Victor Butler chooses the Saints


The Victor Across America Tour has ended, as Cowboys outside linebacker Victor Butler has chosen a team.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Butler ended his free agent tour by picking the Saints.

Butler had also visited the Steelers, Browns and Eagles, but chose to reunite with Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

Butler was an effective sub, with 11.0 sacks in four seasons, but he was stuck behind DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer in Dallas. The Saints can offer him more play-time, as they’re desperately looking for pass-rush help as they transition to a 3-4.

Having Butler around should help Ryan install his system as well.

27 responses to “Victor Butler chooses the Saints

  1. We hyped up the David Hawthorne signing last year, and he turned out to be a mediocre player AT BEST! I hope this guy proves to be a better acquisition.

  2. 3rd down LB at best, good luck defending the run Saints….
    They’re not concerned with defending the run. Did you watch them play last season?

    Poor bastards, Having to defend Roddy, Julio, Tony and Steven at the same time? You’re going to need more than a 2nd string LB and CB buddy. You have zero chance LOL

  3. Saints are having a pretty darn good free-agent acquisition offseason…

    What year are you referring to?

  4. Dirtybird, when ya’ll win something of significants, then we’ll believe the hype..

  5. Poor bastards, Having to defend Roddy, Julio, Tony and Steven at the same time? You’re going to need more than a 2nd string LB and CB buddy. You have zero chance LOL

    Who ended that undefeated last year? The Saints that’s who…shut up and wait for the season!

  6. Let’s not forget that Matty Ice tends to have one good season followed by one bad season. He was pretty good last year so he is scheduled to tank in 2013.


  7. Falcons are still the Saints little brother. Proof in the record since Brees arrived and the way Atlanta acted when they squeaked a win out on there home turf. Yall bird brain fans act like that offense isnt much to worry about. We beat yall with the worst defense ever. Get a grip.

  8. Ah the FalCants have come out to play. Just wait come the offseason they’ll be gone again. Regular season champs.

  9. Rumor has it he placed four hats in front of him and after much pause, picked up the Saints hat, effectively choosing them.

    Good luck, Victor. Would have liked to see you in brown and orange, but it happens…

  10. Perra Jerry ,Christopher Owens ,Lamar Holmes,Bradie Ewing
    Jonathan Massaquoia ,Charles Mitchell,Travian something
    Peria Jerry,Christopher Owens ,Lawrence Sidbury,William Middleton Garrett Reynolds,Spencer Adkins Vance Walker ,Corey peters Mike Johnson,Joe Hawley ,Dominique Franks
    Kerry Meier ,Shann Schillinge Akeem Dent Jacquizz Rodgers
    Matt Bosher ,Andrew Jackson ,Cliff Matthews R
    Sam Baker ,Chevis Jackson ,Harry Douglas ,Robert somebodyKroy Biermann, Thomas Brown ,Wilrey Fontenot ,Keith Zinger that’s what all the missed draft picks that the great Thomas demitroff has made during his career with the falcons but you always hear how great he is. That doesn’t even include the washes in free agency for example daunte Robinson and ray Edwards . Most overrated franchise in the nfl ,what have they won ?Nothing that’s what

  11. Wow so many people hating on Butler for going to the Saints! Our defense can only get better! ( GOD I HOPE!) Either way it is still insane that we almost had a winning record with the worst defense ever! That tells me that if our defense can get to average at best we’ll have a good shot at the SB! And trust me we are not worried about ATL! Yall should be ashamed of yourselves for losing to the worst defense ever with all your super star players!

  12. I find it so funny that falcon’s fans are so insecure that they want to constantly take shots at the saints. The jealousy is apparent. Maybe one day Matty “ice cold in the playoffs” Ryan can get you guys a ring. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

  13. Victor Butler can play a little bit. Unlike the Cowboys, the Saints offense should give him plenty of leads to play with and let him charge downhill.

  14. musicman495 says:
    Mar 28, 2013 6:11 PM
    This is the second solid signing for the Saints, along with Keenan Lewis. Both will improve the team without breaking the bank.
    3rd solid signing… don’t forget TE Benjamin Watson..

  15. Here is a huge difference between Ryan and Brees – Ryan has great WR’s to make him look good! Brees can make average WR’s look great! As far a Butler goes I think he made a great choice picking the Saints! I seriously hope we go back to blitzing every down again like we did with Greg Williams! I know we got burnt a lot but our defense was way better and a lot more exciting to watch IMO! Either way I love the moves the Saints made so far!

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