Jason Campbell isn’t getting paid like a starter, yet

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When the Browns signed quarterback Jason Campbell, many assumed he’d potentially become the team’s starter in 2013.  And he’ll definitely get a chance to win the job, since he’s the first signal-caller signed by the new regime in Cleveland, after previously starting in Washington and Oakland.

For now, though, he’s getting paid like a backup, and not a lot when compared to other backups.  A source with knowledge of the contract tells PFT that Campbell’s contract pays out $1.5 million in 2013.

Specifically, he gets a base salary of $1.5 million in 2013, $500,000 of which is fully guaranteed.

That said, if Campbell can win the job, he’ll make more money via incentives.  Specifically, he gets $150,000 for 50 percent playing time in 2013, 65 percent results in $350,000, and 80 percent triggers $600,000.

In 2014, Campbell’s base salary is a bit higher, at $2 million.  He also gets roster bonus of $250,000 due the third day of the league year.

But there are escalators for 2014 based on playing time in the coming season.  Campbell’s 2014 base salary will increase by $500,000 based on 30 percent playing time in 2013.  40 percent playing time in 2013 increases the 2014 salary by another $500,000.  Ten more percent in 2013?  Another $500,000 in 2014.  And if Campbell takes 65 percent or more of the snaps in 2013, his $2 million salary will double.

Still, his backup pay for 2013 is low, and that’s largely because Campbell’s options were limited.  Especially in light of the egg he laid when he had a chance during 2012 to sub for Jay Cutler in Chicago, during that Monday night debacle against the 49ers.

Campbell could have stayed in Chicago and backed up Cutler, or he could have gone to Cleveland with a chance to win the starting job.  If Campbell pulls it off, he’ll be paid more on the back end.

And if he plays really well in 2013, the Browns likely will tear up the 2014 deal and sign him to something better.

17 responses to “Jason Campbell isn’t getting paid like a starter, yet

  1. It’s hard to be a stand up quarterback when Cutler IS playing, that offensive line is horrible, now imagine you get to play 1 game on a weeks notice, now make that team the 49ers.

  2. Brandon Weeden will beat him out easily. There is no quarterback controversy in Cleveland regardless of how much the media wants to create one. The Browns have a very good quarterback who just needs a little time (and a coach not named Shurmur) to develop. That said, Campbell will make a good backup and is clearly an upgrade over Little Danny McCoy.

  3. Good contract for Cleveland.
    $500k guaranteed.

    It’s sounds like they’re not even sure he’ll be on the 53 man roster, much less beating anyone out to be the starter.

  4. Jason Campbell has proven time and again that he is a dink and dunk passer who can’t get the job done at an NFL starting caliber level. The Browns would be stupid to start him. Let Weeden sink or swim and worse case scenario you draft your franchise quarterback. Any other strategy is simply not operationally efficient.

  5. Sounds like a smart deal for the Browns. Lots of incentive to play well, but also little risk for the team financially if he doesn’t.

  6. Finally a professional sports team using business sense. It’s been my pet peev for years every professional sports team and player all should have performance clauses in there contract. If you catch x amount of catches you get this much, if you go over that amount you get this much. Same scenario in every sport, if you want to play and make millions than you’ll play, if you get hurt and warm the bench all year then you get your base salary. We would see a lot move performance from everybody.

  7. The Raiders were going to the playoff if Campbell didn’t snap his clavicle.

    Hue gives the house away for Carson and now we wait for Big Reg to mop up the mess.

    Brutal stuff.

  8. Notice where ever Campbell goes he is gone the following year … what does that tell you?

  9. Feel really bad for the guy but he’s never had two years in the same system or two years with the same coach. Last time he was a starter offense was top 10. He needs a chance but times running out.

  10. Holds onto the ball too long and checks down a lot. A safe backup to have though, good insurance. Decent signing for the Browns.

  11. Everyone knows Weeden is gonna start he’s actually a good QB with a great arm ! You can’t judge him by one year with horrible coaches! Now that he’s got great coaches and if he can have protection he will be a great QB! Face it Campbell is not the solution!!

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