Franchise tag was never an issue for Romo, Cowboys

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Given Friday’s events, it’s clear that the suggestion that the Cowboys couldn’t have used the franchise tag on Tony Romo in 2014 came from the Romo camp as part of an effort to break whatever final hurdle(s) existed between the team and the player.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it never was going to be issue.

The glitch that would have resulted in the final years of Romo’s contract voiding after the window for using the franchise tag had closed came, we’re told, from a deal that was done in 2011 to help create cap space.  At that time, Romo, the Cowboys, and his agents agreed to commence the process to make Romo a Cowboy for life, and to get it done before the start of the final season of his current contract.

In the end, Romo was never going to leave the Cowboys.  So it didn’t matter if there was no franchise tag to be used.

“Tony has a special relationship with Jerry [Jones], Stephen [Jones], and the Cowboys organization.  The parties truly view it as a long-term partnership and they truly trust each other,” the source said.  “Tony values being a Cowboy for life.”

Moreover, the guaranteed money in the new Romo deal ($55.5 million) hints that the franchise-tag formula was a factor in the negotiations.  With a salary of $11.5 million in 2013 and franchise-tag numbers of $20.16 million and $24.19 million, respectively, in 2014 and 2015, Romo would have made $55.85 million over the next three years, if he had gone one year at a time under the franchise tag.

Either way, the Cowboys have gone all in with Romo.  Today’s deal simply puts even more chips in the middle of the table.

34 responses to “Franchise tag was never an issue for Romo, Cowboys

  1. Either way, the Cowboys have gone all in with Romo.  Today’s deal simply puts even more chips in the middle of the table.
    Yeah they have, A bag of stale BBQ Utz!

  2. In the meantime, sources say Rodgers and the Packers are close to a contract extension agreement.

    The only snag is whether Rodgers would commit to keeping the Packers in Greenbay and not move them to LA.

  3. As usual, the Cowboys did not lose a player they wanted to keep. That has been the standard during the Jerry Jones era.

    Jones gets a lot of grief here, some of it deserved, but he knows how to get a deal done when he wants to.

    Next topic will be how much cap space the deal opened up for Dallas in 2013, and what they would/should/could do with it.

  4. Tony is an enigma.

    He can run around and keep plays alive then make the spectacular throw… yet he can also throw 3 INTS faster then you can say Jessica Simpson.

    He’s the new Jake Plummer.

  5. Look at this just on the division level. In DC you have super human RG3, in NYC you have Payton’s more successful little brother, and in Philly you have ??, and then there is Romo. Doesn’t this just guarantee third place, or a wild card at best? Not a value bet to stay in tune with the article.

  6. Tony has a special relationship with Jerry [Jones]
    It is special…Jerrah makes all of the mistakes off the field that Romo takes the blame for on the field.

  7. Romo is good for filling up the stat sheets with garbage yards & tds, next time he wins he big it will be his first , he’s the ultimate fantasy player bunch of stats

  8. Jerry didn’t give himself any choice. He’s got to stay with Tony. It would be next to impossible to trade for someone better. The draft picks he has need to be used on other positions, primarily O-line.

  9. flacco wins the superbowl, then signs a $102.6 m contract. romo won 1 playoff game in his whole career…..jerry keep telling yourself that you know what you’re doing and that the rest of us are crazy

  10. I stopped following this team when the owner fired Mr. Landry, the classiest coach in NFL history.

  11. In an alternate universe & as a Jets fan, you could never ever convince me to even consider trading for or taking on Romo in any way shape or form as our franchise QB.

    Even given our current situation I’d consider it a step back!!!!!

    Come to think of it Jones lives in his own universe… so in a way the extension all makes perfect sense!

  12. Not a Cowboys fan but he does have the fith best QB rating in NFL history. It’s not his fault that the defenses have sucked and few playmakers around him. Pile on tho lemmings….he is not quite “minority” enough to be liked – right?

  13. Why does no one mention how terrible Peyton Manning is in big games?

    Oh because they are too busy talking about how great he is in the regular season. Look at how many times that 8 head has puked up the playoffs. It’s funny now people will use his stats to defend him.

  14. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones did that for Tony Romo to clear cap space because they was in to deep. By giving Tony Romo a long term contract clear the cap space for the cowboys to move forward.

  15. The biggest problem with this deal is that it covers Romo from 33 (he’ll be 33 in late April) to 39.

    3 of those years are very atypical for QBs to play. Most don’t even play past Romo’s current age. So, they just sank a ton of money into a guy who could start declining any year.

    I think Romo gets hated on too much, but this deal is insane. It has little to do with Romo and more to do with his age.

  16. Rex Grossman is waiting to sign a new deal, and he’s got twice as many playoff wins as Romo….

  17. Keep on do’in what you’re do’in and you’ll keep on get’in what you get! Cowboys have no cap space because of Jerry. You want to justify this by saying it was a move to create cap space? Jerry just tied up more money in an aging player player. If Romo were leading the team on deep playoff runs I could understand it…clearly that is not the case. Enjoy the mediocrity Cowboy fans!

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