New deal for Romo could come within “hours”


This is what happens when a player has a team over a barrel.

According to Todd Archer of, a new contract for quarterback Tony Romo is “imminent,” and could happen within the next few hours.

The Cowboys have always said they expected to do an extension this year, and the news that they couldn’t use the franchise tag on him next year hardly seems accidental now, a final twist near the end of a negotiation.

The Cowboys also needed the cap room a new deal for Romo would provide, as they’ve been cutting fringe players to sign new ones.

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  1. Excellent. It’s kind of cool seeing Dallas so irrelevant and insignificant as they’ve been for so long. Sign me up for a few more years.

  2. Cowboys front office stated that Tony confirmed sending the signed agreement back earlier today…

    … but evidently it was intercepted before being received.

    Tony took full responsibility.

  3. How many years has Romo, been under center for the Pokes? How many playoff games in that time? How many playoff wins in that time? How many Red Zone fumbles?

    And you want to give him MORE years of this stunning play?

    What’s wrong with you?

  4. This is what happens when a player has a team over a barrel.

    It’s easy to have the team over a barrel when the GM, Owner, and coach* are the same guy.

    *I am aware that Garrett is the coach (figurehead)

  5. Redskins spent all their cap $ on a Tight end. So they’re out. Too bad, it would’ve been a perfect fit to lose games epic. Losses will continue to be boring next season.

  6. Ironically it’s the cowboy fans who are doing back flips like the rest of the nfc east fans

  7. Jerry>>>>>>>Tony, how’s 5 years 60 million guaranteed?

    Tony>>>>>>>Jerry, do you remember the names Carter
    Hutchinson Henson Leaf Wright etc?

    Jerry>>>>>>>>Whoa! Whoa…just calm down Tony.


  9. All of you sadskinfans you know you’re scared of this! Y’all want Romo to leave Dallas so bad, y’all can’t stand it! And y’all Eaglettes..Y’all have yet to Winn a Super Bowl!..Ha Haaa! Can’t say to much about the Giants even though we split last year.
    We’ll get Romo this new contract and give Doug Free his walking papers and pick up two Offensive Rhinos in the draft..Romo will have 6000yds easy! And the sad part is…y’all know it too!

  10. I am a Giants fan, and this might be the best news I’ve heard all off season!! So now we have RGIII who will continue to get hurt and never play a full season, the Eagles with Vick’s old ass with horrible line, and Romo’s choke artist self for years to come in the NFC East. Love it!

  11. Tony Romo is a great qb! Hell yeah! I don’t understand y’all bashing him! Romo wasn’t the problem, it was the pieces around him! Not even Peyton Manning couldn’t done anything with this o line and inconsistent running game!

  12. Most overrated QB in the league and love that he keeps stealing from the worst GM/OWNER in the league!

  13. I know that Tony Romo is not equal to the sweat that was on Troy Aikmans jock strap. However I would still take him over two thirds of the QBs in the NFL right now. If the Cowboys dump Romo, who is out there and available that is any better? Now with that being said I do think it’s time to draft his replacement and start grooming him. I do not think it’s going to be this year however. I don’t want them to draft a Stephen McGee as a project I would rather them draft a back from a big time school that teaches pro style offenses and right now they have too many other real needs to take a QB that high in the draft.

  14. Looks like Matt Ryan is going to be paid! And paid GREAT!!!! Hell I can’t afford boloney and have to borrow underwear from my neighbor (without her knowing) and these guys are stealing all the money. I’m going to start my own company and call it Walmart or something. I just need a fresh new idea no one is doing and I’ll be paid too. Maybe a shoe rental business!!

  15. should really be quiet as a church mouse..The Eaglettes haven’t won anything! We have 5 Superbowls Rings and Americas Quarterback! How’s that Michael Vick thing working out for ya?

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