Report: NFL opposes FCC proposal that could affect wireless mics


The New York Times has a fascinating story on how the Federal Communication Commission’s proposal to auction off airwave space utilized by wireless microphone users is drawing pushback from numerous groups — including the NFL.

“Despite NFL’s best efforts to manage its wireless microphones on its increasingly scarce spectrum, NFL has received numerous recent reports of wireless microphone interference during games, rendering coaches unable to communicate plays to their quarterbacks and referees unable to consult one another on calls,” the league wrote to the FCC, according to the Times.

As the story notes, wireless communication is very important to the league, with teams using the technology throughout games. Also, referees utilize such mics to convey their calls.

The Times reports that mobile-phone carriers would be a primary purchaser and consumer of the unregulated space now used by wireless mics.

According to the paper, the Broadway League, the trade association for Broadway’s theater community, also opposes the FCC’s plans, citing the risk of interference because of the reduced space in which wireless mics would operate.