Report: Trade for Flynn appears “imminent”


Matt Flynn might have a new team sooner than expected.

According to Ed Werder of ESPN, there are talks about a trade for the Seahawks backup quarterback, and a deal appears “imminent.”

The Jaguars apparently took themselves out of the running this week, which would leave the Bills and Raiders among the usual suspects for a deal.

The Raiders would have to make a call on Carson Palmer quickly if it was them, while the Bills were sniffing around Kevin Kolb as well.

Flynn’s overpaid, sure, but Seahawks starter Russell Wilson being so underpaid (which he’ll remain for two years) keeps them from giving Flynn away.

UPDATE 3:14 p.m. ET: Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network says relatively definitively that it’s not the Bills. Which narrows the list considerably.

31 responses to “Report: Trade for Flynn appears “imminent”

  1. Quick, jump on the air and say a deal for Flynn is “imminent”!

    Who cares if you have any actual evidence that it’s true- if he doesn’t get traded, people will not even remember that you said anything, if he is you’ll get credit for having the scoop!

    Over/under for the amount of time it takes another fake journalist (Mort, Clayton, Sheftie, whoever) to jump on the air saying no trade is imminent- hoping to catch credit if he isn’t, and knowing everyone will forget what they said if he is? I say less than an hour.

  2. Don’t do it! DangeRuss’s play-style is dangerous. He’s a little dude, after all, and guys get hurt.

    What could we get for him that outweighs depth at the “Franchise QB” position?

  3. I’m waiting for Rick Reilly to have a hissy fit and say he broke this story two days ago. ;>)

  4. The Raiders might swap picks in the third round and throw in a late round pick.
    With having to cut Palmer, the cap obligation in acquiring Flynn is about a wash, I think.
    If that’s how it goes, it tells me that they don’t have a lot of confidence in Pryor.

  5. Stop pissing and moaning about reporters, reporting what they hear.

    By the way, I tweeted this trade was imminent days ago. #duh

    Haha but seriously, Flynn for a third would be great, maybe a fourth and a six next year but otherwise he has value and right now there is now third string QB.

  6. Where are the Dolphin haters that said Miami failed by not signing Flynn?… Oh I know, they’re at home crying into their Sanchez jerseys.

  7. But… but… “The smartest move would be to assess a Flynn trade after the first day or two of the draft, especially since the Seahawks can’t reasonably expect a third-round pick or more.”

  8. Regardless of Seattle’s team needs for secure 2nd QB, Flynn deserves to look for a starting position. It would be incredibly unfair for Seattle to not let him compete for starting job. At this point there is no way that will even happen for Flynn there in Seattle.

    I think Seahawks would be better served to have a backup that runs the same offense Wilson runs. Flynn is not that QB – plus Seattle needs to save money to start signing players like Browner.

  9. The Vikings need a Qb, its just that the franchise wouldn’t publicly admit to it. And he only fits one-third of the signing criteria for the Vikings.

    They typically acquire players that are:
    1. ex packers
    2 on the down side of their careers
    3 will vastly overpay them for their services.

    Flynn only meets the first one.

  10. As much as I want to say I don’t think it is the Raiders, I’m kind of hoping it is.

    They are rebuilding and they need a QB at the helm that could grow with this team. I would rather they trade for Flynn then draft Geno. Both are pretty much unknows, except that one has played decently against an NFL defense for a few quarters.

    I have bought into the rebuild and the way it is being done, so if it is the Raiders, I have confidence it’s the right choice.

  11. I thought this kid showed great promise. Saying that he can’t be a franchise QB or he is a waste because he sat behind Aaron Rodgers for years is stupid….especially since that’s exactly what Rodgers did…sat behind Favre for years. He turned out to be a pretty qualified franchise QB. Not saying this kid is the next Rodgers…but from the Raiders perspective…you get a relatively young guy with several good years of NFL quality coaching under his belt with a little NFL experience, at which time he showed flashes of greatness….sooooo…he is clearly a much better option than anything they have…or could draft at the pick that they would be trading. Hell, I think he gives you a better chance of success than your first round QB would….so why wouldn’t you make this deal….especially since you need to dump Carson. I love this move for the Raiders. Love it!

    As for Carson…I understand wanting to go somewhere you have a chance to win toward the end of your career…but to say you would go to a contender even as a back up??? Why don’t you just say you’re an effing loser and you just want a ring to show your friends….regardless of whether you contributed at all to achieving it. That made me throw up in my mouth a little. Bye D bag. I would trade you straight up for Flynn if you both agreed to restructure…otherwise…I hope you end up in Buffalo. Later loser. Hey Cincy….you were right. Sorry for doubting you. Do me a favor please…if you see Hue Jackson around anywhere….send him a swift kick in the junk…and another right in the Black hole….courtesy of Oaktown. Thanks. Peace out.

  12. i agree with calhounlambeau,what if wilson should get injured? who will back him up if flynn is gone? being a seattle fan,i say keep him around for that reason.Lets just hope Wilson just stays healthy all season….GO HAWKS!!!!!

  13. also,i hope the seahawks dont bring in Palmer.The man should retire,he had a good run in Cincinnati and Oakland.

  14. nomoreseasontix says: Mar 29, 2013 3:24 PM

    The Raiders might swap picks in the third round and throw in a late round pick.
    With having to cut Palmer, the cap obligation in acquiring Flynn is about a wash, I think.
    If that’s how it goes, it tells me that they don’t have a lot of confidence in Pryor.
    Since they are failing in their effort to squeeze Palmer again, the Raiders will be down to Pryor and nobody once Palmer leaves. If Flynn gets beat out by Pryor after getting beat out by Wilson, that would tell me Flynn isn’t very good.

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