Eagles add a very tall receiver

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So much for all those small wideouts Andy Reid amassed in Philly.  The new-look Eagles have gone old school, adding a Harold Carmichael-style receiver.

The team has announced the addition of free-agent receiver Ifeanyi Momah, a six-foot, seven-inch receiver from Boston College.  Momah signed a three-year deal.

Undrafted and out of football in 2012, Momah caught eight passes for 157 yards in the other Eagles’ 2011 home opener, against Northwestern.  He suffered a knee injury that same game, and he missed the rest of the season.

Listed at six-foot-six on his Boston College web page, Momah also played periodically at defensive end in the nickel package.  He started all 13 games in 2010.

Momah was denied a sixth year of college eligibility, and he was overlooked and forgotten by the NFL last season.

Harold Carmichael, for the younger folks in the crowd, stands six-feet, eight inches from the ground.  He played receiver for the Eagles for 13 seasons, and he still works for the team as the Director of Player Development and Alumni.

During his career, Carmichael caught 590 passes for 8,985 yards and 79 touchdowns.

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  1. I love his job title. Everyone who spends any time around the organization knows that Harold Carmichael’s job with the Eagles is standing around being Harold Carmichael.

  2. I really like this, can’t hurt to give him a shot. Eagles have needed a tall red zone receiver for too many years and if he works out it will be s steal. Oh and dude, Cooper is over 6 feet.

  3. Eagles seem to be getting a little crowded at receiver. I know they won’t release Djax. I’m worried about the rumors that were going around about Maclin.. there may be some truth to them. And then of course, guys like Avant who have been so good when called upon, may get the axe cause he’s not the “star”. Riley Cooper is good, nice and tall.
    Well, whatever, it’ll be exciting again for the first time in since 04.

  4. And how I used to love watching Wahington’s Pat Fischer (5 ft. 8 in. ) climb Mt. Harold and snatch balls away from him!

  5. Might help raise Vick’s completion percentage, given how he often just flings it somewhere in the neighborhood.

  6. Just more time for opposing DB’s to get into position for the INT when the ball is deflected from his outstretched hands.

    Oh, and Ryan Clark thought he had problems playing in Denver? I hope the Broncos aren’t on the Eagles road schedule during his tenure. No way he can breathe way up there.

  7. This is an absolute steal. Momah was very good at BC and needed all year last season to finish rehabbing that ACL. Eagles now have 13 wrs on the roster so that’s going to make for some very good competition. I think Avant might be out. As I see it, we will probably keep 6 wrs – DJax, Maclin, Benn, Cooper, Momah, and Demaris Johnson to return kicks. As for the O-line, relax. 1. the draft is absolutely stacked with O and D linemen. 2. Four of our starters could make the Probowl and all will be healthy starting the season. (Peters, Mathis, Herremans, Kelce) If we pick up Joeckel, Warmack, or Fisher our O-Line will be one of the best in the league. Stop thinking were running out the same backup scrubs as last year. Our line was bad because our starters were all out, with the exception of Mathis, not because they suck. Its really a no-brainer to take Joekel or Fisher at 4. Peters and Herremans are running out of good years, probably 2-3 each, so a long term replacement would be a good idea. If they’re both gone, I say take Warmack and leave Herremans outside, though I’d rather move him back inside to Guard. Forget about Dion Jordan, forget about Star Lotulelei, forget about Jarvis Jones. The only other player I’d give consideration to at 4 is Dee milliner. Were stacked at LB/DE and were decent enough at DT not to warrant the 4th overall pick to go to that position. Our secondary is still weak even after adding Phillips and Chung, although they are massive improvements over Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman.

    I honestly think they’ll go with Milliner though. They can pick up a solid O-lineman in round 2 but they there’s nobody that can start at corner after Milliner. That would be my choice, though I’ll still be happy if we get Jeockel, Fisher, or Warmack and I’ll be just “OK” if they take Dion Jordan or Jarvis Jones, though I highly doubt that’ll happen. Anyone else and I’ll most likely feel they blew the pick.Of course if we could move back to 7-10 and pick up an extra 2nd I’d be elated!

  8. @Phillyphannn83

    Now please tell us what goals do you want to accomplish in life because like the eagles current situation, we also care about your dreams and aspirations.

  9. I remember him being good for the Eagles. Cant believe nobody took a flyer on him, being a six foot sixer and all. Damnit the phillies have a stupid name

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