Report: Deal done, Romo gets more guaranteed money than Flacco


The Cowboys and quarterback Tony Romo have a deal, and it’s reportedly a deal that will guarantee Romo even more money than Joe Flacco just received in his blockbuster contract with the Ravens.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Cowboys and Romo reached an agreement on a six-year extension that contains even more guaranteed money than the six-year, $120.6 million contract that Joe Flacco got from the Ravens.

As is always the case, the contract details will come out in time. But the initial indication is that Jerry Jones backed up the Brink’s truck to pay Romo. Schefter says the total value of the deal is a six-year contract worth $108 million.

The Cowboys have been trying for weeks to get a new deal done with Romo, who would have counted $16.8 million against this year’s salary cap if he didn’t have a new contract. The new deal will reduce Romo’s cap number for 2013.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has long said he believes Romo can lead his team to a Super Bowl, and that he wants Romo to remain a Cowboy for the rest of his career. It appears that will happen: Romo and the Cowboys are tied together for years to come.

215 responses to “Report: Deal done, Romo gets more guaranteed money than Flacco

  1. OMG, the beginning of the end for this franchise…sad that JJ can’t hire a competent football person to save the franchise from himself

  2. And people complained when Joe got his deal. What has this guy accomplished that should get him a contract like this? Please tell me.

  3. As a fan, Romo is so frustrating to watch. He could be elite but he just keeps getting in his on way. If only he could finish games maybe just maybe he can win another playoff game.

    But in the end, all of the Cowboys hopes may ultimately rest on how improved that defense will be. They have put Romo is some bad situations as well.

  4. This dude doesn’t even have 6 years left in him. Its like signing a rookie to an 18 year contract

  5. The sad thing is neither of these fools would even start on 1/2 the NFL teams.

  6. LOL!!!! What has this guy done to deserve this kind of money besides choke and show major inconsistency. Jerry thank you for being the GM so you can approve such dumb moves to help the other teams in the nfc east.

  7. Well, I guess congrats are in order to Tony. Romo seems like a decent guy all things considering. That being said, NFL fans everywhere just did a facepalm.

  8. I’m happy Romo will still be costing Dallas playoff wins but nervous that every qb signing increases the amount of money the Packers will have to pay Aaron Rodgers.

  9. Ugggghhh. Keep spending on the credit card Jerry. I don’t understand how guys do smart in the business world make such stupid decisions in sports front offices. Do they not realize that eventually the bill comes do and your cap is screwed for years?

  10. I love Romo for fantasy purposes, the cowboys are always down and he is always in comeback mode. Other than that the QB’s are getting paid. I dont blame Jerry world for ponying up, Good QB’s are rare to find ask the Browns, Jags, etc

  11. Flacco won a Superbowl with less offensive talent then Romo usually has. Romo, in his entire career has just one playoff win. In other words not a very smart deal for the Cowboys.

  12. Flacco deal is a Bargain Compared to this. Atleast Flacco can Lead us to the Playoffs, Step up and Peform Great in the Playoffs and big Moments. In Big Games, Romo Number 1 Reciever is a Defensive Back.

  13. I am a Giants fan, and this might be the best news I’ve heard all off season!! So now we have RGIII who will continue to get hurt and never play a full season, the Eagles with Vick’s old ass with horrible line, and Romo’s choke artist self for years to come in the NFC East. Love it!

  14. This is great news! Now the Cowboys will be a non-factor in the NFL for the life of this deal. Great job Jerrah!

  15. I don’t think you Flactards realize how much more Romo has carried his offense vs the ravens carried Flacco. Both are overpaid but if i had to choose between Jump ball Joe and Tony its easily Tony. If he had a real coach and gm he would already have a ring

  16. What were they gonna do? Cut him? They had $24k in cap room and he counted almost $17 mill against the cap. They had no leverag since he had the out next offseason…

  17. $108M extension. Big deal. His guaranteed of $55M isn’t too bad. If Romo plays at a high level for the next 3 years then the $18M per year is worth it because, let’s face it, he’s better than more than half of these QBs in the NFL. Dallas can still draft a QB to develop then cut Romo after 3 years.

    49ers fan here!

  18. 6 more years of 8-8 records and not making the playoffs. Will still finish his career with ONE playoff win. Guaranteed.

  19. Six years? What happens if he stinks to high heaven for the next four years? What on Gods name will they do then? Glad they got something done for cap reasons. But W.T.F.?

  20. This isn’t about Romo or Flacco. It’s about Jones having the spotlight back on him.

  21. LOL, so I guess as an Eagles I only have to worry about the giants/redskins making Super Bowl runs for the next 6 years

  22. At least Flacco has come up big in the playoffs. Romo wishes he had half the stats Flacco has in the PO’s too!

  23. So two QBs, who everyone up to last season and even during, said they haven’t been playing to their maximum potential, are now 2 of the highest paid QBs? This is a joke. I hope Rodgers gets a lot more money than either of these fools.
    I can’t wait till next season to see the choke-jobs of both of these QBs. Glad to see JJ is making the Cowgirls the next coming of the Raiders. Perpetual mediocracy.

  24. What does Romo have like one playoff win ? Flacco has like 11….how did this happen ?

  25. Cowboys needa get back to runnin the damn football..lettin Romo gun sling 35-45 times a game wont work..They have the weapons on Offense..a Nice front 7 & DBs Safety is their Achilles heel.

  26. I hope all the Ravens fans that I argue with all the time sees this comment? Now that is an overpaid contract.. Joe Flacco deserved what he got more than Tony Romo.. And Why? Joe Has taken his team to the Playoffs,Won playoff games, and has won the big game.. My whole point of Flacco has always just been.. He doesn’t deserve to be the highest paid football player in the NFL.. there is at least 7 Qb’s better than Flacco… I know Rodgers deal is going to beat Joes.. But Rodgers has been an MVP, Has a ring, And is the heart and soul of his Franchise… For the Ravens your heart and soul was Reed and Lewis! I know this will probably start a gay comment war with the Ravenator.. But I’m sorry this year will prove if Joe is a leader or not?

  27. Flacco is only 28, and he’s a Super Bowl winning MVP who has more road playoff wins than any QB in history, not to mention making the playoffs in all of his first five season’s. Romo is about to turn 33 and has won 1 playoff game with two more seasons than Flacco. Honestly, most of these guys get more than they need (or should get) but this is just ridiculous!

  28. Big mistake!!!

    Now this guy might be the most overpaid player in the NFL!!!

    The reason why Joe Flacco is more worthy of big money than Tony Romo is because Flacco is more helpful to the Baltimore Ravens than Tony Romo is to the Dallas cowboys.

    When you nearly make as many mistakes as you do positive players for your team you are not helpful. Tony Romo is an example of why the word “talented” should be a taboo word and should be banned from television and football structure!!!

    It covers up one’s mistakes and makes one delusional enough to believe in people that will probably cause teams to lose!!!

  29. Romo hasn’t been the problem in Dallas. And I’d probably take him over Joe “bomb or checkdown” Flacco.

  30. Oh so now Flacco is the model of what good QBs should get paid??? All these people posting on here just don’t understand. It’s a QB league now. Rogers will get more than both. All these you g guns like RGknee, Wilson, kaepernick, etc.. Will get even more. It’s a trend in the league dummies.

    On a side note: the Ravens are world champs. Got it, Pittsburgh???

  31. Great, mediocrity gets you a fat contract. Can’t wait to hear what Cutler wants next year. Thanks a lot Jerry.

  32. As a Cowboys fan, I’m happy this is done finally so that we can possibly sign someone worth a hoot, which we wont. Romo can make you elated, and he can make you absolutely nuts. But for all of you people that actually think you know anything, you shouldn’t talk about how this guy is awful when you know nothing about this franchise. The list of absolutely awful quarterbacks between Aikman and Romo is much longer than you all apparently “remember”. At one point, 7 quarterbacks were used in 1 season because they were so terrible. 3 straight 5-11 seasons. Romo won more games in his first 2 seasons than 10 quarterbacks won over 3 years so, while I’ll never call him great or elite… he is exceedingly better than the trash we had in the beginning of the 2000s.

  33. Romo is definitely worth that investment – If Romo had a better than average OL and a defense that was capable of stopping someone when it matters then he would have SB wins – that is a fact.

    He has played behind inferior talent on the OL and a defense that is soft with no killer instinct.

    I could also add a inconsistent running attack because the running backs are glass.

    It has already been proven that when Romo is asked to throw 20-30 times his winning percentage is outstanding.

  34. cowboysfaninbuffalove says: Mar 29, 2013 4:08 PM

    Boop Boop! As a Cowboys fan I couldn’t be happier
    for 6 more years of mediocrity and a QB who is anything but clutch,,these two jamokes deserve each other.

  35. As an Eagles fan I LOVE IT because this move is absoltuely insane and makes ‘ZERO’ sense… 2 year extension maybe because there isn’t many qualty QB around. But 6years!!!!! WOW

  36. Yeah right, I’m not falling for such an obvious… wait a minute – April Fool’s Day isn’t until Monday! Good Lord!!!!!!!

  37. It’s $20 mill less than Flacco and guaranteed money is what sets them apart. Smart move to free up cap space for a team that has won or been within a game of the division title for 5 of the last 7 years (WITH ROMO).

    Steelers fans – your team is done. Nice job holding onto Mike Wallace or a half decent running back

    Redskins – you don’t even have a healthy QB and haven’t meant anything to the NFL since 1991. Your division title has already been forgotten thanks to Shanahan, Dr. Andrews, and your Diva of what was a good QB career that is now over.

    Ravens fans- have fun with our leftovers (Canty/Spears) – Canty is the only FA yal have picked up that’s worth a damn.

    Seattle- feel free to bash
    SanFran – feel free to bash
    Denver- feel free to bash

  38. Pretty expensive but the cowboys need him and he is an elite QB. What people don’t realize is that he’s constantly finishing in the top 5 for passing yards year in and year out. Plus if the cowboys get rid of romo, who will they turn to? There’s no better option than him. Hopefully this clears enough cap space to sign some defensive players, like maybe Freeney. Wish it would’ve happened earlier before all the big names got off the board.

  39. So Romo haters – here’s some new material for ya. 6 more years with the Star.

  40. As I knew he would. Dislike my comment all you want but all of you Romo haters are just sheep that follow what every other sheep says. Anyone who knows football and the QB position will tell you the same thing. Stop kidding yourselves.

  41. blacknole08 says:
    But in the end, all of the Cowboys hopes may ultimately rest on how improved that defense will be. They have put Romo is some bad situations as well.


    that’s the common refrain we all hear about tony romo. newsflash: 32 teams’ defenses put their QBs in bad situations. The Ravens won the Super Bowl with their defense putting Flacco in a bad situation. Most of the games I watched this January had playoff teams defenses putting their QBs in bad situations. same story for offensive lines.

    some QBs rise above it, some never do.

  42. he would’ve gotten the same on the open market. it beats kyle orton in ’14

  43. Oh Jerry you stupid senile man..
    What’s next paying Dez Bryant more than Calvin Johnson..

  44. patrickpetersonstalent says: Mar 29, 2013 4:08 PM

    1 playoff win gets you $55 million guaranteed?

    It’s funny how these threads go, unless you’re Brady, Peyton, or Brees, everyone will b*tch and moan over you getting paid.

    Flacco? Oh no one cares about his playoffs record, he doesn’t win it for me in fantasy football.

    Romo? Oh no one cares about his fantasy football (albeit not every year) numbers, his playoffs record is terrible.

    It’s like everyone thinks that every team should have a Brady or a Manning, it just doesn’t work that way people.

  45. What people are saying by laughing or mocking is extending the idea he should of just been aloud to walk out of his contract!! That’s laughable

  46. Good news for the other teams in the NFC East….

    Rumor has it the press conference for this signing will be at the local golf course….

  47. I don’t even like the guy but he’s a better QB than Flacco (lightning in a bottle)

  48. QBs better than Tony Romo:


    Hell, Shaub Freeman and Flacco are just as good.

  49. And you people make fun of my Bengals???

    This is as dumb of a deal as a team can get…

    Romo is a Avg QB at best…

    Jerry just because you can… Doesnt always mean you should. I guess Jerry hates to look dumb for keeping this guy around longer than he should.. No wait.. he is

  50. $108 mil per playoff victory seems a bit much. But, somebody said he’s elite because he finishes in top 5 for QB stats. Except, the only stay that matters is wins. Flacco. Mannings. Brees. Rodgers. Definitely not Romo.

  51. The only thing that could make less sense is if the Jets went all in on Mark San… oh wait.

  52. @wittenisgod that’s how it goes on PFT. The casual fan has absolutely no idea of how players are valued and paid, but they sure as hell talk up a big storm on the message boards. I am not a fan of Romo, but there is no chance they could have kept him at a significantly lower number. A number that the average Monday morning quarterback here feels he deserves.

    No one cares what you feel the right price for a gallon a gas is, they only care about what price you’re willing to pay. I bet all of you laughing in here pay up near $4/gal, double than what you did say 5 years ago.


  53. Sorry Boys fans, but this deal won’t actually help you in FA this year. We’re 2+ weeks deep into FA and the only players left are backups and washups. But look on the brightside- at least you can afford to sign your draft picks from the 2013 class, who will inevitably wind up being cut, injured, or fulfilling a long career as a special teams/backup player.

  54. Hope he earns it.
    Memo to; Redskins, Seahawks and 49ers, this is going to be hell for your cap in 3 years.

    When RG III, Kaepernick and Russell Wilson’s contracts come due, a lot of quality players at other positions will be available in free-agency.

    If done properly (or improperly), depending how you view it)…
    The NFL quarterbacks club will drive down the prices of all other players, due to the fact of QBs eating up so much of the cap space. Those other players aren’t going to let that happen for too long.
    It could lead to caps on how much an individual can earn based upon tiers – incentives earned count to their next salary agreement (contract), and are not paid out by bonus $$.

    Bonus’ are only paid evenly based upon team performance, bonus payments are made from the league office and every team member receives the same bonus amount.

    Nope… Makes to much sense for the NFL to consider,

    Hope he earns it!

  55. this is hilarious. Now Jerry can tell all the othe owners that he has the best QB in the league, just look at his salary.
    The guy can’t win like Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Manning, etc. But his owner is stupid enough to pay him like one of the best.
    Jerry, you should fire your GM. Oh wait, can an owner fire himself?

  56. im a lifetime cowboys fan, and man i couldnt be happier! ive backed romo from day one. this guy has something special. everyone is clowing the owner/gm, but when these guys become a threat and start making teams nervous and get hot at the right time and take it all the way, we’ll see how stupid this deal was. romo is a great qb, and when fully healthy n not broken can do some damage. this D is gonna step up this year and complete the whole team. man im sooo excited, HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!!!

  57. Tony Romo says… Thanks Joe Flacco for setting the market too high.

    Tony Romo says… Thanks Jerry for thinking so highly of me.

    Joe and Jerry reply… mmmph you Pr*ck.

  58. Never thought the great Cowboy franchise would morph into the Cincinnati Bengals.

    Jerry isn’t paying this contract. Cowboy fans will with $100 parking and $25 bottles of water. Enjoy!

  59. LMAO!

    What a complete joke for a less than average starting QB.

    No wonder the Cowboys are and always will be bottom feeders.

    Jerry Jones is completely insane!!!

  60. rockthered1286 says:Mar 29, 2013 4:50 PM

    But look on the brightside- at least you can afford to sign your draft picks from the 2013 class, who will inevitably wind up being cut, injured, or fulfilling a long career as a special teams/backup player.


    I’m not anybody, but pretty sure injuries happen to every single team, and if you take away injuries, Dallas has drafted pretty damn good past couple of years.

  61. Reigning Superbowl MVP says what? Have fun paying a QB thats never been to the superbowl let alone advance more than one playoff game.

    Flacco > Romo

    Oz > than your GM

    Ravens franchise > your franchise


  62. Let me see if I can get this straight……In Romo`s last game he threw 5 Int`s and now he gets a 100 Million dollar contract with 55 Mill guaranteed???

    No wonder they are in cap Hell!!!!

  63. So, wait, no Super Bowls, 1 playoff and going out of the 1st round. Has thrown a ton of picks in key situations? And people still think that Flacco’s contract was ridiculous?

    This is HIGH LAR IOUS!!

  64. All this means is there are now two Top-15 quarterbacks in the NFL that are being paid elite money.

    The cowboys will continue to be a middle of the pack team and luckimore will now descend to the depths of the standings as each year of that ridiculous contract comes to pass and joe flaccid descends to mediocrity.

    luckimore caught lightning in a bottle as a result of a Denver db badly misplaying a joe flaccid moonshot and now they’ll pay for it over the next 6 years.

    As the Nest Burns…


  65. Romo fans, don’t worry about the steeler trolls here. They have absolutely nothing to be positive about for their own team so they take joy in ripping your team. BenR7 and crownofthe moron don’t ever leave comments on steeler posts. They’re pure imbecile haters.

  66. It took Peyton Manning 6 seasons as a starter to win his 1st playoff game.

    How long has Romo been a starter?
    Romo has been a starter for the equivalent of 6 seasons…he is due.

  67. I send my condolences to all Cowboy fans…Jerry Jones must see something that the rest of us don’t.

  68. This the 2nd worst offseason move to date.

    The #1 is the Elvis Dumervil departure in Denver. The agent messed up, but Denver didn’t care enough to bring him back.

  69. It wasn’t just money to sign draft pick that was made available.

    Rookie salaries are capped based upon where drafted. If a team does not have the cap space for a 1st round pick…they forfeit that pick at the time of the draft.

    I dont know what round $150K would fall into, but its not the first round and probably not the second either.

  70. One positive for Cowboy fans on this Romo deal: Now Tony Romo will FOR SURE be in Dallas long enough for Jerry Jones to get Jon Gruden as HC

  71. Lets be realistic here people. I realize he isn’t an elite QB but the Cowboys bigger problems were Defense and O-line. Romo has been running for his life. A question to all the haters…what should the Cowboys do? Let Romo walk and get paid 100+ mill from the Bills or Jags next year. Then what do the Cowboys do? Sign Colt McCoy or Matt Cassel? Give me a break. You can hate all you want but this is a QB hungry league and Romo at least keeps the Cowboys competitive. A reminder…what is Matt Ryan’s playoff record? Answer is 1-4 and he is about to get paid even more probably. I heard the same argument for Dirk before he won an NBA title. All it takes is for a team to get hot at the right time to win a championship. At least having Romo gives them a better chance of this happening then any other option out there.

  72. D. Ware and Jason Witten must be “average players” too….they only have 1 playoff win.

  73. goldrush36 says:
    Mar 29, 2013 4:19 PM
    I don’t think you Flactards realize how much more Romo has carried his offense vs the ravens carried Flacco. Both are overpaid but if i had to choose between Jump ball Joe and Tony its easily Tony. If he had a real coach and gm he would already have a ring”
    LOL! You people obviously just hate Flacco and will give him no credit whatever he does! In your minds it’s a receiver who bails him out by jumping (isn’t that what they’re supposed to do) or you say the defense carries him (The 49ers scored 31 points) but aren’t defenses supposed to help their offensive counterparts? The Guy is a WINNER and head and shoulders above that loser Tony Romo! Romo hasn’t (and won’t) ever accomplish anything!

  74. It’s going to be interesting to see what Aaron Rodgers gets now, he’s way better than Flacco or Romo.

  75. haters gonna hate !! lol !! this site loves to talk about dem Cowboys …notice how they get the most replies/responces when Americas Team is the topic ?!?

  76. thank god for jerry jones. as long as that idiot runs the “boys” the rest of the league does’nt have much to worry about from ‘merica’s teem

  77. Romo the last 4 years:
    2012-4903 yds/28tds/19ints/65.6 %/90 rating
    2011-4184 yds/31tds/10ints/66.3%/102.5
    2010-1605 yds/11tds/7ints/69.5%/94.9 (injured)
    2009-4483 yds/26tds/9ints/63.1%/97.6 rating
    Romo’s numbers are much better than Flacco’s numbers, hence Romo is better and deserves more. Romo’s numbers prove he hasn’t been the Cowboy’s problem. To act like Flacco is better than Romo because of the SuperBowl win is like saying Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino. It’s a team sport.

  78. Ok, that’s $108M per playoff win. So, Eli could get what, a $864 Million deal? $430 Million guaranteed?

  79. Can’t believe the Cowboy haters out there…! Look at the facts. Statistically Romo is one the BEST QB in the history of the franchise. Unfortunately theres not much he can do when he’s running for his life, due to missed blocks and poor route running, not to mention the dropped balls…AND…, can you really blame Romo when he gets the lead only to watch the “D” give it right back? Come-on-man…! Yes he’s made some bad decisions. But even Brady, Peyton, Brees, etc… have been know to throw 3-5 INT’s in a single game when they’re scrambling for their lives too.

    I’ll take Romo over Flaco anyday…! For that matter I’m not confinced that Brady and company can do the things Romo can do when on the run.

    Romo is Elite but it takes a TEAM to win…!

  80. One thing everyone seems to forget when critiquing Romo…he’s better than any quarterback the Cowboys have had since Aikman – of course they’re going to try to keep him.

    Heck, who wouldn’ t want to run a football franchise if they could afford it, since everyone loves to hate Jerrah…


  81. My God, I’d hate to see the sarcasm in posts if the Cowboys were really bad. It’s bad enough when you went 8-8. Be happy you have an average or slightly above avg QB in Romo.
    I see some intelligent posts and then the whiners. Hey Whiners, why not become SOCCER fans and leave the FOOTBALL stuff to us who understand the game.

  82. Love it! Now go fix the oline and let’s see what happens. I love all the bashing it’s great. He has been playing behind an oline made of tooth picks and Popsicles and still throws for 4900 yards.
    This was considered one of his worst years and he is still better that half of the QBs in the league.
    He’s had one 1,000 yard rusher since he’s been a starter. And their defense has been awful. The difference between him and Flacco, Eli, Ben, etc is that they have a defense to bail them out of their mistakes.
    And whomever ranked Capernieck over him, call me when they don’t have a running game and he learns to throw to the left side of the field.

  83. Romo is past his prime. Joe Flacco, starting his 6th yr, at 28, is just starting his. Joe- 9 playoff wins. Romo 1. What would you do in you were them GM?

  84. I hope someday Romo shows us the pictures he must be holding of Jerry Jones they must be awesome.

  85. Romo was way overpaid, but he’s still a good QB.

    He’s had some really good games when the rest of the Cowboys played like crap and gotten blamed for it. He’s also won some games in the 4th quarter (like @ SF when they were down 14).

  86. Wait… What happened to all that “Romo and eagles” talk. I was getting really excited thinking the Eagles would bring in a former Dallas qb who has done nothing in the playoffs into Chip Kelly’s system. Isn’t he a perfect fit? Didn’t Kelly see that perfect read option play when he had to choose to hold the ball for a kick or roll around with it??

  87. As a Redskin fan, (and a realist) I could care less what he’s going to get paid. I’d rather the Cowboys let him walk because he’s a good QB who’s constantly a thorn in our side.

  88. The winners here are Matt Ryan and Matt Stafford. Aaron Rodgers already was going to get a boat load of money but any QB that gets their team in the playoff mix and are the face of the franchise are toasting and saying “Here!Here!”

  89. As ridiculous as it is that Flacco is the highest-paid NFL player ever, you have to ask… Romo? Huh?

    Imagine then what the real franchise guys like Brady, Manning, Roethlisberger and Brees should be asking for.

    It’ll be a relief when Rodgers get his new deal, so we can at least have a real franchise QB getting the top money.

    And by the way Ravens fans, how many of those playoff wins are really because of Joe Flacco? Please get a clue before commenting.

  90. Smart move by the Cowboys. This guys QB numbers are through the roof, only topped by brees, brady, Peyton and Rodgers. All that behind one of the most horrid olines in Football and a defense known to blow early leads. Give an Oline Jerry and actually use this talent like you’re paying for it.

  91. As an eagles fan I love this move! Now I have assurance that the cowboys won’t do a thing for the next five years. And also I get to watch him blow it, big game after big game after big game. It’s so enjoyable. Thank god Jerry jones is the GM! Hahaha

  92. Ugh…. Everyone quit spending a Wad of cash on above average QBs…. at this rate, my Packers will have to spend 50 mil a year for an elite one in Aaron Rodgers.

  93. What were they really going to do? Theyre not a young team. I don’t think he’s a top 10 QB but I don’t think he’s mediocre either. Yes they overpaid but this is the hardest position to fill in the NFL. I cringe at some of the backbreaking turnovers form him too and im not even a Cowboys fan.

    I don’t think they did the wrong thing here. He was going to count $16.8 mil against the cap. There are no franchise QB’s in this draft for this team to even attempt to put a package together to move up for. I don’t really see what choice they had I think he had the leverage here.

  94. Don’t be too quick to condemn this deal. Coming from Buffalo, a place that hasn’t had even a Romo-quality QB in 20 years, we would take Romo at twice that contract.

  95. I have never been a Cowboys fan in the slightest but Have to say I feel sorry for those of you that are. What in the world are they thinking.

  96. That’s just the Jerruh being greatest GM in the world…I’m glad I’m not a Cowboys fan, there’s just no hope with him as GM

  97. Thank you Cowboys! Green Bush will now have to give Rodgers 20 MILL PER YEAR. Crippleing that franchise for the next 10 years! Perf!

  98. This ensures the Cowboys won’t be in the Super Bowl anytime soon. Glad to see it. Jerry Jones is his own worst enemy.

  99. So he’s getting paid more than (get this) Flacco, Brees, & Brady yet he hasn’t come close to what any of those names have accomplished.

    Well he does have a better agent than those players so give him kudos for that.

  100. I’m a Cowboys fan, and this was the right move. It was the ONLY move. People can say what they want about Romo, but he is a good quarterback.

    The Cowboys fans complaining about this obviously don’t remember the Quincy Carter days.

  101. I don’t understand on how many people are saying that he’s not worth the money. He’s a top 10 QB. He had one of his best statistical seasons last year. 4900 yards and 29 tds. I know that his INT was high, but he had to force some of his passes because he was running for his life because the cowboys bad o-line was one of the worst in the league. Witten, Bryant, Austin, and Murray were all hurt at one point this season. Rex Ryans defense was terrible, they were in a tough division, and the cowboys still went 9-7. I bet if Romo was in a different team, people wouldn’t complain on how much he was getting paid.

  102. The person laughing the hardest is Romo. He gets all that money for having great stats and little else. Can I get a job like that? I love to watch Romo choke because of the expression it produces on Jerry Jones’s face. I’m glad I’ll get to see that expression quite a bit longer! Ha!!!!

  103. Now maybe people will see the difference in winners and losers. On one hand you have the Flaccos,Mannings and Romos. Look at Manning..great stats, funny commercials,1 SB win and every other time in playoffs, out in round 1.Flacco-1 SB win. Romo-nada!!!
    Brady takes a reduction to give cap relief and has 3 SB wins and many AFC championships.

    Winners and losers…greed vs. great! What’s wrong with these owners?

  104. That is why the cowboys are losers. Between Garrett and Romo they will never win. Reminds me of Al Davis and JeMarcus Russell. Just this crazy mental block hat this player is going to be regardless of the fact he isn’t. What has Romo done since taking over the cowboys? Nothing but a couple playoff losses due to Romo. I thought for sure they would cut ties and move on but the Al Davis syndrome continues in Dallas.

  105. The blind leading the blind around here. The real number is 40 Million guaranteed with the potential for 55……idiots

  106. I hope the girls give tony a hundred million dollar contract and keep him forever.!!!!!!!

  107. who would pay $108 mil to somebody? thats just wak yo! well i guess now he can retire and never work again in 3 years. does jones even have that kind of dough?!

  108. How people are still making excuses for Romo this late in his career just amazes me.

    Cowboys fans, you are as stupid as your owner.

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