move up, which is the bigger need?

  12. A difference between A.J. and Crabs is Crabs was dominant in College and Jenks wasn’t as you always seen highlights of his great games and Jenks didn’t have the TV time showing this…They need to draft WR’s in case Crabs and A.B. leave and that could put them in a hurt-en locker and with all the picks this year they need to position themselves to cover this possible flee of WR’s jump-en ship This would hamper Kappy with only K.W’s as the only go to guys at WR. T.B & J.H know what their doing so I trust them to do the right thing.

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