Bills have interest in Kevin Kolb


When the Cardinals cut quarterback Kevin Kolb, some believed that his former offensive coordinator in Philly would bring him to New York, where Marty Mornhinweg now draws up the plays and calls them.

Two weeks later, nothing.

But another team in the same division is at least interested in kicking the tires.  Per a league source, the Bills are interested in Kolb.

On the surface, the move would make little sense.  They already have an underachieving veteran in Tarvaris Jackson.  The Bills need a rookie to pair with him.

Of course, the Bills would benefit from creating the impression that they’re set at quarterback.  Currently, it’s clear they’ll be picking a signal-caller in either of the first two rounds.  Adding Kolb would make that less clear.

That said, it would become even more clear that the Bills will extend their non-playoff streak to 15 seasons if the go with Jackson and Kolb as their top two options at quarterback.

Hey, at least the expectations won’t be too high, like they were in 2012.

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  1. As an Eagles fan, I still feel like Kolb can be an average quarterback. When he had lots of weapons in Philly and a good O line he put up solid numbers. When he went to a team like the Cardinals with a horrible O line and only Fitz to throw to, he put up below average numbers. Sounds like an average quarterback to me.

  2. Since they aren’t going to the playoffs regardless of what they do, maybe they should wait for next year’s more promising crop of college QBs.

  3. Kolb is a bit of an enigma. There were a couple games in Philadelphia where he looked stellar. Getting the ball out quickly and with great accuracy.
    Since Arizona, he has been shaky at best which is crazy when he has Larry Fitz on his side…
    I think if you put him with good players, he can be a good QB. Better option than Tavaris, or Sanchez, or Blaine G.
    Heck at this point he would be an upgrade to any Philadelphia QB… ha (now im thinking how sad that is…Chip you better get a QB!!!)

  4. The cellar dwellers of the AFCE fight over back up QB to be the face of their franchise.

  5. As a Bills fan this is the first time in my life I think I would rather have Tebow. At least he’ll block when he’s not throwing horibble passes. Come on Bill’s stop showing interest in bad players.

  6. How bad have things become for the Bills when they can’t even get an injured free agent tight end and then are looking at Kevin Kolb for their qb? I was so hopeful things would get better with Buddy Nix but they haven’t. He is always one step behind and stubborn to a fault. Now he wants to draft a quarterback in one of the weakest drafts for that position in a while. His philosophy that you don’t draft a qb until the rest of the team is good is a joke. Now, I would rather see them take a chance with Matt Flynn than Kevin Kolb, hoping that he will at least be more durable.

  7. Kolb can play!!! To say that Tim Tebow and Vince Young were better than him last year and thus would be good for the Cards was disrespectful!!!

    He needs a line and more than one pass catcher!!

    He had no RBs, a terrible O-Line, but had a QB Rating above 85, threw 8 TDs vs. 5 INT, was 3-1 in 4 complete starts, and the Cards were 4-2 with him taking most of the snaps!!!

    Why do people including Florio hate on this guy???

    Look into the bright spots and circumstances into everyone, not just for a select few!!!

  8. Bills fans are about to find out that having a “great” quarterback only matters if he is on a “great” team.
    The team’s most recent “great” quarterback was Jim Kelly. Kelly was so “great,” he wasn’t even involved in the franchise’s “greatest” and most memorable win: The postseason comeback against the Oilers.
    Any team that’s defense allows 435 points ought not to be all that concerned with finding their next “great” quarterback. Great teams usually have a way of making their quarterbacks look pretty good…

  9. Having Kolb on the roster give TJ competition immediately … but it does not guarantee that both TJ and Kolb are on the Roster as of Week 1!

    Having the appearance of Kolb vs. TJ gives the Bills options … draft a QB or leverage in trade talks for M. Flynn. The Seahawks supposedly have multiple teams interested, so if Kolb signs with Buffalo then Seattle has one less team interested!

    Kicking the tires on a car certainly doesn’t mean you’re going to drive it … let alone buy it.

  10. Kolb’s only major problem is a propensity for throwing long spirals to, the other team. That was what got him a ticket out of cheesesteaks land. If coached right and defended on the blind side, he could be a decent QB. Whatever his strengths and weaknesses, he couldn’t be as awful as Fitzpatrick. What I saw during our game in Toronto, did not impress me.

    Since you’re not in our conference I’ll wish the Bills all the best for this season.

  11. I am really hoping this is a lie that’s drummed up to cause confusion with the draft.
    I am not big on Kolb, but I don’t understand why everyone is so negative about him? He played in 6 games last season and was 4-2. 1 of those losses was to Buffalo in OT, because his kicker missed a short game-winning FG. So really he would have been 5-1, that’s not bad. His biggest mock is his arm strength, he doesn’t have much. He has average to good accuracy, decent pocket presence, can identify a weakness in the defense and has an average scrambling ability. Kolb played behind a below-average O-line and only had one good outlet to throw to. I think he did alright with what he was given. Put him behind a stellar O-line with two to three good options to throw to and I bet he can log in some W’s.
    I don’t believe he is a good fit for Buffalo, but maybe someone like the Jets or Raiders.

  12. I’ll say it again: As an Eagles fan I don’t think Kolb has ever gotten a fair shot. He was the starter for two quarters in Philly before getting injured behind a horrible O-Line. Then Vick comes in and goes bananas. Kolb loses his job and gets traded to a horrible Arizona team. He gets injured a few times and people doubt him. Skelton comes in and plays adequately, and Kolb has to compete for the job in year two. He gets another freak injury and all of a sudden is a bust. It’s a shame, really. I’d love to see him behind a decent o-line for a year or two as the starter. I still say he can be good.

  13. @bobzilla
    Are you really saying because Jim Kelly wasn’t involved in the comeback game he wasn’t a great player? Seriously?! He’s a hall of fame QB! The guy was one of the best QBs in the 2 minute drive and just in case you forgot… The high paced hurry up / no huddle that teams run today… Was perfected by Jim Kelly!!
    So what sign Kolb.. He won’t cost much. If he’s as bad as he looks he’s gone in a year

  14. I would love to have Kolb back in Philly.

    He is better than anyone we have to start. I would start Foles, and have Kolb there as a backup. And I would be happy about it.

    Sadly, Chipper doesnt play that way. We need athletic QBs…

  15. This makes perfect sense to me.

    Starting a rookie immediately (especially a USC rookie) can be a good way to crush his confidence and permanently stunt his development (it also doesn’t help to have your coach guarantee a Super Bowl).

    Better to let some cheap veterans duke it out to start the season. If the veterans suck, give the rookie the ball halfway into a season with no expectations.

    Worst case scenario – the veterans play well enough to keep the starting job and you give the rookie a full redshirt season.

    Don’t fault the Bills for not being as dumb about QB development as the Jets.

  16. as a visiting fan to Buffalo and the unwarranted treatment my wife and i received, not enough bad could happen to this franchise.

  17. kgun80:
    Based on your theory, Frank Reich was the SECOND greatest quarterback of all-time, right? You quarterback-obsessives are funny.
    If you actually believe a different quarterback will somehow prevent the Bills’ defense from surrendering 435 points, terrific.

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