Geno Smith hopes Chiefs are “legitimately interested”

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West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith knows a thing or two about smokescreens.  Possibly from all the burning couches.

Regardless, Smith realizes that the Chiefs could be showing interest in the former Mountaineer not because they want to use the first overall pick on him but because they hope to trade the selection to someone else.  He’ll find out more when he visits the Chiefs this week.

“I hope Kansas City is legitimately interested,” Smith told Jim Corbett of USA Today.  “I hope I go No. 1, but, hey, we’ll see.  The Chiefs are bringing me in, so I’m going in there thinking that they’re interested [in me], because I am in them.

“I’m just going to do what I’ve always done, try and impress them, just be myself and allow the process to do it’s job and get ready for whoever drafts me.  I’ll be going Monday to Friday, working out for different teams.”

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network recently reported that the Chiefs are “fascinated” with Smith, and that one scout there compares Smith to a young Donovan McNabb.  The report widely is being regarded as the blowing of smoke by the Chiefs, given that G.M. John Dorsey told reporters last month that he sees no first-round quarterback prospects in the draft pool — a statement that was backed up by the Chiefs sending the second pick in round two plus a third-round pick in 2014 (which could become a second-round pick) to the 49ers for Alex Smith.

So look for the Chiefs to do their best to make Geno think that Kansas City will keep the first overall pick and use it on him.  Even though all available evidence suggests that, with the trade for Smith plus a three-year, $10 million deal given to backup Chase Daniel, the Chiefs will be looking to address needs elsewhere at the top of the draft.

And they’ll be able to address even more of those needs if they can lure one of the other teams in the top 10 to pay an RG3-style ransom for the privilege of picking GS1.

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  1. I think Geno should worry less about going number 1 and hope he does not fall out of the top 15.

    If the raiders trade for Flinn then at best he is going 7. If the Cardinals, Bills and Jets all pass at him at 7-9 then there is not a team left in the 1st round that is likely to take him except if a team trades up or down.

    Smith is very lucky he came out this year in such a weak draft. In a normal draft he would be a late 1 to early 2nd pick.

  2. There’s a reason Andy Reid got fired from the Eagles; he’s got nothing left. He’ll be bounced out of the Chiefs after two or three seasons. If he was such the offensive quarterback genious then why did the Eagles can him? I feel sorry for Chiefs fans who have suffered for way too long.

  3. I did a little research on Smith’s stats. Turns out he threw for 42 TDs, with 6 INTs. He rushed fewer than 100 yards.

    Doesn’t sound like McNabb at all. Sounds more like this scout associates McNabb with Reid. Nothing to do with Smith.

    Look, I don’t have a problem with comparing black QBs if they have similarities in their styles of play . Same goes for white receivers, or lineman from the South Pacific. But you can’t do that by default.

    At some point, these players have to be viewed as individuals and not be forced to carry the baggage of people they don’t even know.

  4. what we chiefs fans want. we would rather keep Albert but it doesn’t look like that will happen. So trade him to saints or someone like that. they don’t have a 2nd so get their 1st and give them a late round pick or two back to be sure to get that 1st rounder/or get a 2nd from another team. trade the 1st overall for a still top 10 pick and get that teams 2nd as well maybe more picks on top of the 1st and 2nd if possible obviously. Draft one of the top left tackles. then with the saints 1st if you got it take the guard from Alabama and then the o line looking good. and resign alex smith to save cap room. go chiefs

  5. this could get really interesting really fast. If the oakland trade goes through, and carson signs with the cards ( or any other qb needy team ) we could see quarterbacks really drop in the draft.

  6. Also…Geno Smith may have rushed for <100 yds…but he certainly has the speed and athleticism to rush for more, or operate in a read-option type offense if a team chooses to employ him that way. He would appear to be a pretty versatile talent…

  7. Zero chance they are truly interested. We might even hear a Buddy Nix phone call saying “Heck, those boys ain’t drafting Smith!”

  8. Reaching for a QB isn’t in the cards for the Chiefs. They already did that when they signed Alex Smith.

  9. I highly doubt the Chiefs are going to be willing to use an early draft pick on Smith when they already have Alex Smith and need O lineman. Geno Smith might fall in the Draft if Arizona and Buffalo do not make a move for him. Its not going to be a good draft for Quarterbacks this year.

  10. Smith is way overrated IMO

    He played in a bad conference against poor competition, therefore his stats look better than they would had he played in the Big 10 or SEC.

    Geno Smith = Akili Smith or JaMarcus Russell.

  11. The fact that he believes the Chefs would take him first overall tells me that he’s every bit as smart as McNabb, at least.

  12. As far as LTs go I would go with Lance Johnson. Dude will be the best of the 3 that will go in the 1st round. This year isn’t the year to draft a QB

  13. Thinking the Bills are going to trade up to the number 3 spot, Oakland gets Warmack or Dion Jordan at 8, plus Buffalo’s second rounder,

  14. I think Geno Smith has all the tools physically, but his desire just doesn’t seem to be there. He doesn’t have that chip on his shoulder like Rodgers, that competitive nature of Luck/RGIII, or that will to win like Russell Wilson. I just don’t see him being more than a decent 3-5 year starter.

  15. That will be great so he can learn from Alice Smith how to be the best checkdown guy in the league..I got nothing against the Chiefs but I watch every Niner game and Alice wont lose you a game but he wont win you one either..Ill tell you right now Chiefs fans you will see dwayne bowe streaking open downfield and Alex is gonna take the checkdown on 3rd and 6 and youll b short..Ive seen this movie a thousand times already.

  16. The only way the Chiefs draft Geno Smith is if they’ve got a draft and trade deal arranged. Can’t imagine who the other team or the targeted player would be though.

  17. KC cannot have a #1 1st round pick and (2) 2nd round picks dedicated to the QB spot – that would be crazy.

    Unless Smith is then traded somehow to another team to get back a later round 2nd….but then that looks nuts.

    KC decided Smith was going to be their QB for the next 4 years. Smith is not going to be drafted by KC, unless they draft him and then turn around and trade him the same day.

  18. I think this guy has a better shot than Cam Newton or RGIII. RGIII will never be healthy, Cam is a baby. This guy is a legit pocket passer who just blew it up a few times. I would almost like the Bucs to take him at #13. It’s never bad to stockpile QB’s, Andy Reid has always been innovative in that regard. Backups with upside have HUGE trade value, if he beats out Freeman, then even better.

  19. The chiefs are NOT intrested in taking geno (the choke artist) smith in the 1st round we didnt even send anyone to his pro day its smoke screen to get more value in trading the 1st over all theres a report that oakland is intrested in him so now they are hoping another top team will trade a bunch of picks to jump ahead of oakland to get him geno chokes every time there is any pressure on him go watch tape of his bowl game barkley or the kid from duke will make better pros

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