Add Matt Barkley to the Bills’ workout list

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By the time the draft rolls around, it may be easier to list the quarterback prospects the Bills haven’t worked out than the quarterback prospects the Bills have worked out.

Matt Barkley of USC is the latest quarterback who will work out for the Bills, James Walker of reports. The Bills will travel to Los Angeles on Monday to work Barkley out, and will also work out former USC wide receiver Robert Woods.

Our PFT mock draft had the Bills taking Barkley with their first-round pick, No. 8 overall.

The Bills have also worked out West Virginia’s Geno Smith, Florida State’s E.J. Manuel, Oklahoma’s Landry Jones and Tennessee’s Tyler Bray. The quarterback whom the Bills know best is Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib, who played for new Bills coach Doug Marrone the last four years.

At the moment, the Bills’ quarterback depth chart consists of Tarvaris Jackson and Aaron Corp. Buffalo is also showing interest in free agent quarterback Kevin Kolb.

18 responses to “Add Matt Barkley to the Bills’ workout list

  1. That QB depth chart is frightening. Even if they add Kolb, they almost certainly have to draft a QB in the first 2 rounds, and this is a bad year to be stuck in that position.

  2. I love how everybody is an expert. Do I think Barkley will be a good pro? idk, but it seems to me that leaving no stone unturned is a good thing when deciding. Just remember, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick werent that highly thought of. People assumed they had issues, or else they would have been first rounders.

    ID rather the Bills look at Barkley and decide he isnt a good fit, then not to look at all. But I forgot, everybody is an expert.

  3. The next Mark Sanchez. If the Bills want to stay cellar dwellers he’s the perfect pick

  4. I hope this is a smokescreen. I am not a Barkley fan. If anyone disagrees, please sit down and watch one or two of his games, they are all over Youtube. Hopefully the real reason behind the trip is to work out Woods and only Woods.

  5. Barkley’s best shot would be going last in the first to a team that doesn’t NEED a qb right now and can take the time to develop him. Give him some time to build his arm strength and learn the NFL and he could be very good. Unfortunately he will be overdrafted onto a team that needs him to start tomorrow (like what happened to Ponder) and it will probably kill his career.

  6. Buffalo should take UNC OG Jonathan Cooper with their 1st round pick and then trade their 2nd and 3rd round pick to Houston for the 27th pick so they can select a QB. Remember, 1st round picks get a 5 year contract which financially benefits the team. Plus, the Bills can take an OT in the 4th round to continue to rebuild the offense.

  7. I completely agree with bills fan, they are working him out people, that’s what the scouting dept gets paid to do. While I hope they do not draft a qb this year I don’t know more than the professionals.

  8. Reminds me of Jimmy Clausen a couple years ago. All the sportswriters (I’m looking at you, Don Banks) were demanding the Bills take him at 7, and he went somewhere in the 2nd round and now keeps Cam’s seat warm. I like this comparison better than Sanchez, because his problem is between his ears. Matt’s just got a noodle arm, but has 3-4 years as a starter (more or less) and could be the next Chad Pennington for somebody.

    As the article states, the Bills have done their due diligence and worked out every single QB in the draft. So now they throw all that work out the window and take Barkley at 8? I don’t see that happening.

  9. There are two aspects of this story that strikes me as funny: Matt Barkley and the Bills. If this isn’t comedy, I don’t know what is.

  10. Don’t be ridiculous, just because he goes to USC doesn’t automatically mean he’s going to be the next Mark Sanchez…

    …. he’s the next Matt Leinart.

  11. Nobody wants to play in Buffalo? The coaches are set on Nassib who doesn’t have the arm strength to throw down feild according to scouts?

    Another year of no playoffs with these no name coaches!

  12. If Geno Smith doesnt fall into the Bills lap, or they dont trade up for him, don’t look for them to take Barkley. In my oppinion, they will draft a QB in later rounds.

  13. I don’t know why people on here keep suggesting the Bills trade up from the second round for a couple of draft picks. They only have six picks this year and tons of holes to fill, it is unlikely they will get rid of picks. Nix said as much on hat private conversation that was released a few weeks ago.

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