Irsay touts free-agent “pillaging”

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When last we heard from Colts owner Jim Irsay, he was touting the acquisition of a receiver that never happened.  Now, Irsay is bragging about the moves that actually were made.

“We’re FIRED UP about our free agent pillaging and the potential for 5-7 new starters!!” Irsay said on Twitter.  (The five-to-seven guys who’ll be losing their jobs are understandably less enthused.)

The “pillaging” included tackle Gosder Cherilus, linebacker Erik Walden, safety LaRon Landry, guard Donald Thomas, linebacker Lawrence Sidbury, cornerback Greg Toler, defensive lineman Ricky Jean Francois, quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, and defensive lineman Aubrayo Franklin.

“Pillaging” may be a bit of an overstatement, but the Colts attempted to address various needs without spending excessively.  The challenge now becomes managing expectations.  The coaching staff won’t want to hear the owner talking up the talent level; any failure to build on last year’s unlikely success will make it more likely that the coaches will take the blame.

Still, that’s one of the realities of working for an owner with a thin filter.  Many fans love it, but Irsay has a tendency to set the bar higher than he should.

For the 2013 season, the Colts may end up with the bar as high as it was during the Peyton Manning era.

62 responses to “Irsay touts free-agent “pillaging”

  1. Weren’t most, if not all, of those guys released?

    I don’t consider the guy who drives around in a beat up pickup truck on trash day to be “pillaging”.

  2. If Jim didn’t get the team from his dad he may be bagging at a grocery store…with training of course.

  3. Solid FA additions by the colts. Should be a much improved team next year. I see them making the playoffs for the second straight year and Luck getting his first playoff W. Out of all those signings you listed above Florio, only ones I dont like is Walden and Franklin

  4. Heisman winner Johnny Manziel just put himself on a Twitter fast. That might be a good idea for Irsay, too. It’s just unseemly for a 53-year-old team owner to be raving about “pillaging” the opposition in cyberspace. Too … kidlike.

  5. Andrew Luck is going to go down as the G.O.A.T. This team is more than for real.

    PS – RG3 is likely to be out of the league in a short time. 2 ACL’s already is a sign of a weak body that has been overworked and he will never know how to heal himself

  6. Good acquisitions should be improvement in defense the D line wasn’t spectacular last year and Landry playing next to Bethea is like the tandem with bob sanders a few seasons ago.

  7. Pillaging Erik Walden is greatly appreciated by Packer fans everywhere. The guy sucked and in the playoff game vs the 49ers, he was simply god awful. The rest of the year, he was just plain awful.

    The fact that the Colts paid that clown $4 mil amazes me to no end.

  8. I wouldn’t describe ending up with Erik Walden as a “pillaging”. Trust me; I had to watch him for two years now.

  9. I don’t know what’s bigger Irsay’s EGO or his MOUTH? I wouldn’t be excited about any of those acquisitions.

  10. Walden was the linebacker exposed by Colin K. in the Packers-49’ers playoff game. Good luck, Jim. The Packers didn’t exactly fight to keep him.

  11. I love it when football personalities add new words to the football lexicon. Schism and Pillage are a couple examples.

  12. Has Irsay completely lost his silly little mind? It’s amazing what having Peyton Manning can do to an over inflated ego

  13. With the cap space they had available and the over-rated deputy on a rookie contract for at least 2 more years they had a chance to really overhaul that roster.

    They failed miserably.

  14. .
    How can a man as rich as he, not only say but tweet such stupids comments again and again?

    He obviously has surrounded himself with people that are afraid to advise him to stay off twitter.

    The Emperor has no clothes.


  15. They wanna b like the Ravens but they can’t the only team that builds and drafts like us is the pats Go ravens but we the best we the Champs sry all yall get is our left overs after we eat then u can eat u all welcome!

  16. Put down the bottle Irsay and stay off of twitter. This dude is making a total ass of himself. Maybe he should change their logo to a burro.

  17. Francois is the only one that’s worth mentioning. Landry is only known for his celebrations after 50 yard completions against him

  18. trevor123698 says:
    Mar 30, 2013 6:58 PM
    Andrew Luck is going to go down as the G.O.A.T. This team is more than for real.

    PS – RG3 is likely to be out of the league in a short time. 2 ACL’s already is a sign of a weak body that has been overworked and he will never know how to heal himself

    I see the owner is not the only idiot drunk.

  19. Whatever happened to the big splash move that he was touting 13 days ago regarding the WR they had been working to obtain for over 5 days? Clearly this owner likes to tout………Good fodder for these types of forums. Not much else.

  20. Could you see the Rooney’s on Twitter? Or doin post & pre game interviews?? & As far as Luck ending up being the G.O.A.T..pleeease stop it?

  21. as a packers fan, good riddance to Walden. funny how San Fran obliterated Walden with the read option and then signed him. you would think that after destroying a player that wouldn’t stick to his assignment they would realize no matter what his physical condition, he lacks game smarts. good riddance and I hope he starts for the niners.

  22. Interesting how many want to bash Irsay when hes headed one of the most successful franchises in the NFL in the lasy 12 years. Everyone is all hurt because we didnt go after all the big names in free agency. As Irsay and Grigs said they would rather not put all their eggs in one basket. Rather than spending all your money on two guys and address one need spread it out an sign a bunch of guys who are not big names but are quality guys and fill many needs. Who can guarentee that if we signed a big name guy or two that they would have panned out? With how we approached it there is a decent chance 3-4 of these guy will really help us and in more than just one area. Plus Pagono loves to create compition and that is also what this has done on top of just adding depth. People needs to get off this thought of going after the big names is the only way to be successful mindset. Because its not true. And as far the money goes alot of these contracts are backloaded so if the guy dont work out we can cut ties and it will have little effect on us. It keeps us flexible! So all you saying this is stupid need to stop. Because really your just making yourself look bad. None of us have any Idea on what goes into being a GM or an Owner. Were not the ones that watch hours and hours of film and the one who know the ins and outs of football and each postion. So need to stop acting like it! We know maybe 10% of what they know and have maybe that much knowledge of football compared to them. And also you really cant judge these moves for us untill they have actually played atleast a game fo us. So some of you pepole need to slow down on the crticism!

  23. I dont think losing BA was a big blow, but blessing in disguise! His offensive style pickin up large chunks of yards at a time caused Luck to have to wait 4 recivers to run long routes. Which was one of the reasons he took as many sacks as well as the bad O-Line which couldn’t block long enough for the plays to develop. Also it caused his comp.% to be as low as it was and caused Luck to throw b4 he was suppose to leading to INT’s. Luck also took a beating, he was young and able to bounce back but taking hits like that uear in and year out would increase his chances of getting hurt. I like BA he was great filling in for Chuck but by no means am i sad to see him go and take his offensive style with him. Luck going back to the west coast style of Pep is a complete 180 of BA’s and will increase his comp. % and cut down on INT’s as well as the hits he took (thank god) so all in all I think it was good that BA left and Pep came in!

  24. He should have moved the team to L.A. And then sold them. At least then he would have had a lot of money for his pharmacy visits.

  25. Curious that all the Irsay bashers don’t want to give him credit or acknowledge his astounding record as an owner since he took over from Dad in the mid ’90’s. Maybe setting that bar high and having fun and being a free spirit about the whole thing works pretty well.

  26. Colts fans should be happy they don’t have aome carbon copy, old, boring owner. Irsay’s a weird dude, but at least he’s interesting. Most of the owners are only concerned about lining their pockets. Irsay’s a good dude. Tweet on you crazy diamond.

  27. You guys can hate on Irsay all you want but he’s different than the rest of those old geezers. The guy actually connects with his fan base and shows enthusiasm. He’s entertaining. Not to mention his track record over the past 15 years along with Kraft and Rooney.

    Average NFL fan: “If he’s not a big name free agent, he must suck.” Not every franchise wants to be like the Cowboys or Redskins.

  28. Foolish haters, Why overpay for a Kruger or Wallace or Goldson when they are just as much as project players as the players the Colts picked up, last i check there wasnt any GM’s or paid professional scouts on this board, and Luck has all the tools to be great

  29. I’m pretty excited that you pillaged Erik walden away from the packers…he’s terrible

  30. Wow the colts might have topped the seahawks , 9ers, and falcons in their offseason production. Lol. Irsay, whatever you say…

  31. Worst owner in all of professional sports. He really should put a sock in it. Landry is a terrible safety that was most likely grossly over paid. Irsay is still wishing he picked RG3 instead of marble mouth.


  32. They may not be name signings all round, but this is where Grigson proves himself. Sink or swim. I think we need to trust him. And don’t forget the “Chuck factor”. If anyone can make good players great, it’s Chuck. If we have a good draft, I think the team will be improved, and at a cap friendly rate. That is how you build a championship team.

  33. People think Jerry Jones is bad (not saying he is or isn’t), but at least he doesn’t do this…

  34. After the season that the Colts had with a team put together with cast offs from other teams and first year draft choices that Grigs put together on a shoestring budget, we should not judge his free agent shopping spree prematurely. He has proven that you can build a winning team with contributors at every position rather than blowing the entire budget on a few big budget stars like the Colts of the past that had no depth. He seems to have a knack for finding talent at reasonable levels. Based on free agency alone the draft this year is suddenly not as dependent on filling need which creates opportunity for adding exceptional talent over the next few years. The record will prove whether he is as good in the long term as he appears in his first year. I would not bet against him. Jim has reason to be excited for the future as do I.

  35. Just a thought for the people downing him.

    Since he took over the franchise in 1997, The Colts have had just four losing seasons, have made the playoffs twelve times, have been to two Super Bowls, and won one.

    A “clown of an owner” he is not. He knows who to hire to put his team in a good position to win. He may posture a lot, but a lot of his posturing is justified when you consider his team’s success.

  36. “that’s one of the realities of working for an owner with a thin filter. Many fans love it” I happen to be one of the fans in Indianapolis. However, I know he is know Cuban. The way he used his Twitter account last year to publicly humiliate Manning not to long before releasing him was unprofessional, to make a huge understatement. There were many fans I saw that wore shirts and held up signs stating trade Irsay, not Manning. If he would have handled it more professionally than what he did, know one would have criticized him as harshly. However, he did not. Now he still has not learned to keep his thumbs off of the twitter buttons. I don’t mind these kind of posts at all, but still after what he did a year and a half ago, makes me wish his twitter account was suspended. However, he does have a reason to be excited about the free agents aquired. Sure all of them have there weaknesses no doubt. Landry plays with more style than substance, and I think that is what his signing meant. While there is never a guarantee in a free agent, the continuum on these signings swing more towards less guarantee, but that’s why there contracts are structured with less guarantee, all these guys can be cut with little consequence if they don’t perform. I think RJF, was commanding a starting contract, at that was all he got from the Colts any way. They sured up there line on O, and improved it on D as well. They made an improvement in there horrendous secondary, and they added depth. I don’t see how he couldn’t be excited. They improved in virtually every area on the football field outside of the WR and RB position

  37. Wow, everyone always being negative about Jim Irsay! Maybe he did get the team from his Dad, so what, maybe he used to be many other things, so what. Seems we true Colts fans like what he has done for the team. We got a pretty damn good team. Haters need to go elsewhere… Seems the player like where they are also.

  38. Chuck Pagano hasn’t head coached a season from beginning to end so I don’t understand how colts fans can lean on him and put fait in his methods. The colts finish 6-10.


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