Donovan McNabb does not approve of Tony Romo’s new contract

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The news that the Cowboys and quarterback Tony Romo have agreed to a six-year contract extension was met with an interesting reaction from one of Romo’s former NFC East counterparts.

Donovan McNabb, who quarterbacked teams that faced Romo’s Cowboys several times with the Eagles (and once with the Redskins), took to Twitter to say that he doesn’t think Romo deserves the kind of money he got, which is reportedly a contract that has six additional years, a total value of $108 million in new money, and $55 million guaranteed.

“Wow really, with one playoff win,” McNabb wrote. “You got to be kidding me.”


McNabb is right that Romo has been the starter for just one playoff win for the Cowboys — a record that falls far short of what the Eagles did with McNabb at the helm. McNabb started 16 playoff games for the Eagles, who went 9-7 in those games.

But McNabb of all people should also know that these contracts aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be: In 2010, McNabb signed what his agent called a five-year contract extension worth $78 million, with about $40 million guaranteed, with the Redskins. As it turned out, McNabb saw only a small fraction of that alleged $40 million guaranteed: He was benched less than a month after signing that contract, he accepted a massive pay cut just eight months later as part of his trade to the Vikings, and he was out of the NFL by the end of the following season.

So Romo may not make all the money he’s allegedly guaranteed to make on this new contract. But it’s certainly safe to say he’ll make more money than McNabb made on that last Redskins contract.

100 responses to “Donovan McNabb does not approve of Tony Romo’s new contract

  1. Before anyone bashes mcnab just remember the one year he had a WR worth a damn he went to the Super Bowl. He’d go 14-2 with Dez, Austin, Witten. I mean with the likes James Thrash. Todd Pinkston. Freddie Mitchell. Multiple NFC Championship Games.

  2. That’s some bitterness right there.

    Remember all those Lombardi’s that McNabb brought back to Philly?

    Oh wait, those were just cans of soup.

  3. He’s absolutely right. Romo is not even a Top 5 QB and is almost 33 years old.

    But since he’s McNabb, he’s going to get criticized for no good reason.

  4. I don’t want to throw gasoline on the fire but in an unprecedented shrewd manuever by the agent, Romo gets a percentage of the merchandise.

  5. In 2009, Romo beat the Eagles for his one playoff win. Surely you havent forgotten that Donovan?

  6. Not to defend Romo or Dallas I’m the least, but who gives a crap what McNabb thinks? Look at it this way, they used up most of their money for a mediocre QB, a la Baltimore.

  7. This coming from a guy who didn’t know what happened after OT was over after being in the league for 8 years. In other words, disregard his worthless opinion…..

  8. PFT readers showing how smart they really aren’t once again.

    How is it sour grapes when McNabb has had more success than Romo? The one playoff win was against the Eagles yet, how many times did the Eagles spank Romo’s cowboys? And didn’t they 44-6 them from being able to get into the playoffs one year?

    So where are the sour grapes? How can Lombardi trophies even count in this equation when the Romo era has only ONE playoff win, hasn’t even sniffed a championship. You count anything else and McNabb wasn’t even out of highschool yet, nevertheless drafted.

    Common sense people?

  9. Romo is being overpaid…it’s just funny coming from an overrated and overpaid QB in his time too.

  10. Mcnabb really shouldn’t be talking but regardless he’s right!! Tony Romo is a choke artist! Big stats picks at the worst times! All the time haha cowgirls have the worst owner

  11. Cowboys fans, Eagles fans and ALL other fans can agree on one thing: Shut the hell up, McNabb

  12. Yeah, Dono, they’re just kidding you. It’s nearly April first, so everyone got together and decided to pull a prank on you.

    “Hey guys, let’s pretend Romo got a 100 million dollar contract and watch McNabb go off on Twitter. Should be a breeze, I mean what did he get, a 14 or something on his Wonderlic. Hahaha….April Fools!”.

  13. Im not a Romo fan at all but if he came back and annihilated this clown Mcnabb he would have my approval….

  14. If Dallas would get a running game (and a new owner) and he didnt have to pass +600 times a year maybe defenses would stop playing the pass so much the team may do better.

  15. McNabb was mad at what he thought was a 6 year 55 million extension? That is about 9 million a year! That would have been a great deal, a bargain.

    I’m not in love with the deal, but this opens up cap room for us and Romo is a top 10 quarterback. So Cowboys fans aren’t actually too mad. Unless you are a sheep and believes everything the media overplays. Then you aren’t actually a fan, just a sheep. Baa

  16. Anybody else notice all of these offensive faces of the Franchises getting paid big bucks by their home team while their defense is getting cheaper. Wasn’t there an emphasis on protecting the QB? Hmmm.

  17. Coming from overweight, over-rated, overpaid,career over, guy who never won a championship. Classic.

  18. McNabb is the best QB in franchise history and most of the fan base can’t stand him. He’s well spoken and (usually) conducts himself well. Most guys would have turned that into a cushy job in broadcasting. So what happened Donovan ? Did you puke during your big chance again ? Tomo may have fumbled an obviously slick ball but knows what happens in OT and never pukes in the huddle with the game on the line …

  19. People in glass houses Donovan….Should’nt you be in Florida right now throwing to first basemen so they can practice digging balls out of the dirt?

  20. This just in, both Tebow and Sanchez are talking to their agents now to see if they could get a mega deal. He’ll if 1 playoff win romo can get a fat deal, why can’t 4 wins Sanchez and 1 win Tebow. This is bad, very bad for the league, now mediocre QBs think they could get 120 million contracts. What happened to the best making top dollars, manning, Brady, Rodgers and Bree’s should be topping the 200 million range, romo aren’t even in the same league as them.

  21. I’m glad they signed him for 6 years. That insures the rest of us who hate the cowboys that we can still have our way with them. Still a lot of $$$ though. I wonder what AAron Rogers is thinking?

  22. NFL contracts rarely ever play out for their alleged amount. All the big number are just for the press and the fans. No way Romo plays this contract out.

  23. And to people saying McNabb should shut up:

    He’s an NFL analyst. He gets paid to have opinions.

  24. Donovan McNabb became the Philadelphia QB in 1999, Tony Romo first started in 2006 for Dallas. So, they are not exactly from the same era.

    After Romo took over for Drew Bledsoe in Dallas, his record against McNabb & Philadelphia was 5-3. That includes Romo going 3-0 versus McNabb in 2009, his last year in Philadelphia.

  25. Mcnabb passes found the ground about the same amount of times Romo’s end up in the other team’s hands. Advantage McNabb.

    The Fact that Tony Romo makes more than Joe Flacco is sickening but just another reason why one team is a perennial loser and the other just won a Super Bowl.

  26. Hey everyone, McNabb’s last 2 games as an Eagle were both blowout losses to the Cowboys.

    Shut out 24-0 to lose the division title, then smacked a week later 37-13 in the Wildcard Round.

    HAH!!!!!!! I’d be mad too.

  27. Romo sucks, have fun being 8-8 every year Cowboys. But, when there is nothing at stake or it’s a meaningless game, he can put up gaudy numbers with the best of ’em. Just don’t ask him to do it in December or January.

  28. Tony is an enigma.

    He can run around and keep plays alive then make the spectacular throw… yet he can also throw 3 INTS faster then you can say Jessica Simpson.

    He’s the new Jake Plummer.

  29. Romo the last 4 years:
    2012-4903 yds/28tds/19ints/65.6 %/90 rating
    2011-4184 yds/31tds/10ints/66.3%/102.5
    2010-1605 yds/11tds/7ints/69.5%/94.9 (injured)
    2009-4483 yds/26tds/9ints/63.1%/97.6 rating
    Romo’s numbers are much better than Flacco’s numbers, hence Romo is better and deserves more. Romo’s numbers prove he hasn’t been the Cowboy’s problem. To act like Flacco is better than Romo because of the SuperBowl win is like saying Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino. It’s a team sport

  30. Ever watch McNabb’s body language on the NFL Network?He acts like he is better than everyone else in the room.Shut up fat boy!

  31. McNabb’s right. Romo isnt worth the coin. But this move is what makes Jerry Jones who he is. A Risk taking bumble #$%^! But let’s not forget the one win Romo came against McNabb’s team so…

    But this is a horrid signing. One to keep them in thte dungeons at least until they rid themselves of the ambiguously gay duo.

  32. and therein lies the problem….you think because romo has better stats he is better. this isnt fantasy football. you are right…its a team sport. flacco’s team is better….his record is all that matters. and no…dilfer is not better than marino. dilfer was a game manager without a long record of proven success. flacco isnt better than marino either. but he has stepped up in big games and led his team to a super bowl and romo hasnt. and for the record…i like romo. i think he takes way too much crap and is very good. but too many mistakes in big situations

  33. You can hate who saying it.(Though Mcnabb did a great job making more with less in his career) But u cant hate common sense. Where do you think Tony Oh Oh would rank in a power listing of all 100 million dollar men in sports. Waste of money Dallas.
    And from a person who likes to see talent and winners; I always respected Mcnabbs effort on the field. Tonys effort has never came close

  34. Sure Romo cant sling it with the elite tier, Brady Eli Rodgers And Brees, but he is better than people think when he is on his game, carrying the cowboys from a 3 to 4 win team to 8-10 wins in a brutal division most years.
    He shows flashes of greatness in the regular season but the one game setting obviously effect him, I still remember the last pick he threw last season to the LB, maybe the worst throw I’ve ever seen by a good qb by a mile. He and Peyton share a lot of those traits, lots of wows but then WTF moments at the only time you can’t make those mistakes, like the divisional game against the ravens, and Super Bowl against NO, they both know when to get rid of it with nothing on the line, but it’s like the glass slippers come off when the 4th qtr hits in the post season

  35. I’d like to see him on a more financially responsible team with better depth across the board instead of only a few players eating up the cap room. Probably the only non cowboy fan on here who admires romo in the slightest, he did beat SF 2 years ago with the broken ribs, that was a vintage performance.

  36. I’m also an SU alum. I liked Donovan. He did a lot for Syracuse, and didn’t get the respect he deserved in Philadelphia.

    But, he needs to shut up.

  37. I am not a McNabb fan, but I will have to agree with him on this one. Romo is a little bit better than average as a quarterback, and has only had one playoff win he should not get that kind of money. But, LOL, Jerry Jones is about as smart with his money as the government is with ours. Couldn’t make good financial decisions to save his life.

  38. While this certainly makes Donovan sound petty, jealous, spiteful, and a bit butt hurt, let’s be honest. This is an absolutely asinine contract by Jerry Jones. It’s a great day to NOT be a Cowboys fan…

  39. Donovan is a low class ghetto passive/agressive fool. His smartest play in life would be to just go away and live a quiet and anonymous life. A piece of trash that should never even sniff the hall of fame.

  40. I’ve always been a Donovan fan, but nothing good comes out of making bitter tweets about another guy’s contract. That said … yeah, Romo is somewhat overpaid given his production.

  41. I thought Romo’s contract was an April Fool’s joke two days early; but if I was a Dallas fan, I would be very encouraged by McNabb’s skepticism. Nothing says “great decision” like McNabb saying “bad decision”.

  42. Guess we now know where McNabb stands on his own overrated and ESPN-mythical career: Perfectly content to be 1-3 in conference title games and 0-1 in Super Bowls. Unlike McNabb, Romo still has a chance to have the last laugh.

  43. for the idiots who want to use numbers instead of wins, stats are fake now. game has changed. fitzpatrick and kyle orton had 4000 yard seasons. are they great. garrett likes numbers so he lets Romo throw

  44. Thr funny thing is mcnabb was on pace to beat he’s all time passing yards when he was with skins and still got benched..we have higher standards in washington ..httr..

  45. mcnabb is absolutely right. idk why people are rippin mcnabb dudes been to the big dance and been to 5 championship games..something lesser qbs in the HOF cant say they accompllished

    -nyg fan

  46. mcnabb… he has the most wins, fastest legs and most accurate arm the redskins ever had or ever will have. great trade best front office in nfl history. your historic franchise will truly be remembered by moves like this. rg3who?

  47. Hey Donovan, maybe if Romo had Jim Johnson’s top 5 defense for 4,137,921 years in a row, he would have QBed more playoff wins. Every time I think I couldn’t dislike McNabb any more than I do, he makes a fool of me. Yes Romo has Witten and now Dez. But really outside of them what has he had weapon wise? He makes receivers better.

    I’m probably one of the few non Cowboy fans who sticks up for Romo but he gets way way way too much criticism IMO. He’s a very good (not elite) QB. And I am not hating on Flacco but he IS more consistent than Flacco play wise. Go look at their QB ratings game by game. I can’t even imagine what people would have said about him if he had a 4/10 30 yard playoff game like Flacco did against my team in 09.

  48. Well, people can rightly bash McNabb for the last two seasons of his NFL career. However, until Tony Romo leads his team to at least a Super Bowl appearance – which McNabb did – McNabb still has the right to criticize him.

  49. And as for the comment about mcnabb having great defenses….he also had less weapons than most QBs through tout his career. And the SB loss and last championship game loss were on the D.

  50. McNabb played on some great teams. He had a legit shot to win 3 Super Bowls and he pulled a Jim Kelly each time.

    I can’t think of another QB of the 97 non-McNabb Super Bowl starts who ever threw an INT into the end zone, got a do-over, and did it again on the next play.

    Every time he is on an ESPN debate, the other guy should show the Bruschi INT from the same game.

    Let’s revisit that one Romo playoff win since #5 brought it up. In week 17 Philly could win and get a bye past the Cowboys and then after complete failure they had to play at Dallas the following week.

    McNabb put up 7 points in a 2 week playoff format. Romo scored 58.

  51. I don’t love romo but I sure as hell know no matter how many points our d is letting in he is going to keep fighting!! This however is bad for the league! Quarterbacks are going to cripple teams cap space with every qb wanting more than the last one

  52. Two career thoughts about time to move on.

    Jerry Jones. It’s time to move on as GM of any NFL team. The 2009 draft class. Quincy Carter, Stephen McGee, ummm, let someone more qualified to the job.

    Donovan. You had your time in the sun. You had some success. But you haven’t won any more championships than Romo, haven’t been able to line up a gig as an NFL analyst. Time to open a steak house or a car dealership or whatever else ex NFL players do.

  53. Skippy, you have to harp on his ONE playoff win. McNabb won at least 1 playoff game every year he made it except that one year. To even compare the 2 is laughable. Maybe Romo changes that but right now it’s not close. And Romo has had more talent around him.

  54. Everyone can hate on McNabb all they want, but no fans or player are ever jealous of the Tony Romo lead Cowboys. Cowboy’s fans must have missed Romo’s career to be happy about giving him a 6 yr deal with $55 million guaranteed.

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