Bears sign a quarterback too, but for a lot less


The Cowboys aren’t the only team doing quarterback business today.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, the Bears have brought back backup Josh McCown, on a one-year deal.

While we’re guessing McCown will make roughly $107 million or so less than Romo over the course of his latest contract, he’s only one career playoff win short of the Cowboys quarterback.

Bringing McCown back became more necessary for the Bears after Jason Campbell split for Cleveland, giving them a solid veteran option.

17 responses to “Bears sign a quarterback too, but for a lot less

  1. Why don’t we hear about how many playoff wins Jerry Jones has since forcing Jimmy Johnson out? He’s the one common denominator through it all, not Tony Romo. Jerry needs to put the horses on the field to get it done and he hasn’t been able to so far.

  2. This makes sense he has performed better than any of the other back ups the last two seasons and is affordable. Also a Cutler friendly decision

  3. Phil Emery and friends have never been keen on him being the consensus #2 QB. They actually cut him after the preseason and brought him back after Cutler got a concussion. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bears still draft a QB in the 4th or 5th

  4. Solid pick-up, I agree that they will probably still draft a QB in a later round.

  5. I’m sure Emery got him for close to the federal minimum hourly wage. Being a Bear fan is like trying to swim upstream in the Mississippi. the more you stroke the faster you get closer to New Orleans.

  6. mccown is not that bad he’s not gonna take you to the promise land but he’s a solid vet. that can manage a few games while your #1 qb heals

  7. well lets see who Mccown has played better than while in service for a beat down Jay Culter….Calab Hanie…check Jason Cambell…check… Martz’s boy Todd Collins double check, welcome back Mccown.

  8. Mccown has been better than the other backups and Trestman can put a Rich Gannon touch on him. I would not hope to see him in postseason( only Cutler) but in regular season – good choice Emery. Still draft a development QB

  9. Good decision. Highly intelligent. has some mobility,understands his role and will cost next to nothing. McCown will help coach up what ever young qb they put in #3/practice squad.

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