Collin Klein thinks his draft stock is trending upward

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Collin Klein, the Kansas State quarterback who was a star in a spread-option offense in college but whose abilities as a passer leave much to be desired in the eyes of NFL scouts, remains committed to playing quarterback at the next level. And he thinks NFL teams are starting to come around to the idea that he can do it.

Klein told the Topeka Capital-Journal that he believes he has impressed scouts at the Combine and at Kansas State’s Pro Day.

I felt like I had two good days,” Klein said. “I made progress and really improved, before the Combine first and then in the time between the Combine and Pro Day we made some strides, too. We’re moving in the right direction. It’s different not being in school, but it gives me a little extra time to focus and work on little things here and there. It’s a pretty all-inclusive process, but we’re enjoying it. I just love the game. We’re getting better and having fun with it.”

Klein said his workouts with former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer have helped get him ready to play the game at the next level.

“We did everything,” Klein said. “We worked on footwork, core strength, flexibility with the shoulder . . . lots of different things. It was pretty all-inclusive and he taught me a lot. He gave great insight from him having been there [the NFL] and doing that for a very long time. I really appreciated his time and his effort working with me.”

Although Klein still believes he is going to get drafted, he acknowledged that it’s possible he’ll have to settle for being an undrafted free agent.

“I think we’ll definitely get a chance and it’s just being ready and making the most of it,” Klein said. “We’ll see where the best fit is going to be. Teams are out there trying to figure out who’s the best fit for them, too. It will all settle out. If that doesn’t happen, we’ll try to get picked up as a free agent on some level. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

So just a few months after the Heisman Trophy voters considered Klein the third-best player in college football, Klein is just hoping NFL teams consider him one of the 254 best players available in the draft.

29 responses to “Collin Klein thinks his draft stock is trending upward

  1. He won’t go undrafted. If he I around in round 7, the 49ers should use one of their like 3 picks that round and take him as a project

  2. I see no possible way this guy has a future in the NFL. He’s too slow he will not be able to run anywhere. And don’t even get me started on his terrible throwing motion and ugly balls he throws. You have to throw in the NFL. Don’t mean to be a Debbie downer but this guy was so overrated all year long. The way Oregon played him was how I thought teams should have all along. He took like 3 seconds to get to the line of scrimmage for petes sake. Optimus klein my arse

  3. He falls under the “stud college player, but doesn’t have a position in the pros” category. I will root for him, but I don’t think he makes a team in the NFL.

  4. Collin Klein is the poor man’s Tim Tebow. He’s a good kid with a strong work ethic. But there’s a reason he ran for twice as many touchdowns as he threw at K State. Even his college coaches didn’t trust him to throw. How can he expect to do it at the pro level?

  5. Do yourself a favor, Klein, and stop puffing the magic dragon. The NFL does administer drug tests.

  6. He’s a good quarterback once you overlook the fact that he has a Tebow-like arm and cannot read defenses.

  7. I do know that one sure way of raising your draft stock is to tell a reporter that your draft stock is going up.

  8. With the NFL seeing more of the spread option, I think its definetely a possibily Klein gets drafted in the 7th round, and makes a team strictly on his ability to get his own teams defense ready for the spread option, possibily even running some spread option for his own team in games.

  9. So many of these college quarterbacks try to stuff the round peg into the square hole instead of simply admitting the fact that they have absolutely no prayer of being a passable NFL quarterback and embracing a postion change.

    It started with Kordell Stewart and his “Slash” personna. That guy could have been an All-Pro wide receiver if he just would have accepted the fact that it was his best postion and worked at becoming a complete wideout.

    Klein could be a beast at tight end. He can still make a great living in the NFL as a tight end. As it is, he’ll be nothing more than a blocking dummy in some NFL camp. He’ll then head for the CFL or the nearest arena league team that wants to make a news splash.


  10. Pretty sure he wants to compare himself to Kaepernick. However, you can’t. It’s not even close except body size. Kaepernick was a pretty darn good passer in college. Collin Klein like Tebow is one of those people that throw like a sissy. I mean, I’m not sure how to explain it. There is awkward throw motions like Romo and Rodgers, but then there are just some that look terrible and that’s Klein and guys like Tebow. It’s hard to correct when the entire form is flat out wrong.

  11. Am I missing something, or does Klein always talk in the 3rd person? He says ‘we’ & ‘we’re’ almost entirely throughout the story.

    We think that’s just strange.

  12. Jake Plummer was a pro bowl QB who lead the Broncos to the AFC championship beating the Almighty patriots. Its not his fault we didn’t have a pass rush. He was also one of the best QBs in the league outta the pocket especially while rolling left. Did he make some dumb plays? yeah but he was vastly underrated and has a lot to teach. I wish Klein luck, I like an underdog story

  13. Try this: Instead of saying “we will get drafted” try “Collin Klein will get drafted”. It makes you sound more important if you refer to yourself in the 3rd person.

  14. This guy fell off the face of the earth after the Heisman Ceremonies. Completely forgot about him. Still wish him the best, though.

  15. Tough to see star college QBs have to either switch positions in the NFL or accept being out of the league altogether. But maybe a switch to fullback wouldn’t hurt Klien so much? It worked out pretty well for Mike Robinson.

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