Cowboys create $5 million in cap space with Romo deal


The Cowboys needed to do a new deal with quarterback Tony Romo in order to reduce his $16.8 million cap number.

According to Albert Breer of NFL Network, the new deal drops Romo’s 2013 cap charge to $11.8 million.  That’s a savings of $5 million.

Of course, those dollars will still count against the cap in the future.  Along with the rest of the $119.5 million he’s due to be paid over the next seven years.

Which means that the Cowboys could be in for annual cap headaches.

But at least they’ll keep their quarterback who has won one career playoff game.

32 responses to “Cowboys create $5 million in cap space with Romo deal

  1. While Romo takes more heat than deserved, we overpaid for him. He could be better if he puts down the golf clubs. Considering he’s running for his life most of the time behind out terrible OL, he hasn’t done too bad. He still makes his mistakes when they count most. Perhaps an improved OL will help that and better play calling. But he didn’t mismanage clock situations or get burned on defense (but he sure did help them score at times). Stat wise he’s always near the top…no denying that. But we need those wins. We also need to begin looking for his replacement in the coming years.

  2. He’s not much better than Ryan Fitzpatrick, who played for half that. Romo may have one playoff win, but didn’t he blow a couple games too, like against Seattle?

  3. Florio loves to try and make smart little comments at the end of every article. Do us all a favor and stick to writing articles without trying to add in your little one-liners. You should be writing for the very below average yahoo sports page. By the way Florio, romo made more money during that one playoff win than you’ll make in the next 10 years.

  4. To Jerry Jones:
    Giant Nation thanks you for bringing back Romo .
    You can watch us beat the Pats in your digs in 2015 SB. Smoke’m if ya got’em

  5. not a bad payday for Romo….1 playoff win in 6+ years, no SB…..ever! Hey Mr.Jones, the Window just closed shut……until Romo leaves the game!

  6. Definitely agree. Don’t understand why they would pay him that amount. Any type of pressure and he folds like a dollar bill. I don’t see him making it another 6 years. But I guess as long as he doesn’t ever have to worry about getting passed 17 games it is possible.

  7. Definitely agree. Don’t understand why they would pay him that amount. Any type of pressure and he folds like a dollar bill. I don’t see him making it another 6 years. But I guess as long as he doesn’t ever have to worry about getting passed 17 games it is possible.


  8. Not much better than Fitzpatrick? Do you follow the NFL in any capacity? Everyone can say what they want about the turnovers and a short playoff resume, but Romo’s a top 10 QB. Advances statistics say he’s top 5 over the course of his career. And I’m a Texans fan.

  9. Haters Gon Hate!

    How much did Sam Bradford get? Did he even reach the playoffs? What about Stafford? Compare those deals.

    Peyton Manning, $30M for a playoff loss. While Russell Wilson gets paid $540K and won more. So is money indicative of playoff wins? No.

    So classless McNabb can whine about Romo’s 1 playoff win. Prbly bc it was the last time McNabb was in the playoffs. and came out looking like an ass playing the air guitar.

  10. So based on last year’s stats, that’s $621,000 per Int. To say he’s overpaid is an understatement. They better damn well get him an OL in this and up coming drafts, or it’s wasted money. I will say this, he does keep himself in shape in offseason. Everyone thinks he plays golf. My son (age 35 and former college player) plays against him in soccer, both indoor and outdoor, and says he’s just a nautural athlete. He plays soccer to help him with his conditioning and footwork…and it shows on the football field.

  11. When owners get involved with selecting players and determining what they are worth, things go horribly wrong. The 3 best examples of this are George Steinbrenner, Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones. Most of the moves they make are always awful.

  12. People are so stupid. Yeah let’s keep talking about the Seattle game or one playoff win. Who cares really what has mile Vick done and he got two 100 million dollar contracts? Real cowboy fans know that romo at least makes this team relevant. A raise of hands by cowboy fans how many want chad Hutchinson Quincy carter Ryan leaf Bonnie testaverde dee Henson back yeah didn’t think so. This was a great deal put romo on the falcons saints giants 49ers ravens and he wins a superbowl for sure the cowboys surround him with a horrible o line a terrible play caller a non existent run game and overal change every couple of seasons

  13. Romo is a good QB, but not worth that much. Jerry is the problem in Dallas: No one else. As GM, he is making all the mistakes. Lousy drafts, overpaying his QB, etc.

  14. id be sick as giants fan if they just gave eli that kind of money who has 1 playoff win..ONE. and on top of that just got eliminated 2 years ago by eli (who went on to win that superbowl) and RhGh3 (a rookie) 2 years in a row.

  15. I’m a Giants fan, and anyone who thinks Romo is not a top 10 qb is out of their mind.

    Now, I am happy we have Eli – but there are 20 other teams out there that would love to have Romo.

    There are far bigger problems with how that team is constructed that have nothing to do with the QB position.

  16. $5mil under? That’s awesome!!!

    That means Jerry can over-pay some unknown O-lineman who won’t pan out!!

    I hope Jerry keeps acting as GM. It provides enormous entertainment for us non-Cowboy fans!

  17. I’m a giant fan and you people are crazy. takes more than a qb to get to the Superbowl. jerry Jones and his yes men are the problem with that team. when has jerry ever owned a draft. he always thinks he is one player away, never has depth and only drafts from three schools. romo is a great qb, even just looking at the numbers. all qbs even the great ones have game losing turnovers. he has one of the best ratings in the 4th quarter. there are only like 7 qbs I would take over him. qb play is not the cowboys problem.

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