With no Hanson deal, Lions looking at Akers

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While it seemed that Jason Hanson coming back to the Lions was a lay-up, there’s apparently no sure thing when it’s time to talk contract.

The long-time kicker announced he wants to play again, and said he’d only play for the Lions. But they haven’t been able to agree to terms (with no “acceptable” offer, according to his agent) so the Lions are looking for options.

According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, the Lions are bringing veteran kicker David Akers for a visit next week.

“It’s not a system that provides for a lot of allowance for sentimentality,” team president Tom Lewand said last week. “We have the utmost respect for Jason and want to have him back, but it’s a situation where everything has to fit. The salary cap is a real restraint for all 32 clubs, and we have to operate within that and within our plans. So we’ve had our discussions with Jason and, like I said, we have the utmost respect for him personally and professionally, which is why we want to have him back.”

Hanson has kicked for the Lions for 21 seasons. Akers struggled last year with a hip injury, which may have contributed to a career-worst season. Either way, the 49ers finally cut him after bringing in competition during the playoff bye week.

Of course, announcing the visit now for a trip next week gives Hanson time to decide whether he’s serious about his only-in-Detroit stance, and might spur the negotiations.

20 responses to “With no Hanson deal, Lions looking at Akers

  1. I’m all for the Lions moving on from Hanson but if Akers is the back up plan, please, give Hanson whatever he wants!

  2. “why waste a draft pick? just sign a kid after the draft…how many kickers get drafted?”—

    How many 7th rounders ever make the team?

  3. You were doing well this offseason, Lions! Don’t screw it up, just look at what the Vikes did drafting Blair Walsh. Get a kicker in the 6th or 7th round Akers is done.

  4. They should just wait. Mason Crosby will be available after the packers cut him. He kicks better indoors compared to outdoors. Sure all kickers go through slumps. But this guy has one helluva leg. Plus can kick 60 yarders.

  5. I don’t see how this can be taken seriously as a “leverage” play as some suggest. If anything it’s an “insult” play to get Jason Hanson to move on if they feel strongly that they don’t want him to come back. Either way the news is embarrassing that we would even consider a guy like Akers to be part of this roster. Any member of Lions personnel that is in favor of or support of this news should be considered as having failed a basic test of competency.

  6. If his hip is healed and he kicks like he did in 2011, he’s a viable option for the right price.

    It doesn’t hurt to window shop.

  7. Jason Hanson is like the Nick Lidstrom of the Lions. We fans love him. Get er done, Mahew!!!!

  8. Most teams use a player of similar ability as a bargaining chip in their negotiations. The Lions thinking outside the box thumbed their noses at such folly and came up with this new system where they use players of a similar age instead.

  9. When you draft top 5 nearly every year for over a decade, hell yes, the cap is felt…do any of you naysayers understand the Lions cap situation?…didnt think so

  10. If akers is signed and misses a chip shot at home I couldn’t imagine the things hed be hearing, ford field is loud as it is but when this clown starts missing bunnies it won’t be pretty. Detroit loves Hanson and if he wants 2 million or so give it to the guy, he’s still one of the best wtf. As long as he’s playing make sure he’s in a lion uniform.

  11. You can’t let him go. The one constant the Lions have always had. He was kicking extra points after Barry Sanders td’s when I was little kid

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