Bears bring in Matt Slauson


The Bears didn’t wait long to fill a void created by a free agent departure, adding to their offensive line.

After losing Lance Louis to the Dolphins this week, they moved quickly to reach a one-year deal with former Jets guard Matt Slauson, according to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune.

Slauson started the last three seasons for the Jets.

Along with early pickup Jermon Bushrod, the Bears have added two quality starters for the left side of the line, which should help keep quarterback Jay Cutler happy. Or at least happier.

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  1. This is good, but why all the 1 yr signings?? Does it have to do with bad contracts from Jerry Angelo?? Or is this a make it or break it year?? It would seem they would re-sign these guys when they have more cap space next year? Even THAT seems slightly awkward. Oh well, I guess we can wait and see

  2. “Or at least happier.”

    Oh, look! Another cheap shot from Darin at Jay’s expense…Your family must be proud.

    Post this, I dare ya!

  3. Slauson is a fantastic pass protector… average at best in the run game however with the Trestman 65/35 split (pass to traditional run) he should be perfect…

  4. @jiggles420

    I believe these type of contracts are known as prove it contracts. Basically Emery doesn’t wanna give a long term contract to guys who aren’t as proven

  5. ” should help keep quarterback Jay Cutler happy.”

    Until Cutler actually sees him play. Slauson is incredibly mediocre. And no, he is not a fantastic pass protector.

  6. Slauson may be mediocre, but the Bears had guys starting last year that wouldn’t even make most NFL practice squads. It was pathetic, it was embarassing, and their entire offensive line needed a makeover. The Bears GM did a fantastic job of signing a new left side of the line and in the draft they will probably be able to take players in the 6th and 7th rounds that are upgrades over the awful players from last year to be depth.

  7. The one year deals have something to do with the new CBA that was signed last season. It’s a win for teams and a loss for veterans waiting for work. Not sure of the details, but I read it somewhere. Maybe Brad Biggs?

    Great signing…

  8. waldoampere says: Mar 29, 2013 3:05 PM

    “Until Cutler actually sees him play. Slauson is incredibly mediocre. And no, he is not a fantastic pass protector.”

    How many sacks did he allow last year? The incredibly mediocre total of…ZERO.

  9. Sorry Guys, this is one sorry Guard. jets did not even offer him the minimum deal, one of the poorest lineman in the league.

  10. Now Cutler can really show what he can do. The TOP 5 QB that Cutler
    really is will show up this season. thanks Emery!! we cant ask for more. Go Emery Go

  11. So which linemen was letting all the pressure in. Ferguson? Mangold? Moore? So that only leaves Thlausohn and whoever manned the far right, could’ve been that load of a 2nd overall pick Jason Smith or was he 1st overall don’t remember load either way. So either your boy or RT

  12. Gotta love how the trolls knock the Jets- -until one of the Jets sign with “their” team.

    “Find out the flight schedule to Hawaii”.

  13. “How many sacks did he allow last year? The incredibly mediocre total of…ZERO.”

    You realize that he played between Nick Mangold and D’Brickshaw Ferguson right? They can cover up a lot of mistakes. There’s not one Jets fan who is sorry to see this guy go. I mean he was being rotated with Vlad Ducasse who shouldn’t even be in the league.

  14. At this point, anyone Emery brings in is an upgrade. I hope he drafts at least two O linemen in April. This draft is full of good ,solid linemen. I would love to see Devin Hester get traded to the Niners or the Ravens or even his home town of Miami. For the simple reason the Bears need picks. They have only 5 at this point.

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