Raiders appear close to adding Matt Flynn, cutting Carson Palmer


The “imminent” trade involving Seahawks quarterback Matt Flynn appears to be with the Raiders, who would cut Carson Palmer once a deal gets done.

The Seahawks are deep in talks with Raiders on a Flynn trade, sources told Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. The last holdup appears to be that the Raiders want to take one more shot at trying to convince Carson Palmer to take a pay cut and stick around on a revised contract.

But Palmer is reportedly dead set against taking less from the Raiders, so it will apparently be Flynn who’s leading the Silver and Black in 2013.

In fact, the Flynn deal is close enough to done that some of Flynn’s teammates in Seattle are already saying goodbye. Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin wrote on Twitter, “Wishing Flynn best in Oakland. Excited for his opportunity. Great QB, even better man.”

Assuming the deal gets completed, Palmer will become an unrestricted free agent, and the speculation will immediately begin that Arizona could be his next home.

111 responses to “Raiders appear close to adding Matt Flynn, cutting Carson Palmer

  1. Good for Flynn and the Seahawks if they get at least a 4th or conditional pick out of the deal and leave enough cap room to extend Chancellor. Arizona would have been better off keeping Kolb and focusing on protecting him. Palmer is just another disaster in AZ.

  2. I feel bad for Raiders fans. 2nd worst organization in professional sports. 2nd to only the Redskins.

  3. Plamer was better off in Oakland. AZ has nothing by Fitz. Flynn will surprize people in Oakland. He can ball if given the chance and support from the coaches. He has been unlucky in playing behind two franchise guys.

  4. The question I have is: Which pick, third or fourth round?

    And I suppose the Raiders will be trading out of the #3 spot in the draft for more picks now. If they were competent that is.

  5. Does Oakland even have draft picks to trade? Not that they would know what to do with the picks if they kept them.

  6. If it’s true that Palmer is willing to take less to play for a contender as a backup, then why not include him in the trade? LOL @ the Raiders. They’re gonna end up trading valuable assets to the Seahawks for the Seahawks’ backup QB, thn the Seahawks are gonna turn right around and sign palmer as their backup as soon as he’s released by the Raiders.

  7. Well, they can’t go wrong going young. Pryer and Flynn battle out – it can’t be any worse then Old-Man-Palmer. Bye bye palmer wish you well in the CFL

  8. Some day Palmer is going to have to accept that HE needs to take a team on his back and do something. When he left Cincinnati after a 4-12 season a Rookie QB comes in and has to throw to a Rookie WR and they still go to the playoffs. He acted like others were holding him back.

  9. Matt Flynn is going to show everyone he’s a lot better than most starters in this league — including Carson Palmer.

  10. I was the one who said earlier in the week that this was not a smart move. I am still sticking to that comment unless the deal is for Rolando McClain straight up, then I am good with it.

  11. Right on schedule- the Raider annual “throw away draft picks for a random QB” season… nothing to see here, move along.

  12. Well he better lead them to the worst record next year because Clowney is worth like 3 first rounders. Thats the best way to build a team. look at the niners. first rounders at all positions. Even Kaep my ninja was a traded up pick. Oakland Needs to find a scuker for the no. 3 Pick soon. ive been hearing stuff but want to see action. I’m not sure about Flynn yet but we will see.

  13. if Arizona was smart,they will not sign Palmer and draft Geno Smith.This team is hurting for a franchise QB and havent had one since Warner.The person i really feel for is Fitz,dont know why he stays in the Valley of the Sun.

  14. What does watching boats in the harbor and Seacluck fans have in common?..

    There both boring and smell like fish..

  15. I doubt Reggie is giving up much in the way of picks.
    He may make a straight swap of third round picks, with a late rounder thrown in.
    He won’t give the third overall pick, and thanks to Hue “The Genius” Jackson, they don’t have a second round pick to worry about.
    Flynn would essentially become the Raiders’ pick in whatever late round they gave Seattle.

  16. How many games has matt flynn even played in? 2? He couldn’t even beat out a rookie when handed the ropes at the begining of last years training camp. If he can’t beat out Russell he deffinatly isn’t worth a higher than sixth rd pick.

  17. Matt flynn, carson palmer, hell even with Tom brady leading the Raiders, they’re not going to win. Y dont they just go with Pryor and see what he can do, his price tag is a lot cheaper than Matt Flynn’s. I’m tired of seeing the raiders always trading for/signing players and getting the worst end of it, just go with what u have. During this current mess that the raiders have most of us non ignorant raider fans know we’re not close to winning, so we would rather see pryor than Flynn cuz anyways we know it’ll probably have the same under 500 result

  18. as a hawks fan, I hope this is the right move. never hurts to have a solid back-up at QB.

    but also kind of feels like giving Flynn a shot at starting somewhere is the right thing to do, and i’m pretty curious to see how good the guy is, if given that chance.

  19. At the very least Flynn has played a game in the pros(compared to Barkley, Smith, etc.)! The cheaper re-tooling continues! I love it!
    Hasta La Bye-Bye Palmer! Raiiiderrzzzz!!

  20. McKenzie said he wasn’t trading any draft picks . So what could he possibly be trading ? Our vaunted punter is gone . Please don’t be our kicker ; (

  21. Flynn isn’t worth anything in terms of draft picks. Bet the Raiders are looking at him as a backup to Pryor. Terrelle was a three year starter in college, which was two more than Flynn managed.

  22. Man i do NOT like giving up our backup. Thank god we have such an awesome Gm!! In Schnieder and Carroll we trust. Seattle is moving up to get the HONEY badger in the second round!!! Hope this works!!

    GO HAWKS!!!

  23. Hey benny 7, you need to get off this site and pay better attention in class. You need to expand your vocabulary past LOL.

  24. I had hopes for Palmer but he didn’t live up to them. I’ll take a chance on Flynn over keeping noodle arm.

  25. One advise to those teams interested in Palmer; do yourself a favor and pass on him. Carson himself was a dramma queen. Nobody outside PBS knew this becoz loud mouth Ocho, TJ and guys like T.O grabbed the attention so he just flew under the radar. I mean look why the bengals got his bro Jordan? Jordan Palmer, seriously? The guy can’t play. The bengals tried so hard to please him. They wasted 14million on both Antonio Bryant and L. Coles the two wrs that he wanted. When he wanted out the first thing the bengals did was trade Och and fire the OC. They thought CP was going to change his mind after they did that..stay away from him..

  26. “There both boring and smell like fish..”

    Actually, you’re boring, repetitive, and don’t know the difference between they’re and there.

  27. This kid is better than anyone we have…or would draft. Palmer wants out….and he sure as hell is not the fifth best player in the NFL as his obnoxious salary indicates. bye bye. Seachickens fans crack me up. You all acquired him to be your starter and stumbled on a gem via pure dumb luck. I give credit to Carrol for having the balls to go with the even more unproven guy. That was a gutsy call, especially after acquiring Flynn and paying him….but it was the right call. However, to act like you are somehow fleecing Oaktown by trading your “back up” QB just makes you sound like a bunch of clueless D bags….or maybe you just have convenient amnesia because you found your team relevant for the second time in NFL history.

    Gimme a break. Stop acting like a bunch of clowns. I’m an Oakland fan, but I like the team that the Seahawks built and the physical way they play defense. Also Russell Wilson was a great find. I was pulling for you guys to get another crack at SF last year so I could watch you own them. I was tired of listening to all the hype about how they were clearly the best team….after you embarrassed them in prime time. Can’t you just be happy that you freed up some cap space and made a deal that helps everyone? You save some dough, Flynn gets a chance to be what everyone hoped he would be….and just maybe he breathes some life into a storied franchise that is in desperate need of something good to happen to them.

    I hope the deal gets done. If so, as a man who will bleed silver and black until the day I die….I thank you for giving us hope….on the cheap. Thanks, and I hope to see you thump the more obnoxious bay area team again this year. Peace out.

  28. Lets be realistic it can’t possibly be a downgrade from the draft prospects this year or Palmer’s play last year. Hood move for both teams but like the trade with Alex I hope Wilson and Kaepernick don’t get hurt. Im not so skeptical on Tolzien but would feel much more comfortable with a proven vet still

  29. Does no one see the connection? Carson Palmer said he’d be willing to take less to be a back up on a contender. Seattle is a contender, Pete Carroll is the coach and coached Palmer at USC. Maybe they flipped them with a contract that’s been renogotiated?

  30. Reggie already said the Raiders are done trading away draft picks. I have a feeling if they traded anything, it was Palmer’s worthless ass.

  31. “Wishing Flynn best in Oakland. Excited for his opportunity. Great QB, even better man.”

    At this point I’ll take a better QB than man any day.

  32. And i have no clue why greatgabbert is flapping gum since Flynn is better than any qb on that bonafide worst roster in the league jaguars

  33. logica1voicesays says: Mar 29, 2013 3:58 PM

    I feel bad for Raiders fans. 2nd worst organization in professional sports. 2nd to only the Redskins.
    We don’t need pity. We had a good, long run, and since it can’t get much worse (0-16 is hard to do) it will eventually have to get better.

  34. How do you destroy a team more than the Raiders do?? Draft picks keep your team young and fresh with talent.

    Trading them should be a last resort only for special block-buster players – not experimental “could be” guys.

    Flynn doesn’t even “look” or “sound” like a Raider.

  35. I am glad Seattle is going to trade him just even if it clears up cap space. Flynn has been a full-team guy and I think he will do well in Oakland. Even if we get a 4th round pick I love it the way we draft. KJ Wright, Chancellor, Sherman, Turbin all 4th or 5th round picks. I think Flynn will produce better than half the QB’s in the NFL. Problem is Oakland is in clean house and rebuild mode…I understand why Palmer didn’t want to take a pay cut.

  36. It’s hard to root for Oakland when they keep making dumb moves like this. Honestly why trade for a mediocre QB when you are so far from winning? Just forget about this season, free-up cap room, and stockpile draft picks.

  37. 808raiderinparadise says: Mar 29, 2013 4:02 PM

    lol embarassing ….


    im done.

    You forgot to mention Flynn won a national championship as the starting qb at LSU

  38. In his 5th and final year Matt Flynn (aka Michael Bourne) won a National BCS Championship, while collecting game MVP. JaFatso could never do that!

  39. As a Hawks fan I hate this. Unless it’s for #3 overall which you know it’s not.

    You’ve got a great insurance policy in case RW goes down, now you’re gonna bring in T-Jack or some other chump to back up Wilson.

    I love how Schneider and Carroll draft but this is reckless and irresponsible. Even with Flynn’s contract theres not much $ tied in to the two QB’s.

    I bet Jon and Pete have inadequate insurance on their homes and cars.

    BTW – Oakland you just got A LOT better at QB

  40. from Silver and Black pride .com

    “Even still, this signing would be a head scratcher. The Raiders are set to pay Carson Palmer $13 million in base salary with a cap hit of $15 million. If cut, palmer leaves behind over $9 million in dead money. Add Flynn’s $5.25 cap hit and it works out to be about the same cap hit for Flynn as for Palmer. Then add the lost draft pick from the trade for Flynn which the Seahawks are said to be asking for a round four pick and the Raiders lose out on this deal.”

    looking at those numbers, definitely a head scratcher!

  41. I bet Seattle is getting this years 2 nd round pick cause Oak is that desperate. They do not want Palmer and the contract and nobody is trading for him. I doubt Flynn would be a back up to Pryor if Oak was sold on Pryor then they would have cut Palmer long ago and drafted a backup. Oak trading picks for Flynn is for him to start and Pryor to backup.

  42. way to go Buffalo… way to prove to your fan base that you give a crap about this team… do us a favor and just move the team to L.A already…. heres to a 3-13 season!!!!

  43. It appears Palmer is a money hunting hog this late in his career he is looking to retire and stack his bank account. Oak is on the hook for 9 if he’s cut and if he want that 13 he would sign for 4 somewhere and hang um up. He probably thinks he can get 8 or so cause Oak was offering 10 million. As crazy as it sounds some dum ass GM may give him 7-8 million to go with his 9 from Oak. Wow 16-17 for Palmer at 33. Just say no Cardinals not worth it he is old he isn’t the answer and eat up roster space and money on cap we do not need.

  44. Dear Murph Deezy

    Like most Raider fans you are a punk and tired of all the press and lovefest Nor Cal has with Niners. There is a reason why you are tarping the 3rd deck and are on FM radio. Not enough trash in bay to support Raiders or A’s ! Facial! Keep rooting against us as we build another beautiful stadium and Oaktown stays in dump know as the O!

  45. Raiders trading for QB with one start (on another team) that was beat out by a rookie picked in the 3rd round? The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  46. Raider Fans should be happy.. Flynn has something that Pryor does not, and that is called accuracy. Here in KC when we had Gannon sitting on the bench they played Bono and Grbac instead. When Gannon finally got his shot you seen the results. Flynn might flop, and as a Chiefs fan I hope he does. But, then he might be good if put in the right kind of offense.

  47. How do the Raiders lose out? Cut Palmer down to million, add Flynn at 5 million ,back up to 14 million. Minus a draft pick, say a 4th or 5th round. The big picture is an NFL ready QB at avg money for a 4th or 5th round pick.

  48. With this trade the transformation will be complete. Well everything short of changing the uniforms and moving the team out of Cali. Mckenzie got his coveted short non athletic “football player” to play QB because Pryor was well; too tall, too fast, too athletic. Mcfadden is likely gone within the next few years, and Denarious Moore, Tyvon Branch & Terelle Pryor will soon follow. These aint your fathers Raiders anymore my friends, in fact these aren’t Raiders at all. Karma’s gonna get you Raid…..wait i mean Packers2.

  49. Palmer is pathetic. Once a quitter always a quitter. If you quit on a team you should never have another chance with another team. This is pro football and there’s nothing professional about quitting.

  50. Arizona would be insane not to bring this guy in, the defense is set the offense has got good receivers besides Fitz. That would clear the draft up at that pick OL, which should’ve been their pick last year. Under Arians Palmer will excel does anyone not remember Warner?

  51. Money hunting hog? Raiders traded for Palmer and gave him that contract. Now they want to renegotiate for a 3rd time and give him a pay cut? Who is being the hog again? If they didn’t want to pay him that much money, they shouldn’t have offered it to them.

    I watched Palmer play last year and I also watched his line getting killed and players bobbling bullseye passes and turning them into interceptions, and their defense getting shredded by the opposition.

    DHB was so good that they have already cut that dude and their tight end left for the Giants.

    …and now they want JaMarcus’ backup from college? Priceless.

    Really, the person I feel bad for is Flynn, if he takes this deal. He is so much better off in Seattle, making millions on the bench.

  52. He would have beat NE in their house but his radio stopped working at the most crucial moment. I always wondered why nobody ever talked about this. I have witnessed it.

  53. stop giving Palmer credit for “restructuring” previously….he got all the $$$ in signing bonus’ which is done to spread the cap hit out over the length of the contract. he didn’t take a pay cut….i believe his bonus last year was around 12 mil. He’s a POS…go be a backup for less money rather than play and compete for more money, don’t want that on my team

  54. The raiders have sunk to new lows if this deal gets done. Why would u trade for an unproven back up when u have a decent qb in Carson Palmer and u have pryor just in case Palmer doesn’t work out. U possibly have a qb of the future in pryor! And on top of that give a draft pick(s)? Does not makes sense at all. Reggie wtf? Mark Davis needs to take notice

  55. I love how bad you are at speculation sometimes. The Cardinals have enough quarterbacks and will add one in the draft, probably in the 2nd or 3rd round. They already signed Stanton and will go for Glennon in the draft. Plus they have Hoyer for another year. Be done with trying to figure out what the Cards are going to do.

  56. I wish I recorded that last GB game of his. I know he had a better OL and much better receivers but it would be cool to watch every pass to see how his accuracy was. Becasuse even with all that talent he had around him in that game, he still had to deliver the ball. I guess if we don’t have to give up much for him, I’m all for bringing him in.

  57. OK, so we get Flynn. The Raiders still need to add more QB talent and comp. An UDFA QB should be one.

  58. Seattle: trade flynn and a third possibly sixth, or fifth depending on raiders willingness to accept deal for round 1:3rd overall pick..

    Seattle has a solid team could use elite player like cordarelle or end out of oregon.. Then deal cris clemons for third or fourth rounder.. Safe bet for both teams..

    Raiders get more picks to build.. Seahawks get elite player and roster flexibility.. And they free cap space.. Good deal to me..

  59. Matt’s a great guy, team player, and solid QB. He deserves a shot as an NFL starting QB. Fate robbed him of that shot in Seattle; who knew Russ Wilson was an RG3 caliber rookie?? Perhaps even better! Excited to see him finally get that shot, even if he has to leave us to get it. And as much as I love to root AGAINST the Raiders at all times, I will be rooting FOR Matt Flynn to have a great career wherever he lands. Godspeed, Matt!

  60. pantherpro says: Mar 29, 2013 5:15 PM

    Dear Murph Deezy

    Like most Raider fans you are a punk and tired of all the press and lovefest Nor Cal has with Niners. There is a reason why you are tarping the 3rd deck and are on FM radio. Not enough trash in bay to support Raiders or A’s ! Facial! Keep rooting against us as we build another beautiful stadium and Oaktown stays in dump know as the O!


    Plenty of trash in the bay area, lets see:

    Eddie debartolo-49’ers former owner and criminal scumbag in casino racketeering. Ask his family.
    80’s 49’ers – aka the BALCO guinea pigs. Won alot in those times, not so much after.
    Whiner fan-like to outnumber then jump older Raider fan in restrooms at Monster or whatever that craphole that was YOUR stadium this year is called.
    York family-You know why you are in Santa Clara? Cause the York/Debartolo strong arm attempts for a new stadium against the city of SF failed. Whiners aren’t building a new stadium..the NFL, Santa Clara’s taxpayers, and private interest are.

  61. The problem for the Raiders is that Seattle is an educated, affluent city. Oakland has a low-budget football team, a low budget basketball team, and the guy who made low-budget baseball famous.

    Id just be thankful if we didn’t ser the raiders in seattle for a while. They bring down the neighborhood.

  62. Flynn is a gamer – Only reason he hasn’t gotten a starting job yet is because Aaron Rodgers is a top 5 QB and Russel Wilson has the tools to join that list.

  63. I have a really bad feeling that if the Oakland Raiders acquire Matt Flynn from Seattle, the Buffalo Bills are going to get Carson Palmer or Kevin Kolb. If either of these two players end up with the Bills, Buffalo fans are going to be sending post cards to Ryan Fitzpatrick in Tennessee begging for his services again. In the end though, both the Bills and the Raiders are going to have sub-par seasons if the 2013 draft doesn’t result in a rookie QB for both teams.

  64. Do you guys realize the type of numbers Carson Palmer put up with a no name WR core? Matt Flynn has done what??? He was drafted in the 7th round and even his old offensive coordinator didn’t want him in Miami . Stop being spur of the moment fans and realize Palmer threw for over 4k yards and threw over 20 touchdowns. By the way please look at Matt flynn’s stats at LSU before you proclaim him the hero in waiting!!!!

  65. Flynn is a good QB – and could be great. There is a lot of film on this guy from LSU days, and a handful of NFL (including preseason) which says this guy can play.

    I don’t think Seattle would take less than a 3rd round pick.

  66. Mixed reports Palmer says he would like to go to SF or AZ. I don’t think by any means AZ would trade for the guy with that salary and give up picks or pick for him. So Arians goes to Stanton sorry your our back up here now. The only way I see Pakmer in AZ is if Oak. cuts him and he takes like 3-4 million for one season. Spelling the end of Skelton and Lindley. Even then they may move Hoyer cause who pays there third string QB 2+ million.

  67. Flynn would have been fine as the QB for Seahawks, they had a young exciting team just waiting for a leader, but he had the misfortune of competing with and losing out to an incredible player. The problem is Flynn needs strength around him, like a line and some good receivers. Don’t think that Oakland fits that bill.

    However, I will always be a Matt Flynn fan, he handled himself well here. I wish him good luck and hope he can overcome what he will face in Oakland.

  68. typical raider move.Instead of moving forward with Pryor they will trade more draft picks for an unproven QB. Hey raider fan 4-12 is 4-12 with Flynn or Pryor! commitment to mediocracy!

  69. Jeff George, Kerry Collins,Jamarcus,Palmer, and now you can add Flynn to your pathetic exsitence. Stop livin off your 84 superbowl when breakin 2 electric boogaloo was a hit movie!! Pathetic!!!

  70. Flynn is a solid QB, and should he go to Oaktown, I hope he does very well. My only fear at this point is who will the Seattle braintrust decide to go after for a utility backup QB? Damn well better not have the initials, KK.

  71. WOW, after watching the PFT video on this its nearly clear what could be happening. Seattle might end up with Palmer in a massive restructure to be backup.

    Could Seattle be working this simply to get Palmer as a backup instead of Flynn? Perhaps Palmer said he would play for what Flynn would be paid if it meant he could be on a superbowl team…even as a backup.

    Or maybe Palmer see Seattle’s weapons on offense and actually thinks Wilson could slip and maybe he gets a chance to start? – seems far fetched, but don’t underestimate the arrogance of some of these guys. He, being Palmer, could think that way. For Seattle, trading Flynn for Palmer (with a restructure) wouldn’t be a bad idea as Palmer might be a better mentor to Wilson.

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