Brent Grimes strikes deal with Dolphins

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Franchised a year ago by the Falcons, cornerback Brent Grimes was a free agent in 2013, for a lot longer than he had planned to be.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Grimes has agreed to terms on a one-year deal with the Dolphins.

The contract is worth $5.5 million, which puts him near the top of this year’s pathetic cornerback market — and which gives him another crack at getting paid again in 2014.  Of that amount, the base value if $5 million; $500,000 comes from per-game roster bonuses.

The deal also includes a $2.25 million signing bonus, and $750,000 of the base salary is guaranteed.  That results in a total guarantee of $3 million.

Grimes tore an Achilles tendon in the first week of the 2013 regular season.  Coupled with the fact that he’ll be 30 later this year, interest wasn’t as high as it could have been, but he still did well in relation to the market at large.

For the Dolphins, the amount counts fully against the 2013 cap.  But that’s not a problem, given that they structured all of the new multi-year deals to have minimal cap consequences in the current year.

55 responses to “Brent Grimes strikes deal with Dolphins

  1. Looks like the phins are gonna trade up and get lane johnson and hopefully pick up another cb 2nd round.

  2. I am absolutky blown away with Ireland and the dolohins. Another great signing! They still have 11 picks in this years draft. Looks like they mean business!

  3. Thank you Dolphins! Now Atlanta won’t over spend on Spud Webb 2.0!

    Seriously, good luck to you Grimey!

  4. Typo. He didn’t tear Achilles in 2013 season… hasn’t happened yet. Looks like another 1 year prove-it deal. Maybe Grimes can return to pro-bowl form, but a torn Achilles will make it tough to regain that quick twitch movement.

  5. que the Philly dream team comments from all of the intellectuals.

    as a dolphins fan should be a good vet to help our two new rookie corners.

  6. Ireland is playing it as well as it can be played. Still a glaring need at RT. can get one in draft or sign Winston.

    I’d rather sign Winston, so that I could draft purely based on whomever the biggest stud out there might be. Lots of 1st round rushers to pick from.

  7. Dang, I didn’t realize the 2013 season had already started! What did I miss?!? Can you guys catch me up?

  8. average starter in the league. but at least he is paid accordingly. they are def going all in but it does leave one to wonder the ramafications down the road.
    if they dont make the playoffs (and there is no guarantee they will), this will be a failure of epic proportions, considering what they have done.

  9. If he’s healthy, this could be a very good signing for the Phins. Price is a bit higher than I would have thought given how late in free agency this is coming but it will be well worth it if he plays like he did a couple years back. No way he can be worse than the overpaid, overrated Sean Smith.

    Can’t remember a time when the Dolphins were so active in free agency. It will either work or not…..but can’t wait to find out.

  10. Building through Free Agency is a bad idea. Ask the Jets, Eagles, Redskins, Bills, etc. The contracts become nothing but big albatrosses and if you don’t win quickly you have to start from square one again.

    Grimes coming off a torn Achilles tendon got paid more then the top FA corner by far in Aqib Talib. The Patriots beat the Dolphins at football and in the salary cap game.

  11. I remember last year on this very site the Bills had signed Mark Anderson and Mario Williams, people kept saying that they would be really good next year and the playoffs were a foregone conclusion. I recall people saying that the Bills would win the AFC East. Obviously it didn’t work out like people thought it would.

    The Dolphins have replaced more then added Wallace is a good signing and Keller is the best move they made in my opinion. But Ellerbe just replaced Dansby likewise with Grimes and Sean Smith. They still have a glaring need at right tackle and Jonathan Martin was terrible last year so both tackle spots could be in trouble.

  12. Sets up well for draft now. Take Jarvis at 12 and trade back into first for Xavier Rhodes or Trufant to pair with Grimes. Legit!

  13. They are putting a decent team together down there. If I was a fan of the Dolphins I’d be pretty excited. Only negative I see is they still play in Miami.

  14. Congrats GrimeTime! When he’s on the field, he is an amazing talent, fun to watch and good in the community (although his wife is certifiably crazy).

    Dolphins fans won’t be disappointed with his on-field production. I Hayes that the Falcons paid him $10 million to sit on the bench last year, but he has been the best corner in Atlanta since PrimeTime. Rest assured, he will get at least 6 picks this year.

  15. changing of the guard in the afc east. the patriots days atop the afc east have ended.

  16. For those thinking this is cap hell in the next couple of years it won’t. They will still use the draft to build the base of the team. The idea is to increase the young players to step in as future larger contracts of older players approaches.

    This isn’t the Redskins or Cowboys and their complete mismanagement of funds.

  17. The dolphins are really going at it this year! However as a bills fan I learned last year winning the offseason championship and being good on paper doesn’t mean anything.

  18. As a Fish fan I don’t understand this signing. There isn’t a QB in our division that can throw an accurate ball past 15 yards. Why bother even having a secondary.

  19. The more pick ups they make the more competition in the camps it creates to put the best team on the field when season starts. Talented,smart and experienced player added to one of the youngest teams in the league. Draft should be interesting.

  20. The Dolphins are adding some good players to the team. That has been done in the past and it has not worked out great. The key is how these guys play together. The Redskins and Eagles grabbed a bunch of guys that couldn’t play well schematically. Ditto for the Jets. From what I have seen from Miami so far is that the additions are more scheme related than player driven. I have confidence in this coaching staff to get the most out of these guys. The Dolphins will be a better team. How much better is on the coaches.

  21. Since it’s a one-year deal, isn’t it all pretty much guaranteed? He’s not a guy that gets cut in training camp/pre-season unless he suffers a devastating injury.

  22. The Dolphins should be a fun team to watch this year. Philbin & Ireland seem to have a good chemistry between HC & GM and seem to be making this team attractive to play for. All their FA signings could have an immediate impact, and it appears that this team could be on an upswing. Even the new logo has the Dolphin jumping up instead of diving down. Good omen, I like it.

  23. Solid off-season by the Dolphins in free agency. Now if they can nail this draft with the way they have structured contracts they could be playoff contenders this season and for many seasons to come but if they blow the draft….

  24. Love seeing all the Dolphin fans acting like they actually have a chance to compete with New England for the division. The offseason breeds hope, even of there is none.

  25. Yet another fan base declares themselves champions of the offseason. I think we all know ow this one ends. Even better, look out below when all those backloaded contracts come due after Ireland has been jettisoned. Give thumbs down all you want, but this will end badly.

  26. I love how when the Dolphins sign a player all the nostradamuses and arrogant patsy fans like to jump in just to say something negative.

    Brent Grimes, if he comes back to being near the player he was before the injury, is a great signing. The Dolphins still need to add some more pieces to the team but they have 11 draft picks, 5 being in the first 3 rounds, to do so.

  27. The “weak AFC East” has put teams in the championship for 4 consecutive years. No other AFC division has. Doesn’t it suck when facts get in the way of our stupid statements?

  28. Great sign and for all the haters out there these free agent signings are set up so that there is no cap hell for the future. Do your homework first before you comment. Phins are now younger and faster. Still need a DE and a strong draft.

  29. As a Pats fan I think this really good for us now when we win the division it gives the haters one less excuse to use. No more of that “weak division” crap.

  30. People get all caught up in the signings, but outside of Wallace, none of these are upgrades over the people traded/cut/left to walk. This is all about getting votes. All you have to do is look to next year, when we will be in cap hell and half these guys will be cut. You don’t ever see a team win a Super Bowl after radical offseason moves like this. Right Philly?

  31. Philly gave dumb contracts to everyone. Miami is giving out a lot of deals that saved them money(linebackers), 1yr deals. Ppl will always cry about something. But if they make the playoffs then it just wasn’t good enough. These are all young players who fit the system unlike Philly

  32. This is such an obvious three year plan, i don’t get why people, well the media really, doesn’t get it. You have your core group for three years and if it doesn’t work you can start over. Thus includes Pouncey, Tannehill, Hartline, Wallace and Miller on O. Wake, Vernon, Starks, Ellerbe, Our safeties and Wheeler on D. Then of course Philbin and this core has three years to get it done and if they don’t you can start all over with a new coach/GM and they can literally cut every name I mentioned if they don’t succeed or fit the new system. There will be no cap hell, only the loss of the initial investment and time. It is a brilliant strategy by Ireland, Philbin and Ross and I have gained a lot of respect for Ireland in particular because of this, he had built thus team to win now but set it up so that in case it doesn’t Ross can go in an entirely new direction in three years time.

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