NFL quietly reaches key anniversary

As the Pro Football Hall of Fame noted earlier today, NFL owners voted 36 years ago Friday to expand the regular season to 16 games.

At that same league meeting, owners also agreed to add a second wild-card team.

Whether the NFL ever adds games to the regular-season slate again remains to be seen. It is surely a more complex issue now that it was in the past, with our increased knowledge of the toll the game can take on those who play it one key issue. In the past, the league far more frequently changed the number of regular-season games, sometimes even removing dates from the schedule, as this Hall of Fame chart shows.

For now, the schedule holds at 16 games — a number that has held up longer than any regular-season game quota in league history.

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  1. There are now 4 preseason, 16 regular season, and 3 post season Redskins games every year. Then there’s the Pro Bowl if it gets pushed back to after the Super Bowl so the Redskins can play.

    That means there are 24 weeks of the year when the networks can show the Redskins. The problem for the networks is that every network wants as many Redskins games as they can.

    The best solution is for the networks to broadcast repeats of Redskins games the other 28 weeks of the year.

  2. Thumbs up = keep at 16 games, 4 preseason

    Thumbs down = Go up to 18 games, 2 preseason

    Just curious.

  3. Preseason games are for conditioning and evaluation. They are needed. People with season tickets, please quit crying about paying for two of them. Just be happy you are fortunate enough to have season tickets.

  4. As much as I crave football, I’d like to see the league go back to 14 games. Back in the day, seldom were there 8-6 or even 9-5 teams qualifying for the playoffs.
    Teams pre-1978 always knew that to be in the postseason discussion, 10 wins were a must. As soon as the league added two more games, 9-7 teams suddenly became “contenders.” The first 9-7 team was the 1979 LA Rams, who lost to the Steelers in Super Bowl 14.
    More is not always better.
    The more games, the less of a chance the best teams reach the playoffs.

  5. 4thqtrsaint says:
    Mar 29, 2013 1:42 PM
    Its perfect the way it is. Leave the game alone.

    With maybe one exception. You want to make the season longer? Add on extra bye week. You extend the season and give players more time to recover making the game a little safer. Win, win…

  6. 36th? The lists I find only go every 5 years for gift ideas after 15 years. Do you combine the 35th and 1st to get your gift for 36th?

    35th – Coral & 1st – Paper = Combined – a card on coral colored paper?

    35th – Jade & 1st – Clock = Combined – a clock with jade inlays?

    As far as number of games, I would like to see 16 regular season and only 2 preseason. But, the NFL will never give up the money from the full price preseason tickets to do that.

  7. I completely get why the players don’t want to go to an 18 game format, essentially they will be working more for the same pay. What I don’t get is fans reticence, it can’t be concern for players. This is a complete exaggeration but I wish that MLB and NFL schedules were reversed and I like baseball, I can’t get enough football.

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