Flynn deal shows Raiders don’t think much of rookie quarterbacks

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So much for the Raiders being interested in Geno Smith with the third overall pick in the draft.

The reported trade that will send one-game wonder Matt Flynn from Seattle to Oakland means that the Raiders won’t be drafting Smith, or presumably any other quarterback.

Unless it’s all an elaborate smokescreen.

Flynn’s contract carries a base salary of $5.25 million in 2013, $2 million on which is fully guaranteed.  In 2014, Flynn is due to make $6.25 million.

While Flynn has limited NFL experience, Raiders G.M. Reggie McKenzie knows what he’s getting.  McKenzie worked for the Packers during Green Bay’s Brett-Favre-barricade draft of 2008.  Within weeks after the Packers finagled Favre’s retirement by demanding a commitment early in the offseason, Green Bay drafted both Brian Brohm and Flynn.

It’s unknown what the Raiders are giving up to get Flynn, but McKenzie declared last year that the team won’t be trading draft picks.

For now, it appears they won’t be using any draft picks on a quarterback.

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  1. He’s a two game wonder. He played Damn well against the Patriots the season before the Detroit Lion 6TD game. If your going to be disrespectful atleast be accurate bro….It’s funny how someone can be a one game wonder, but we prop up college players who have yet to even take one snap in the league..Weird business

  2. Can you stop suggesting everything is a smokescreen? Sometimes people just do things because they want to, not just to smokescreen

  3. Mike, not to harp on you too badly, but there are quite a few ignorant people running around claiming Flynn was a “one game wonder”, and your repeating that meme is only helping it spread.

    He actually has had two professional starts. The one everyone knows about against the Lions where he set the Green Bay record for TD passes in a game, and another start, in New England against the Patriots on national TV, where he played very well in a close loss.

    In fact, it was during that Patriot game that this Seattle fan noticed the guy as someone we could possibly look for once Hass had retired.

  4. It also shows that they don’t think much of the third year quarterback who is currently on the roster.
    Unless that’s what/who they gave to Seattle for Flynn…

  5. It’s ridiculous that you keep calling Matt Flynn a one-game wonder.

    He’s clearly a two-game wonder.

  6. I know that this is HIGHLY unlikely, but as a fan of the team if it was Rolando McClain I may get a “In Reg We Trust” tattoo on my arm.

  7. This has to be for a player, not a pick, right?

    Raiders don’t have a 2nd rounder (Bengals for Palmer) and don’t have a 5th rounder (‘Hawks for Curry.

    1st is too high, 3rd is too low (based on Alex Smith going for a 2nd).

    Swapping Seattle 2nd or 2nd+3rd additional picks for Oakland’s 1st is too high as well.

  8. Or they could still draft Geno have a real QB competition..they desperately need to find a real QB..even if it comes to spending a lot of money to find the right answer..A franchise QB can cover up a lot of other holes…The rookie wage scale makes this a little more reasonable..

  9. Well I was a big Palmer fan, And not that I trust everything I hear but where there is smoke there is fire, and when you take Palmers track record, You have to take it as a possibility. So with Flynn coming in then I take what has been reported as true. With that good luck Palmer.

    And please I love my Raiders and love my Raider Nation family, please please let this Pryor talk stop. He is not a QB he is inaccurate, slow release and his decision makin is poor at best. He will never be Kapernick, wishfull thinking. Just cause they have the same measurements dont make them the same player.

    Pull Pryor aside and tell him to go play with the juggs machine. You are our new starting TE, Thank you for your hard work

  10. They are in too tough of a position to take a chance on Geno. 7-9th overall pick is understandable, but thinking of him at 3rd is crazy. Surprisingly smart move by the Raiders.

  11. Signing Flynn is a good luck charm for drafting a QB of the future. Pay him a ton of $$ and the mid-round QB pick (including the peanuts salary) is FUTURE!

  12. Poor Flynn… Great potential terrible luck.
    We may never know how good Flynn could have been.j

  13. Palmer goes to the Seahawks as Russel Wilson’s backup in hopes of going to a Super Bowl finally.

  14. @azjahwrk

    I’m a little confused! What is a FAIDER? I’m not sure exactly what it is and GOOGLE isn’t sure either! Must be a term raider haters use.

  15. Good move if true!

    Flynn has lots of potential and they need the cap space to rebuild this team.

    Also, it will be good to see Flynn get his chance…

  16. The Raiders can’t afford to trade draft picks if they intend to turn the ship around at anytime in the future. Not only that, but they need to get extremely lucky like the Colts and Redskins did last yr.
    I can’t bear to watch what McKenzie is doing, as the long term goal appears to include PLENTY of short term suffering. I’m a bit surprised Flynn would agree to this trade. Palmer sees the determination of the club to commit hari-kari in the immediate future, in order to achieve long term goals which will post-date CP3’s career. Two yrs from now (or less), he’ll be struggling with post-career injuries which he acquired while paving the way for someone else to succeed in Oakland.

    I’m not saying I agree with his plan to ditch…but I unnnerstan’. I have often mused at what would happen if you took every NFL QB (or any player, for that matter) & showed him a detailed game film of all the vicious hits he will absorb in the coming season.

    Palmer’s jersey was WAAAAY too dirty after every single game last year, as he was hitting the ground several times per game. A lot of goofy play-calling. McFadden injured every other week, etc
    Next year will likely be as bad or worse.
    Seeing Brandon Myers get away, his security blanket from last yr, might have been the last straw. Instead of building on what he and Myers were accomplishing, Myers bolts, while Reggie re-signs Khalif Barnes, Matt Giardano, & Willie Smith.
    Also, I guess they were too busy to even call Lechler to wish him ‘bon voyage’ after a 13 yr, All pro career.

  17. Another GM sees little in this QB class. Maybe Dorsey made the right move in acquiring Smith. I’m curious of the compensation for him.

  18. @flipola

    Surprisingly smart move by the Raiders? You do realize that they are being run by a completely new group of people. As much as Al Davis was and is the Raiders, it’s a different front office.

  19. WTF Reggie … paying a QB $5 million is too much isn’t. I guess McFadden is next.
    I can’t wait until the season starts and see all these former Raiders shine on other teams.
    I would bet my last dollar if Brady or Peyton were QBs for the Raiders … the Raiders would still come in last with the coaches and mangement they have. Have WRs who can’t catch the ball and run the wrong routes.
    Geez … I wonder what player was traded because we all Reggie would NEVER EVER trade a draft pick.

  20. “For now, it appears they won’t be using any draft picks on a quarterback.”

    I disagree. This is a perfect setup to use a draft pick on a QB and I don’t see any QB’s in this class that are sure fire starters from the gun, so draft a QB for the future and use Flynn as a stop gap instead of a rusting Carson Palmer and save cap and salary space. I think that makes sense. We will see in less than a month.

  21. Poor Matt. He could have had a good career. Oakland is where players go to end their careers

  22. I don’t get this, there have been WAY more trade bust or Free Agency bust QBs than draft bust QBs. Why do teams keep falling for these one game wonder guys? & with the rookie wage scale in place, you end spending more money on those guys than drafted QBs. Kevin Kolb got paid how much again?

  23. The reported trade that will send one-game wonder Matt Flynn from Seattle to Oakland means that the Raiders won’t be drafting Smith, or presumably any other quarterback.

    Unless it’s all an elaborate smokescreen.

    That’s right. Unless it’s an excellent smokescreen.

  24. I hope the Raiders don’t draft a QB and turn this into a competition. Flynn deserves the starting job. I’ve been saying he’ll be a very good QB for years now. He would have started all year in Seattle if not for the elbow injury. Once that happened, Wilson didn’t do anything to get put back on the bench (where he belongs).
    I’m looking forward to watching Seattle and Wilson fall on there collective faces this year with now real backup.

  25. I question why Florio so readily deletes my posts yet leaves others that take much worse shots at he and his posts than I. I must really get under your skinny-skin-skin, eh, Mikey?

  26. Very shoddy reporting, for all the reasons noted above and this: Favre’s retirement was NOT “finagled.” He said when the season ended that he was going to retire. The Packers’ brass even went to Favre’s house in the very early off season to try to talk him out of it, but Favre wouldn’t change his mind.

  27. cheatin seattle is going to regret this when there qb inevitably gets hurt and they have no one to take his place.

  28. I’d like to see Flynn get his shot….

    He played great in “2” games… set a franchise record that neither Favre/nor Rodgers (until the game against Houston) couldn’t … 6 TDs in a game.

    Kid is a gamer, He’s way better than the Matt Cassels/Kevin Kolbs people compare him to.

    He’d be an instant upgrade over Mark Sanchez.

  29. Why does Florio take a shot at Flynn everytime he posts something about him? Anybody else notice that? lol did Flynn sleep with his sister or somethin? I don’t imagine him having very good looking sisters tho

  30. stop with the Wilson beat out Flynn so he must not bw very good. Did you forget that Wilson turned out to be a probowler , set a rookie record for passing td’s and has an un matched work ethic. And People are still surprised he beat out another player for time, thats idiotic.

    Flynn is a capable player and could do well as a starter just needs a fair shot and honestly Wilson having so much charisma that he took the job. Wilson is the best young leader in the NFL, ask many probowlers who met uim, any media outlet, or any of his teammates since High School. Stop discrediting Flynn by overlooking Wilsons dynamics, there’s a reason the hawks are superbowl favorites right now.

  31. This sounds familiar , as he is the sixth QB either traded for or signed (Hostetler, Rich Gannon, K.Collins, A.Brooks, Carson Palmer and now Flynn) since the Raiders moved back.

    A bad trend, denoting an inability to develop a QB or draft one (JaMarcus Russell being one horrific example).

    despite some reserved optimism, the Raider Nation hopes McKenzie can get a much better draft and prove this GM ability he supposedly has.

  32. Doesn’t everyone not think highly of this year’s QB draft class???

    It’s like pointing out how everyone thinks Tony Romo is overpaid!!!

  33. Looks like the Oakland Raiders are finally going to turn things around. Flynn will be a great pick up for them. When he was with Green Bay he demonstrated he was a quality QB every day in practice, not just in the games he played in. I am not a Raiders fan but it is clear with McKenzie they will be a lot better than what they were.

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