Vollmer deal ties millions to playing time, performance


The official numbers are for the deal signed by Patriots tackle Sebastian Vollmer.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, the base value over four years is $16.75 million, but millions more are tied to playing time and performance.

The deal includes a $7 million signing bonus and base salaries of $1.25 million in 2013, $2 million in 2014, $2.25 million in 2015, and $2.25 million in 2016.

Plenty more can be earned via bonuses and incentives.

In 2013, Vollmer can each $750,000 in playing-time incentives, along with a $250,000 Pro Bowl bonus.

In 2014, Vollmer gets a $1 million roster bonus if he’s on the team the third day of the league year — and if he participated in 80 percent of the plays in the prior year.  He’s also eligible for $2 million in playing-time incentives and $250,000 if he makes it to the Pro Bowl.

In 2015, Vollmer can earn another third-day-of-league-year roster bonus of $1 million, again if he participates in 80 percent of the snaps the prior year.  Another $1 million comes from per-game roster bonuses of $62,500.  Another $1.75 million is available in playing-time incentives, along with $250,000 if he makes it to the Pro Bowl.

The bonuses and incentives are the same in 2016 as in 2015.

It adds up to another $12.25 million, which pushes the maximum value to $29 million.

17 responses to “Vollmer deal ties millions to playing time, performance

  1. Hey Logicalvoices, how’s Shanahan’s salary cap cheating going ? Those is glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  2. Please the National Fixed League has an agenda against my franchise. Those were APPROVED. We were SCREWED. The Patriots cheated and deserve the asterisks. #CheatingPats

  3. Man, logicalvoice is “gettin’ over” on those Pats fans, huh? A true Knight of the Keyboard if there ever was.

  4. logicalvoicesays, you still talking abt the same stuff for a decade? man, ur mama needs to clean the basement. you r stuck in yesteryear.

  5. logicalvoicesays says:
    Mar 28, 2013 2:28 PM
    He has to hold the camera at the right angle to reach the incentives. #CheatersgonnaCheat

  6. Excellent deal structure. He’s had back problems so, if he plays, then he gets paid. If not then the money can be used to fill his spot. If he makes the probowl each year then he gets every penny he deserves and it’s well worth it for NE.

  7. @Logicalvoicesays, against your franchise? So you’re Dan Snyder. Interesting. It kinda makes sense, since you’re terrible and so is he.

  8. Logicalvoices Shanahan’s cheating goes back to his Denver days where the Donks were fined and docked draft picks for his salary cap cheating that allowed them to win the Super Bowl twice.

    But as you say cheaters gonna cheat right ? So it doesn’t surprise me at all they hit the Redskins with penalties for his current manipulations.

  9. Harrisonhits: Criticizing Shanahan for the cap shenanigans in Denver is legit. However, the docked cap space this year is a joke. The skins/boys got punished for breaking a rule that didn’t exist. How dare they not participate in league-wide collusion?

    This is coming from a fellow Pats fan who hates both the Redskins and the Cowboys.

  10. 250,000 for the Pro Bowl -IF- there is stil a Pro Bowl. Seems to be year by year right now. He shouldn’t include that in his budget plan anyway.

  11. This deal makes perfect sense for an elite RT who has serious back issues. If he’s healthy all 4 years, he’ll get paid about $7MM/yr, which is certainly reasonable for an “all pro” RT.

    If not it will be less than $4MM/yr, which will be what the Pats will have to pay for someone whose back blows out in 2 years.

    WHAT an novelty. A deal that makes sense for both parties. :rolleyes:

  12. That’s a more than fair contract for Vollmer – especially if he stays healthy.

    But don’t let reality get in the way of the haters who think the Patriots – who always spend to the salary cap – are cheap.

    And folks – don’t even begin to TRY to understand the “logic” of those who think the Patriots 2001–2004 Super Bowls are tainted because they broke a 2006 rule in 2007.

    They only embarrass themselves.

  13. This seems about right for Vollmer. He’s a beast when he’s healthy, so let’s hope the big German stays healthy!

  14. Looks like we’ve got Bozo II on here now, except somehow, stunningly, even less intelligent. At least hash tag master up above has the cajones to state his team.

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