A caveat on Romo’s guaranteed money

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Initial reports regarding the new deal for quarterback Tony Romo hyped the fact that he’ll get more guaranteed money than Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

Technically, that’s true.  Romo’s seven-year deal carries $55 million guaranteed; Flacco’s six-year contract has $52 million.

Apart from the obvious fact that Flacco gets more guaranteed money per year is the reality that Romo already was destined to make $11.5 million in 2013.  So the “new” guarantee for Romo is only (only?) $44 million for the six extra years of commitment.

It’s still impossible to know the practical duration and value of Romo’s contract without seeing the full deal.  For Flacco, he’ll get $62 million over three years and then the Ravens likely will have to figure out a solution for a cap number that will be approaching $29 million in 2016.  For Romo, we’ll find out once the official numbers are in.

24 responses to “A caveat on Romo’s guaranteed money

  1. Who cares Flacco deserves to be paid more he won the Super Bowl!! Either way they have more cash than most of us, and that’s the way it is!!!

  2. I’m tired of people making excuses for Romo. He puts up yds and tds but also way too many picks and fumbles. Most important is those picks and fumbles with the game on the line. You can’t fix a guy who constantly biffs under pressure. Jerry Jones is a horrible GM indeed, but he’s not the one blowing the games! Why didn’t Jon Kitna ever see this kind of deal? He was the same type of OB!

  3. 5th best QB rating in NFL history. Teams win and lose games, not QBs… because football is the ultimate TEAM sport.

    That ‘s literally all you need to know in order to figure out that Romo’s a very good QB. Anything else you hear about the guy is pure ignorance from people who don’t know football.

  4. Whatever the true figure is, if you look at it as $ per interception, it’s still quite a steal….

  5. Tough call for Jerry Jones. Romo may not be as good as Brady, Rodgers, Bree’s, etc. but he is good. If you don’t like the deal what is plan B? Truth is the league is not loaded with stud QBs. As a Vikings fan I would “over pay” a little too.

  6. I dislike the Cowboys very much but Romo is a good QB but in no way deserves that contract. Yes he puts up very good numbers but for having 1 playoff win in 9 seasons and literally choking in every big game he doesn’t deserve elite status $.

    As long as senile Jerry is in charge I don’t see Dallas or Romo winning a SB regardless of the talent Dallas has. I personally haven’t seen one Cowboy fan who’s happy about this deal and being from Texas I know plenty of fans.

  7. “Whatever amount he got paid, he got paid 2x as much as his talent and production dictated.”

    Joe Flacco has had 1 season above 90 passer rating.

    Tony Romo has never had a season under 90 passer rating in his seven seasons as a starter.

  8. Everyone that dismisses Flacco because of his defense needs to realize that the year Joe won a Super Bowl and MVP, his defense finished a mediocre 17th overall. Dallas that year? 14th.

    What’s the excuse now?

  9. Let me see….how many years was it before Peyton Manning won his first playoff game? Romo has taken his team to the playoffs three times in 6 years; took his team to the #1 seed in the NFC; was two games out from the SB the last time. He gets a bad rap because of Jerry and because fans who can’t truly analyze football, or don’t really try, just spout back what they hear from the TV talking heads. I know alot of people who are very happy Romo is a Cowboy for life. Exciting and productive player; hopefully SBs will come. If not, he’ll have to just join Dan Marino.

  10. Know who led the NFL in 4th quarter comeback wins last season? Tony Romo.

    Kinda hard to pull that off while “choking away every game”, huh?

    Peyton was hammered repeatedly until he won it all and shut everyone up. Ditto LeBron.

    Will Romo do the same? Who knows… but what we DO know is that all the mouth-breathers who were slamming Peyton and LeBron were wrong until those players got great TEAMS around them.

    It takes a great team to win a championship in a team sport. What a concept!

  11. “Romo already was destined to make $11.5 million in 2013”

    Technically, Flacco was also destined to get the franchise tender of $19 mil.

  12. For u idiots comparing flacco to romo please stop its no contest romo is hands down a better QB the flacco! Now here are the facts yes flacco has a SB and several playoff wins and romo does not and good for flacco now having said that all of us on here knows you can’t win Playoff games and SB with your QB alone it takes a complete and solid TEAM effort period! No way does flacco win all those playoff games and the SB without the team he had at that time and no way does romo win anymore playoff games let alone a SB without getting a complete and solid TEAM behind him like flacco had. If romo and flacco were in each other shoes we would have the same results u know it and I know. Romo is a great QB for Dallas and flacco is good for ravens but all this bashing you people are giving romo is crazy and completely unwarranted any real football fan who follows the game knows romo is not the problem in Dallas and that he is a great QB….

  13. The Ravens D has been in a steady decline since 2008, the year Joe Flacco started playing. Go back and look at the games — by the 4th quarter the Ravens D was gassed and giving up lots of yardage and points, something that NEVER happened before, even in their horrible 5-11 season in 2007.

    No C-Mac at corner, and a steady stream of wannabe CBs playing that position until Webb finally emerged. (Fabian Washington, Dominque Foxworth, Derrick Martin, and a host of no-name others.) Ray Lewis continued to struggle covering the middle on passing plays, but the coaches refused to rotate him out of the lineup. Suggs had up and down years, as did Ngata. So the notion that Joe rode the coattails of some great Ravens D is a fallacy.

    The truth is, the Ravens experienced consistency over the past 5 years BECAUSE of Joe. They had MUCH better D’s prior to Joe coming on the scene, and were clearly inconsistent. That’s one of the things that Bisciotti wanted to turn around. And he did. With the hiring of John Harbaugh, and the emergence of Joe Flacco. Now that Cam Cameron is finally, mercifully gone, things will only get better. Wait and see.

  14. Romo’s excellence (at least on a statistical level) is undeniable. The Cowboys signal-caller finished as the NFL’s sixth-best quarterback in Football Outsiders’ DVOA metric, his consecutive season inside the top 10.

    Say what you will about Romo, but top-10 quarterbacks don’t grow on trees. The Cowboys know this, and on Friday, they decided to reward Romo’s top-notch play with a new contract.

    Taken from another web page

  15. All you Romo hatters have no clue do your home work and judge the man and not the myth. Fact is he is the in the top 5 qbr of all time. Fact Romo has never had a stable off line “jerry said it him self” … Fact yes he turns the ball over but name one qb who does not .

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