Pat White to work out for Giants, too

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The 49ers may not be the only team looking for a read-option scout-team quarterback.

The Giants, who face Robert Griffin III twice per year and now will be dealing with whatever Eagles coach Chip Kelly concocts in his speed-talking laboratory, also will be working out free-agent quarterback Pat White, according to Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News.

Of course, White’s availability to work out for the Giants means that the 49ers didn’t like him enough to give him a job.

Regardless, the broader point is that teams are realizing the importance of having a mobile quarterback who can run the scout team while preparing to face a mobile quarterback.  Too many teams press into service a position player who last played quarterback in high school (or maybe never) when getting ready to face a quarterback who can move.

If not White, a 2009 second-round pick of the Dolphins who was cut before the 2010 season even began, isn’t the answer, there will be plenty of others in the draft pool and, ultimately, the throng of undrafted free agents.

27 responses to “Pat White to work out for Giants, too

  1. He actually would be a good fit for a scout team, because unlike most people on here who think Chip Kelly invented the read/spread option. It was White’s college coach, Rich Rod, who actually did.

  2. This guy isn’t better than Sanchez or Gabbert? Really? I can’t wrap my head around why the Jets, Jags, Cards, and a few other teams wouldn’t at least give this guy a shot. It’s not like if he tanks they’d be any worse off than they are in their current situation

  3. Kinda makes that whole article about how vital Pat White would be to the 49ers kind of pointless, huh?

  4. This a very confusing move. They resumed David Carr because he can run as was reported on their website and Cruz still doesn’t have a contract.

  5. It’s cute how every team in the league wants an RG3 Wannabe. Sorry everyone…Robert Griffin is not to be duplicated. Wilson, Kaepernick, Vick etc…are all pretenders in the face of the Superhuman.

  6. Makes a lot more sense for the Niners or Seahawks to sign him as a backup. I don’t believe the guy can start, but your back up QB better be more than just a scout team guy. He could never run a pocket pass offense like the Giants if Eli went down. He admitted he didn’t put enough effort into it with the Dolphins, I think it might be different this time around, so put him on a team that runs this type of offense so if the main guy goes down the entire game plan doesn’t change (just wait and see what happens to the Seattle offense if Flynn has to go in. He’s a fine QB but it would change every play they run).

  7. Mike, I’m assuming you’ll delete my comment but Pat White was cut prior to the start of the 2010 season because he is not an NFL caliber player and is made of paper mache, other than than that I’m sure he’s a great guy.

  8. Logical-
    to be superhuman, would be to have all your ligaments intact and be unbreakable. RG3 is a broken man.

    Your routine is and always has been boring and is now ridiculously played out…yawn.

  9. Pat White is a terrible QB and he can’t play baseball either. He’s tried both and it hasn’t worked. Go and do a real job.

  10. logicalvoicesays is a tool. I agree with the poster above… RG3 is a broken man. If he even starts the season, he’ll be a shadow of the player he was last year. Sorry, sad but most likely true.

  11. Sadly, RG3’s career may be over already. One or two more nice shots at that knee and the fat lady sings. Then he’ll be behind the counter working at Subway.

  12. Q: What’s the difference between Virginia and West Virginia?

    A: In Virginia, Moosehead is a beer. In West Virginia it’s a misdemeanor.

  13. I can’t figure out why everyone keeps saying RG3 is done, considering the way Adrian Peterson was able to come back from ACL surgery. RG3 has the same determination and drive to get back as Peterson did, as well as the same “supplements”. It’s not like the guy has torn up his knee before…oh wait there was that season he missed in college. (:

  14. RG3’s running days are done, or SHOULD be done if they have any sense in Wash. If the biggest problem on your mind is finding a scout team QB, maybe you should rethink your priorities.

  15. Funny the picture shows him in his West Virginia days and not from one of the many amazing plays he made in the NFL. Oh wait…..

  16. This is good. Hopefully the NFL increases the amount of players that can be on the team, practice squad, etc. so more players can actually earn some money post-college and safety can be taken more seriously. All this would be nice, but they won’t do it. =)

  17. The Giants will play the Hawks this year, and earn a chance to be dazzled by DangeRuss.

    Kordell Stewart is currently having divorce problems and probably can’t remember what a football is.

    Hey Pat, if Phoenix isn’t calling you, you should demand to know why. You “could” be part of the biggest collection of non-starting QB’s, this side of Boomer Esiason’s bar.

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