If Flynn deal doesn’t work out, Raiders have interest in Kolb

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Despite the talk that a trade sending quarterback Matt Flynn from the Seahawks to the Raiders was imminent on Friday night, it still hasn’t happened as of Saturday morning. And if it doesn’t happen, the Raiders may have a Plan B in Kevin Kolb.

Adam Caplan reported that the Raiders have discussed signing Kolb, the free agent quarterback who was cut by the Cardinals this month.

The issue may be that the Raiders, who have just $2.8 million in cap space, will want Flynn to restructure his contract as part of a trade from the Seahawks. If Flynn refuses, the Raiders may try to get Kolb to sign a deal that will cost less on their salary cap in 2013 than Flynn would cost under his current contract.

The arrival of either Flynn or Kolb would lead to the departure of Carson Palmer, who now appears unlikely to play for the Raiders this season. The Raiders traded a first-round pick and a second-round pick for Palmer, who gave them a total of 24 starts, in which they went 8-16. Which doesn’t exactly instill a lot of confidence in Raiders fans about the wisdom of giving up more draft picks for Flynn.

Which may mean signing Kolb is a better move.

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  1. Backup QBs are usually terrible. I’m amazed that teams fall for this scam every off season. But hey, the Raiders have been getting taken to the woodshed for years. Why stop now.

  2. If you put a bunch of good receivers around both of these guys, Flynn is going to be the better QB. Im not sure there is anyone on the planet who will dispute that.

  3. matthewcarlson1: “I think Kolb sufficiently proved he can’t be a starter.”

    —I completely disagree with that statement (as an Eagles fan no less). Kolb hasn’t proven anything because he’s never had a consistent chance to. He’s never had a chance to be a consistent starter with a decent team around him. Every time he gets named the starter, he either gets injured or an idiot coach decides to play QB carousel. He played well in Philly when the line was good, and got injured immediately when it was bad. Same story in Arizona…a freak injury or two, a bad couple games behind a horrible line, and all of a sudden AZ fans are screaming to get rid of him. It’s too bad…I’d just like to see the guy get a solid year or two.

  4. I believe we had 2.8 mil in cap space before cutting Tommy Kelly. So around 7.8 mil of space now seems right……

  5. Kolb played well for someone with literally no o-line protecting him. How many people simply don’t watch football? Are you forgetting arizona’s start to last season and how their fortunes changed when kolb was broken? I’m a giants fan so I’m impartial here…

  6. why dont they give Pryor a chance to start and prove himself, they used a 3rd round pick on him, why not let him play? if anything u will get the 1st pick next year and get u a franchise QB then, cause this year isnt the draft with a franchise QB, and no geno smith isnt a franchise QB or barkley

  7. Flynn could be a starter anywhere. To be successful you have to have an offensive line that will give you time to pass. Flynn and Wilson had pretty much the same stats in preseason but Seattle elected to go with youth…run option…just as 49ers did. That being said…not sure he’ll get a chance to prove what he can do with the state the Raiders are in personnel wise.

  8. Flynn is a average backup. Kolb is an average backup. Why would a team give up a draft pick and pay more money to obtain Flynn when they could get the same performence from Kolb. Neither one is a franchise QB.

  9. You know what Kolb offers- a slightly below league average starter that a team with a plus defense can potentially win with (last year, prior to injuries PFF had Kolb as a +5)… Flynn is more of the mystery here- hasn’t had a chance to ‘be the guy’ yet and McKenzie knows him well from their time in Green Bay- Personally, I see Flynn as nothing more than Ryan Fitzpatrick however who knows? Maybe he can produce like Andy Dalton or Alex Smith?

  10. I’m sure there are other teams with decent backup QBs they could trade for. Mallett and Moore are also possibilities.

  11. When a guy just seems to always get hurt like Kolb does, guess what? He’s just not that durable. Terrelle Pryor is just not good at all. No, Pryor is wicked terrible. Flynn is there best shot to progress and bring up the win total in each of the next two years. But don’t fool yourself, Flynn is NOT a playoff caliber qb

  12. Remember Kolb was named twice NFC player of the week in his first 5 (I think 5) starts. Total diamond in the rough who you just have to give him a team around him he’ll flourish.

  13. The Raiders GM worked in GB for years. He knows exactly what he would get with Flynn. This trade is happening.

  14. Why can’t they just draft a QB in the first or second round and develop them? I understand if they were an established veteran team that needed a stud QB to put them into contender status. But they have great draft position and holes at almost every position. The name of the game is patience. Geno should be available at 3 or there’s a handful of guys in round 2. Start building through the draft with rookie contracts and you won’t be stuck with cap issues.

  15. As long as the Raiders understand that 2013 is already gone, the might as well start building for next years’s draft. I would put in a QB that you can sign to a very cheap contract and shoot for the #1 overall pick next year. I would also consider trading as many 2013 picks this year for higher ones in 2014. Then next they can rebuild for cheap next year.

  16. What does ppl see in Pryor so much I can’t see ?? He is not good do you guys she how he throws the ball? What y’all want a QB running every down that’s weak. Any of these QB we bring in is better then what we have on the bench. Palmer wants to much noodle arm give him the boot pick up kolb draft geno and let the competition start C’mon raider nation lets talk smart football I think Reggie knows what he’s doing Flynn would be in oakland right now if he knew Flynn was gonna be a starter . I believe we draft Geno he’s gonna be our starter kolb number two Pryor three cut ties with Matt ..

  17. Peyton Manning would not be able to win with the Raiders roster. Flynn is just what they need. He is hungry to start and young enough to not care about the beating he is going to take. Pryor was a wasted draft pick or Oakland would not be shopping for a QB.

  18. I’m partial to Kolb because Pryor could actually compete, we save future draft picks and not acquire more dead cap space if things don’t work out.

  19. “Backup QBs are usually terrible”

    Not always, though. Brett Favre’s last backup in Green Bay is doing OK and so is Drew Bledsoe’s backup in New England. Joe Mantana’s backup in San Francisco is in the Hall of Fame. Sometimes, it works out.

  20. Doesn’t matter who Oakland gets in there for a QB as long as they have poor offensive lines and below average receiving corp….McFadden can’t do it all when he’s able to play

  21. I think flynn is underestimated. He had bad luck landing in seattle and having wilson drafted right after that. Wilson is so dynamic and was able to adapt quicker than flynn. If given the chance i believe flynn would prove to be a valuable QB. That being said him being our backup gives me comfort if wilson were to go down, so if he stays i wont complain. But if he is traded im sure whoever gets him would be quite happy with him if they let him start and get used to the system and people hes playing with.

  22. The Raiders were 2.8 millunder the cap the day before they cut Tommy Kelly. Cutting him freed up 5mill. Doesn’t that put the Raiders 7.8 mill under the cap?

  23. Bad situation regardless, Matt Flynn is a much better option than Kolb. The Raider Nation will groan and tune-out if that loser comes here. Much better to do or die with Pryor for the year, draft a kid in lower rounds.

  24. Nobody wants to play in Oakland now.
    Reggie Mckenzie
    has lost most of the quality talent he had in 1 year and is unable to attract free agents because he is absolutely clueless. Flynn most likely does not want
    to play there . If McKenzie signs Kolb 0-16 is possible.

  25. why would we pay almost ten mill to cut palmer and then pay an inferior Q.B. the remaining 3 to 5 mill just bite the bullet this year with palmer you wont spend the money better with some ones back up
    so either dump him pick up a QB for league minimum play pryor and move on next year or pay palmer anything else would be stupid

  26. All other factors being equal (which I do not think they are ) Matt Flynn is clearly the better option based on the fact that he really has no significant injury history. Kolb is simply not duable enough to hang your team’s fortunes upon.

  27. Just watched highlights from Flynn on youtube. Anyone else thinking this could be a Pioli/Cassel 2.0?

  28. If all it takes is a good offensive line to make a good QB then how is Aaron Rodgers so dang good?

  29. Don’t waste your time Raiders. You want success? Build from the inside out. Gotta have an offensive line to keep ANY QB upright first.

    Do the right thing, hope you can score Joekel or take Fisher. Don’t waste a pick on a QB two teams have already gotten rid of!

  30. If the Raiders don’t trade draft picks for Flynn, the only player on their roster that would be an improvement to Seattle’s roster is Janakowski.

  31. It’s kinda funny that, according to certain pundits/bloggers, the Raiders can lose cap space without doing anything at all.

    According to them, it just seems to evaporate.

    Tomorrow they’ll be $2m over… without even picking up the phone.

  32. After cutting Tommy Kelly, the Raiders have about 7.3 million in cap space – not 2 plus million referenced in the article written prior to his release. This places the Raiders 15th in the NFL cap space list and they have other moves they can make to create more space. Even with all the dead money, the Raiders have successfully put their cap issues behind them and can now move forward with or without Carson Palmer.

  33. Kolb was NFC player of the week twice because of Reid and the system and faced shoddy secondaries on top of it. He was mediocre even with Fitz. Flynn still has hidden potential. If I were the raiders though I would trade for Mallet or hell even wait for Colt McCoy to be cut. They are on Kolb’s level at the least and raiders wideouts are better than Cleveland’s

  34. Ok, when Reggie dumps Palmer the Raiders will have about $30M in “dead money” this year from the past bad contracts and financial decisions. Next year, because all this dead weight has been cut, they will only have $7M in dead money. Better QB’s in next years draft as well. Expect a much busier free agency next spring. Fixing this organization is a process and things are getting better, the right way.

  35. Arizona fan here and FYI yes Kolb had a bad line in AZ because of Ackles be lost on IR all year and rookies being forced into action. Graves and Wiz. bad signing of Adam Snyder as a guard. Kolb had three pretty good receivers. What’s that one guys name Larry Fitzgerald or something? Roberts and Floyd not to mention how many of those games that were won at the beginning of the year before Kolb fell were won mostly because AZ defense. Kolbs record was actuall 3-2 as starter last year before he was lost all season. Of course Kolbnwould be an interest for OAk. If they are looking at finding a guy they can afford. The closer we get to teams roster being filled up the more chance Kolb will have to settle for what ever he can get.

  36. I don’t understand this hoopla about Matt Flynn. A couple good games against crap teams who had nothing to play for. The Seahawks swindled themsleves. Again. For the unp-teenth time with Carroll at the helm.

  37. If McKenzie thinks Flynn can be the franchise guy then get him. If he is looking for a stopgap at QB, save the draft pick for a QB and sign Kolb.

    Cheaper and smarter.

  38. Just because Flynn was a backup in Green Bay doesn’t mean he isn’t starter quality. Brunell, Hasselback, and Rodgers are all recent Green Bay backups who have done quite well. Favre, Brady, Schaub, Steve Young…all backups. All Flynn needs is a chance. He is much closer to being an Aaron Rodgers than to being a Kolb. Not saying he is a Rodgers, just saying he is much better than given credit. Six TD passes and 480 yards in a game was more than some QBs threw in a month last season. (Ponder….)
    Whoever makes Flynn a starter will do very well.

  39. I remember a lot of the same comments were said of Jim Plunket who went on to win a Super Bowl. The Pundits make stuff up and all the fans ride the wave. Let Reggie do his job.

  40. Personally, I wish the Hawks would keep Flynn. Pete and John have to realize that quality insurance usually costs more. If-perish the thought-anything should happen to Wilson, we aren’t going to want some “other team’s reject”, having to try and run our dominant offense.

    No slight to Raiders, they deserve a decent QB too. I just don’t want to sacrifice our chances for a SB run, to clear a few bucks under the cap.

  41. “The issue may be that the Raiders, who have just $2.8 million in cap space,”

    That is not the issue considering they cut Tommy Kelly March 27th and received $4.8 million in cap relief. Therefor, cap issue is not the problem here.

  42. If they sign Korn Kolb, then part of the contract should stipulate removing that piece of dirt under his lip.

    Seriously, we know what Kolb is, sure no o-line, but the guy is a statue. The NFL still has no idea what Flynn can do given the right oppurtunity, he’s also somewhat mobile, and his accuracy seems to be excellent on short-to-medium throws, he does not have a rocket of an arm however.

    Cross-roads for Reginald here, if Flynn signs, he’s your guy. If Kolb signs, he’s a trial qb for 2013.

    Pay Flynn less, with bonus incentives, and show us that you are the guy that won the BCS and MVP for LSU.

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